Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Please check out my poetry

Please visit my profile on to read my poetry (and reviews by readers; you do not have to be a member of the website to read the poems, but you do need a Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo account to leave a review). 

All of my poems are written in an automatic stream of consciousness method, whilst I listen to binaural beats through headphones. The majority of my poems are written in 10 minutes or less. I do not edit them, other than to insert grammar where absolutely necessary, or to correct the spelling of a word. I use a combination of alpha, theta and gamma beats to stimulate my imagination when writing poetry. I find that my poems reflect, in written form, my mental and memory processes in the minutes I was writing the poem, and therefore are very honest accounts of my state of mind. 

Some of the poems that I write are a little personal or recount memories of other people, so I am unsure whether to publish them at this time. However, I am planning to publish those already uploaded, and others, on this Blog in the near future. In the meantime, I will continue to post links to my profile for you to follow. Please click on the link below:


  1. Hey this is Willy from I've been writing in the same uncensored/unedited style you described for a few months. It's very relaxing, and produces some really nice results. Don't be discouraged by the people on that website that don't 'get it.' Your work is excellent, keep it up.

    1. Thank you Willy, I know what you mean, just glad there are other poets (i.e. just you so far) that share a more 'expansive' and (I like to think) artistic view as to what poetry can be :) x