Monday, 21 May 2012

Dream 51

I was sitting at a table in the lounge area of The Dunstable Arms pub in Sheringham. This pub is at the end of the road where I used to live in Sheringham. My mum used to work in this pub in the 1980s (when her friend owned it) and my family were regulars there throughout my childhood and early adult life, when I lived in Sheringham. I was sitting with my mum and step-dad and there were various other people in this part of the pub. It was evening time. I was then standing at the bar with a male - in the dream he was a friend, but I am not sure of who he actually is in real-life. There was an old man behind the bar, serving drinks. He was moaning about how all young women are 'slags' who 'dress like whores'. I told the old man that I would serve him a drink whilst my male friend gave him oral sex (meaning a blowjob). I told my friend that he should go round the other side of the bar and give the man the blowjob. I started to mix a drink for the old man, even though I was still on the customer side of the bar, and thus the wrong side to reach the glasses and drinks. The drink I made for him was clear and very fizzy and I was pouring it into a half-pint glass with a straw in it. Whilst I was doing so, I was watching the old man, who was still standing behind the bar, but now bent over. He was wearing a light brown jacket over a white shirt. My male friend had pulled the old man's trousers and underwear down to his ankles and was standing behind him, lifting the back of his shirt and jacket. He was crouched behind the old man with his face against the old man's butt and was performing some form of oral sex on him. I thought to myself that it would be impossible for my friend to give the old man a blowjob from that angle (i.e. behind him) unless he could bend the old man's penis up and between his legs. I assumed that he must be sucking the old man's balls instead.

My attention was then distracted to the right side of the bar, where (on my side of the bar) Barbara Windsor was sitting on a bar stool. There was a young woman with black hair standing behind her. They were looking at a photograph. They called me over and showed me the picture, telling me that it was an image of me when I worked as a dancer. I looked at the photo. Indeed it was me, wearing a white bra top under an open hooded tracksuit top, unzipped; and white hotpants/stripper shoes. I was slouched against a curved wall and the photograph looked like it had been posed and professionally taken (for promotion or a portfolio) - although in real-life I have never worn that particular outfit, dancing or otherwise. Barbara and the young brunette woman were teasing me that they were going to show the photo to the old man, joking that he would not approve of the outfit I was wearing in the image. I was trying to persuade them not to, telling them that he was moody and would only criticise me for looking 'whorish' or slutty. Barbara told me not to be so silly, saying it was clear that the old man was in no position to judge as he had no morals anyway - she reminded me that he had just received a public blowjob from my friend. I woke up.
The Dunstable Arms, Sheringham
Barbara Windsor

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