Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dream 163

I was in a classroom which was well-lit - it was as if I was back at school. I was with a group of unfamiliar students - all young people, one of whom was a tall white male with black hair and a white T-shirt. He seemed to be taking control of our group. We were sorting bundles of clothes for a charity collection of some sort. We were aware that a group of businessmen would be coming to take the clothing collection soon. I was then engaged elsewhere in the room, with a project entitled Switch & Mirror (a clear reference to the dream control experiment I had been writing about prior to falling asleep- follow link to see article). I was typing my project on an old-fashioned PC, but kept making spelling mistakes, especially with the word 'switch' which kept being typed as 'scitch'. The scene changed and I was outside the Suffolk Terrace block at UEA, in the dark. I was seated in front of the PC (on a desk) still typing, and the dark-haired male was with me, helping me. I was then at my nan's house, standing next to her at the cooker in the kitchen. She was stirring a large cooking pot. There was a very pink pig on the ground, between my legs. My nan asked "are you studying politics?" and I said 'no'. I was then in the bathroom, with the PC balanced on the edge of the bath, while I sat on the toilet, typing. I was still making spelling mistakes. I then experienced a false awakening, in my bedroom (no lucidity). Outside my window (which is second floor), I could see the heads of our neighbours and their family members, walking past the house. They were discussing a visit to 'Burmsy/Bermsy' carnival. My nan entered the room at this point, with a laundry bag of clean washing - I could see a sparkly skirt and denim hotpants (which I own in real-life) on the top of the pile. 

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