Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Dream 1022

'New Radioactive Housemate'
Date: 30 July 2019 
Scene 1: A Domestic Interior
I was in a domestic interior, which I do not recognise from real life, but in the dream was my home - and specifically semed to represent my own house in Norwich (as I was expecting a new housemate who would also be a work colleague at my university). I was in the kitchen/lounge, which was large and open-plan and seemed to remind me of an alpine cottage (this was just my impression, although I cannot describe what I mean here). There was a counter, which was 3-sides of a square shape. Instead of the appliances being on the 'internal' part of the 3-sided square, they were beneath the counter on the external side. I was standing at the counter. I recall there being something bright red in the room, and the windows (to my left) reminding me (somehow) of the view outside of the Music Block in my former high school. 

I had an ominous feeling - I knew I was having a new housemate move in with me shortly (this is true in my real life). I did not want this to happen. The dream had a mixed positive (I liked my house) and negative (anticipating a new housemate moving in) feeling. There was also a bad feeling about something else. Something or someone (I cannot recall who or what it was - the message was communicated to me, and I was in fear, considering it to be coming from an evil or demonic source) told me that I had to have the oven on - and then turn it off. When it was turned off, it was in this state that some kind of phenomenon was going to occur, but the sense was that this phenomenon was going to be dangerous. I went to look at the oven - it had a screen which made it look like a TV showing what I would describe as 'black sound waves'. This showed me that the oven was on. I did not want to turn it off and witness the phenomenon (which would require me to do something to the oven, while it was turned off) because I knew it would lead to a terrible event (this was all quite bizarre and abstract and difficult to describe in words). I knew this oven phenomenon somehow related to the new housemate.

I had not left the room - I had been kneeling down by the external edge of the counter, just beneath the window, looking at the oven - which was under the counter, more like a washing machine, as there could be no stove top. As I was underneath the window while kneeling down by the oven, it felt much lighter in this area of the room. 

I stood up and looking at the counter I noticed that there were keys, a purse and about a quarter ounce of cannabis on the counter. The cannabis looked like a block of cheese with a hard rind - or like blue cheese (Stilton). I thought it looked weird in the dream, and wondered if I should take some of the cannabis, as I knew it did not belong to me. I then realised these items belonged to my new housemate, who had already moved in without me realising, I thought this was early, and I was not happy.

I went to the front door and opened it. I saw that outside was a very pleasant looking environment - there was a path running through some grass and I could see a number of small one-storey houses (which also had an alpine or forest-looking quality). There were a number of trees and I could see some other dream characters in standing around - I guess the area reminded me of a ski resort, without the snow or skiing. It was dusk and the sky was a violet colour. Walking down the path towards my house was a female dream character. She was white and short and chubby. Her hair was auburn-brown and she had very pink shiny cheeks. She was wearing an orange-red flowing smock top/dress and holding a small handbag in front of her, with both hands. I realised this was 'Bella' my new housemate. She had a big smile on her face and seemed pleased to be moving in with me. I would describe her as looking 'vibrant'.

We both went into the house and I was trying to anxiously tell Bella about the weird oven phenomenon, which I was linking to something evil/demonic and dangerous. Bella was not concerned and told me that she 'usually worked with radioactivity', which scared me even more, because I was worried that she would bring nuclear waste into our home, and we would get radiation sickness. I really did not want her to live with me. Bella said she was moving her things into the house - she began to do so. All of Bella's possessions were CDs - just lots of CDs. 

There was some kind of dispute between Bella and I over my landline telephone. I was trying to tell Bella that we could share the phone, but it had to remain in the kitchen and I was the one who had most use of it because it was my main means of communication with AJR (who was in prison in the dream). I cannot recall exactly what was said in this conversation, but it ended with me screaming at Bella: 'HE'S IN FUCKING PRISON!' to get her to understand. I was being aggressive and confrontational, but it felt necessary. Bella seemed to be a nice and passive person. I did not feel guilty to be so confrontational. 

Bella and I walked outside. The scene reminded me of an area outside the former Teen and 20 (youth centre) which was around when I was a child/teenager in Sheringham (I have found an image of the Teen and 20 online, see below). I am not sure what part of the exterior it was i.e. but I think it was just outside the side entrance. I feel that this part of the dream distinctly recalls a real life memory of walking out of the Teen and 20 after a gathering of a number of us who were skateboarders and meeting to organise the fundraising and building of a skatepark, but I also remember other non-skateboarders being present, so I think my mind is combining a couple of memories of being in the youth centre. 

It was sunny outside. I realised 'Bella' was actually my friend NN from Sheringham. We were laughing at this, as if we both knew we had only just worked this out, in the dream.

I cannot recall what else happened in the dream - I think I woke up at this point.

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place during the period in which I am testing the Awoken Lucid Dreaming App - please click HERE to read my introductory post which provides all relevant information about this app which is designed to help you train your mind for lucid dream induction!
  • On the day before this dream I had been pre-heating my oven for some time, and forgot about it
  • On the day of this dream I had been reading aloud a dream for a Youtube video. This was Dream 1006 (LUKE SKYWALKER SEX DREAM) - 'Older Luke Skywalker Seduces Me Again, this Time in a Slime-Covered Hotel Room, in Breach of his Probation' in which Luke Skywalker gave me some cheese made of crack cocaine
  • 2 days before this dream AJR had made a joke about me consuming a lot of 'cheese' - using 'cheese' to mean a certain type of cannabis. He was saying 'cheese' instead of cannabis because he was on the prison phone. This was the same conversation where I was discussing 'edibles', which influenced Dream 2020 - 'Unwanted Marriage & Baby'
  • I had been watching Tana Mongeau videos - indeed I had a dream about Tana Mongeau - Dream 1021 - 'Tana Mongeau Drama'. Tana used to/may still date Bella Thorne. Also I had watched another Youtube video about another social media influencer. I cannot remember the name of this social media influencer (and I had never heard of them before they were mentioned on the video I was watching) - however, I remember the narrator mentioning that the influencer had a sister named Isabella, known as 'Bella'
  • In various recent conversations with my friends (and AJR) I had mentioned that I did not want a new housemate, and in particular, did not want to share my landline phone with them, since I rely on it to talk to AJR
  • I had a text conversation on Facebook with NN a few days before this dream
  • The Teen and 20 was found to have asbestos - and a few days ago I had a dream involving asbestos (and talking to AJR on a telephone when feeling anxious) - Dream 1017 - 'The Roast Office'. These things might have linked in my head, along with the reference to radioactivity and toxicity
  • About a week before this dream DL was joking with me (trying to trigger me) and asked what I would do if my future new housemate worked in nuclear physics, meaning they could bring traces of radioactive materials into my house

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

An Introduction to Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a dream in which the dreamer is consciously aware that they are dreaming. In some circumstances the dreamer is able to control various aspects of their dream, such as the dream scene location, dream characters or the dream narrative (action). It is not necessary to be able to control your dream for it to be properly categorised as a lucid dream - conscious awareness you are in a dream is key. Essentially, your sleeping brain 'wakes up' within the dream and you are self-aware - a lucid dream is a hybrid of sleep and wakefulness at the same time.

The phrase 'lucid dream' was first coined by Dutch psychiatrist and writer, Frederick van Eeden (1860 - 1932) in A Study of Dreams (1913), although of course, countless descriptions of lucid dream experiences have been documented prior to van Eeden's article. Van Eeden had been recording his most interesting dreams since 1896, and had an archive of 352 lucid dreams in his collection. From the study of his own dreams, van Eeden was able to identify 7 different types of dream: (1) initial dreams; (2) pathological dreams; (3) ordinary dreams; (4) vivid dreams; (5) demoniacal dreams; (6) dream-sensations: and (7) lucid dreams. 

The phenomena of lucid dreaming was described in Ancient Greek writing; the philosopher Aristotle (384 - 322 BC) remarked that 'often when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream'. Physician Galen of Pergamon (129 - 200 AD) is said to use lucid dreaming as a form of therapy, while Augustine of Hippo (354 - 400 AD) also makes reference to lucid dreaming. In Eastern philosophy, the cultivation of ability to lucid dream was considered central to the Tibetan Buddhist practice of Dream Yoga and the Indian Hindu practice of Yoga Nidra.

In the 17th century lucid dreaming appeared in the psychological self-study of physician and philosopher, Sir Thomas Browne (1605 - 1682),  Religio Medici (1643) where he states '...yet in one dream I can compose a whole Comedy, behold the action, apprehend the jests and laugh myself awake at the conceits thereof'. In his diary entry for 15 August 1665, Samuel Pepys (1633 - 1703) noted 'I had my Lady Castlemayne in my arms and was admitted to use all the dalliance I desired with her, and then dreamt that this could not be awake, but that this was only a dream'.

In 1867, French sinologist Marie-Jean-Leon, Marquis d'Hervey de Saint-Denys (1822 - 1892) anonymously published Dreams and the ways to direct them; practical observations, in which he describes his own experiences of lucid dreams, claiming that it is possible for anyone to learn how to harness the power of lucid dreaming. 

Throughout the 20th and 21st century there have been numerous significant breakthroughs in the study of lucid dreaming, providing solid scientific evidence for the phenomenon and determining a number of therapeutic applications. I will be publishing short biographies of prominent oneironauts (dream explorers), summarising and explaining their specific work in the field of lucid dreaming. Some notable examples of modern dream researchers and writers, psychologists, doctors and neuroscientists who have contributed to our understanding of lucid dreaming include: Celia Green; Stephan LaBerge; Allan HobsonDeirdre Barrett; Keith Hearne; Robert Waggoner; and Paul Tholey.

Paul Tholey formulated a checklist of 7 conditions which must be fulfilled for a dream to be categorised as a lucid dream: (1) awareness of the dream state (orientation); (2) awareness of the capacity to make decisions; (3) awareness of memory functions; (4) awareness of self: (5) awareness of the dream environment; (6) awareness of the meaning of the dream; and (7) awareness of concentration and focus (subjective clarity of state).

In 1987, Stephen LaBerge, a psychophysiologist specialising in the scientific study of lucid dreaming at Stanford University, California, founded The Lucidity Institute. Much of LaBerge's work will be covered in forthcoming lucid dreaming articles. 

Children may intuitively learn to lucid dream - even if they are not aware of the concept of lucid dreaming. There are a number of factors which may influence whether a person is likely to spontaneously (i.e. naturally) lucid dream, such as age and cognitive ability or particular health conditions, medications and lifestyles. We will be exploring some of these factors in due course. 

While some people may be able to experience spontaneous lucid dreams, it is possible that anyone can learn how to intentionally induce or initiate them, using a variety of different techniques and methods, which will be presented in a forthcoming series of articles and tutorials on this Blog. 

There are many reasons why someone might want to learn how to intentionally induce or initiate a lucid dream. The main reason might be escapism and the pure joy of experiencing the bizarre, extraordinary and limitless phenomena of the dreamscape with a conscious mind. The virtual reality world of dreaming enables us to experience anything our imagination allows - the possibilities are endless. Other benefits include:
  • Personal growth and self-awareness on a subconscious level
  • Achieving the impossible
  • Problem-solving
  • Increasing creativity
  • Confronting fears
  • Improving new skills
Unlike in waking reality, physical experiences from sensory stimuli, received through sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, are synthesised or created by the imagination or from memory. These lucid sensations are much more vivid, intensified and realistic than in normal, non-lucid dreams. The intensity of these lucid dream sensations are so intense and pleasurable, that lucid dreamers often use their lucid dreams to fulfil primal urges, such as engaging in lucid dream sex. One of the only factors which might limit your lucid dreaming experiences are the existence of subconscious boundaries or preconceived limiting beliefs, which may not be especially evident to the conscious mind. These preconceived limiting beliefs can be thought of as psychological roadblocks.

Emotions in lucid dreams can be particularly rich and intense - sometimes more so than in waking reality. Sometimes the emotional experiences within a lucid dream can be so awesome and overwhelming, it leads to prematurely waking. In fact, it is very common for beginner lucid dreamers to become too excited upon initially achieving success in inducing or initiating a lucid dream. Over time, use of techniques and methods which help to stabilise and focus a lucid dream can help overcome this problem.

In a lucid dream, you are often aware only of your immediate vicinity - as if the world beyond that does not exist. The lucid dreamscape is extremely fluid and experienced lucid dreamers are typically able to control their dream environment and 'teleport' to different locations at will. Some lucid dreamers are able to consciously recognise that their physical body is laying in bed asleep, but this can often lead to premature waking.

While we may have access to many more cognitive functions in a lucid dream than what we might in a normal, non-lucid dream, there are still some differences, for example memory processes. Our memory may function very differently in a lucid dream, even when we are consciously aware and able to fact-check and use logic. This is because, despite consciousness within the dream state, many areas of the brain are inactive during sleep, and are tricky to arouse and activate. It may be tough to access our waking memories while in a lucid dream, especially long-term memory and trying to conceive the future. 

Dream control is another cognitive function, because it relies on intention, willpower, imagination and mental focus. Experiencing a lucid dream does not mean that you will automatically have control over your dream, however there are a number of techniques and methods which can be employed in order to clarify, stabilise and intensify the lucid dream experience, which may assist in improving lucid dream control with practice. Manipulating a lucid dream can be an incredibly powerful and rewarding experience - much akin to possessing god-like powers.

Often lacking good dream control in a lucid dream can be very frustrating and disheartening, but it can also be a very valuable and enjoyable experience to allow yourself to relinquish all control and allow the lucid dream to unfold on its own. This is known as a 'passive lucid dream'. Expectations are key to lucid dream control - it is possible to pre-programme your lucid dreams in advance, using dream incubation techniques and methods and dream visualisation. 

Lucid dreaming allows a profound level of introspection and self-awareness. While lucid dreaming is a perfect opportunity to engage in gratifying, hedonistic delights and pleasures, for some, lucid dreaming is used to look into the self and the subconscious. Just like it is is possible to communicate with dream characters, you can actually interact with the fabric of the dream itself, so as to gain deep, fundamental meaning and revelation as to its significance. 

The experience of time in a lucid dream is pretty similar to time in real, waking life. When first beginning to lucid dream, lucidity may last for only a couple of minutes - sometimes a mere matter of seconds, but of course it is possible to use techniques and methods to prolong the lucid dream experience. 

Monday, 29 July 2019

Dream 1021

'Tana Mongeau Drama'
Date: 29 July 2019 
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
I was in an unknown interior - I could not guess what the room I was in actually was, because it appeared to be like an airport lounge, a bar/club and a shop all at the same time. The lighting was quite colourful, and it was dark, but I do not know what time of day it was. There were some seats - sofas (maybe blue), and I could see a number of dream characters and other objects/items in background, although I did not pay attention to them. I was with AJR and he was trying to be a celebrity manager or PR agent - something connected to helping celebrities stay out of drama. We were going to meet Tana Mongeau and Channon Rose who wanted AJR to manage their scandals (I am guessing Channon Rose's scandal related to her recent fabricated harassment 'drama' for views incident - it was not clear in the dream). When we found them, after walking around this room for a short while. they were both sitting on one of many (blue?) sofas. AJR and I stood the whole time. I notice Channon Rose was silent and seemed to be in a bad mood the whole time. Tana Mongeau was very loud and animated - appeared to me as she does in her videos. She also looked like she was dressed in many bright colours, but I cannot recall her outfit. She looked 'dressed up' though. Tana Mongeau was shouting that her marriage to Jake Paul (this happened on 29 July 2019 - i.e. today) was fake and that she didn't know how to tell everyone, but she was also talking about 'refunds' as if she would have to refund 'everyone' if they found out that Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul's wedding was fake. She seemed to be very desperate and wanted AJR to do something. AJR did not seem to know what to do, and I did not either. I cannot remember saying anything to Tana Mongeau and cannot remember AJR doing so either. There seemed to be a lot of standing around and not much action taking place, this being something I vividly recall. 

AJR and I were then walking into another room, which was also difficult to describe as any one thing - again, it could have been many things - a shopping mall/train station. There were many dream characters present, leading me to believe both locations in this same building were public locations. None of the dream characters were known to me, and I did not pay them much attention, if any - the way it would be in real waking life, if something more important than people-watching was on my mind. I remember there being some white/gold decor in this room, and a high ceiling, which may have been domed. It seemed to incline upwards. The floor may have been marble or tile. We were trying to decide what to do about the Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul drama, but from the conversation, it appeared tha AJR had confused Tana Mongeau with Channon Rose - and got the 2 identities mixed. I said the only thing we could do was to force Channon Rose to pretend that she was married to Jake Paul. This seemed like the only logical answer. 

AJR said that we needed to buy a piano to play at the Tana Mongeau (Channon Rose) and Jake Paul wedding reception, so that the media would believe it was real. I did not want to go piano shopping. It appeared the piano shop was actually inside the same building we were in (which made me think it was a shopping mall). However, when we got to it, I recognised it - or knew I was in - a music shop I used to visit in Manchester, back in 1999 - 2001. I cannot recall exactly where in Manchester City Centre this music shop was - and me and my ex-boyfriend CW and friend CG used to visit many. However, I remember being in the rear room of the shop (in real life memory) and looking at some sheet music for piano (I cannot play piano or read music). I also remember seeing a cow bell and discussing it with CW. In the dream I knew I was in this shop in Manchester as soon as we entered, but it did not surprise me. AJR began talking to the man about buying a piano, but the conversation was confusing for me to follow, because the shop owner (who was a non-descript middle-aged white man) was whispering his answers to AJR, so I could not hear what he was saying. I was standing some distance away from the counter when they were talking. 

Scene 2: A City Street - Day
AJR and I walked outside and we were on a street - but I have no idea if it resembled the street I remember the real life Manchester music shop being on. It did seem familiar in the dream, as in I knew where I was. It was sunny and the street was in a city. There were a number of tall buildings, which I think were shops and businesses and residential premises, because it looked like a typical city street, the dominant colour being beige (not grey as I usually see cities in dreams). AJR and I were standing outside on the pavement. Tana Mongeau came running over to us. She seemed to be very short in height - much shorter than me, and I am 5 foot 3 inches. She said that we were late to her and Jake Paul's wedding and it had already taken place, but no-one attended and the media had turned against her. She seemed to be very anxious and upset. Now the situation seemed hopeless, and it felt devastating to me in the dream (maybe the loss of Tana Mongeau as a client?) I suggested that we go to the carnival. This was my idea of 'winning' Tana Mongeau over and appeasing her so that she would remain as AJR's client. 

The carnival took place in the first room of the original building in Scene 1.

Scene 3: An Unknown Building - Day
We went back inside the original building, although we did not go back through the music shop (which had been our exit from the building), we walked down the street. I saw a small bridge over a river, which was part of the road. This separated one part of the street from another, which seemed to be at a downwards angle - like it was downhill from the other side of the bridge. The city street on the other side looked recessed into the ground at an odd, unnatural angle. We did not cross the bridge, we stayed on the upper side of the city, and entered the original building again through an entrance to a building on the same side of the road we had always been on. The door was a really nice indigo/deep cobalt blue colour and I noticed that I liked it in the dream. It looked like a door to a domestic property. I think the building was red brick and the last building before coming to the small bridge in the road. 

Inside the building, we were 'at the carnival' although I could not tell what was different than before. We were in the room with blue sofas, which could have been an airport or a nightclub. Tana Mongeau started crying and said she thought her fake wedding would make her more famous. I thought maybe we could create a new scandal/drama which would make her famous, so I told her we should steal alcohol from what appeared to be a cabinet, very lit up - more like a cosmetics display in a fancy department store than a normal alcohol cabinet. I could see a lot of shining glass when looking at it. I do not recall seeing it at any point before I came up with the idea to steal the alcohol. All of the alcohol was in ornate, highly decorative bottles, which made me think they were expensive. Tana Mongeau and I went to the cabinet, but we couldn't open it, it was impossible as there was no door/opening at all - it was a solid object with no separate parts. I am not sure what AJR was doing at this point.

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place during the period in which I am testing the Awoken Lucid Dreaming App - please click HERE to read my introductory post which provides all relevant information about this app which is designed to help you train your mind for lucid dream induction!
  • The night before this dream, I had been binge-watching Tana Mongeau videos on Youtube, and was aware of her forthcoming marriage to Jake Paul and the rumours that it was a fake marriage for views (note that it is pay-per-view and there is no evidence of a licence to marry being filed in Las Vegas where the wedding took place). I fell asleep while an entire playlist of Tana Mongeau Storytime videos was playing - so could possibly have heard her voice penetrating my dreams, given this was a short sleep, between 05:30 and 08:30 hours
  • On the night before this dream I had also watched a Youtube video where Channon Rose admitted to faking her recent scandal/drama
  • On the day before this dream I had seen my former best friend CG post a photograph of a guitar he was selling (in Manchester) on Facebook
  • On the day before this dream I had been thinking about Cromer Carnival
  • On the day before this dream - and the days preceding that - AJR had been very stressed, trying to terminate his representation by an incompetent lawyer

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Dream 1020

'Unwanted Marriage & Baby'
Date: 27 July 2019 
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Day
I was in an unknown interior for the start of the dream. I was 3 months pregnant, but my body had changed and I looked and felt 9 months pregnant, which disturbed me greatly. I was really uncomfortable, and could not move around easily. I recall I was wearing a white T-shirt. I felt very unattractive, and was not happy that I was pregnant. I knew AJR was the father of the baby, although he was not present. There was some more action in this dream scene, but I cannot recall what it was. 

Scene 2: A Shopping Mall - Day
I then remember going to a very small, weird shopping mall with my Mum and other (unrecalled) members of my family. The aim was to buy a wedding dress for me, but I did not want to buy a wedding dress and was angry and upset - also because I was pregnant and felt very overweight and tired. The shops in the mall (I think it was a 'strip mall' as it just seemed to be a row of shops in a white tiled interior building) were all very cheap and tacky. My Mum took me into one particular shop, where all the clothes were very disgusting - they seemed like cheap, low quality 'nightclub' style dresses mainly. My Mum showed me a very awful, frilly peach satin mini-dress, which had very ragged edges as part of the design. I thought the dress was horrific and I rejected it, but my Mum and everyone with us was trying to convince me that it was the perfect dress for me to marry AJR. There was more walking around this horrible clothing store, looking at dresses I would never want to wear. 

I knew that I was unable to smoke cannabis now that I was pregnant, so I asked my Mum if she would bake me some edibles i.e. space cake. My Mum did not say 'No' but I perceived the fact that she was not going to make me any edibles and we were going to continue the shopping trip which I did not want to be involved with. I began crying in a really whinging, whiny way over the fact I could not get my Mum to make me any edibles and the fact I was pregnant and shopping for a wedding dress I did not want.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream. I woke up desperately needing to pee - which might have accounted for my discomfort in the dream, and the sensation of being pregnant, as my bladder felt very full and uncomfortable.

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place during the period in which I am testing the Awoken Lucid Dreaming App - please click HERE to read my introductory post which provides all relevant information about this app which is designed to help you train your mind for lucid dream induction!
  • On the day before this dream I had a discussion with AJR where he mentioned that I would have to stop smoking cannabis regularly when we have a baby (I agreed, because...I do agree with that!) I had made a joke about still being able to consume edibles
  • In the same conversation, AJR and I had talked about decorating our future home. I had said AJR would want to be fully in control of the decor (as he is much more interested in that than I am) - he had said, no we would participate equally, until I mentioned that I like peach as a colour scheme

Dream 1019

'AJR Visit Request'
Date: 27 July 2019 (Early Afternoon Nap)
Scene 1: A Ship - Day
This was nothing more than a dream fragment, which took place during a short nap in the early afternoon. 

I had been woken by a lunchtime telephone call from AJR (in real life). After the telephone call, I went back to my bedroom, and while laying down in my bed, fell asleep again (unintentionally). 

I was on a ship - everything was a very rustic, dark brown wood - I could see the planks of wood were very textured. The sea was very grey, but the sky was blue and sunny. There were a lot of (I recall them being male) dream characters on the top deck of this ship with me - they were walking and not interacting with me. 

I heard AJR's voice - very disconnected as if it wa coming from somewhere above me, saying: 'Can you come and see me tomorrow?' My heart leapt (skipped a beat) because I was excited by this (AJR has not wanted any visits for a number of months, so I haven't seen him since perhaps April time). I immediately said: 'Yes!'

I was awoken by AJR calling me again on the telephone, right at this point in the dream. 

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place during the period in which I am testing the Awoken Lucid Dreaming App - please click HERE to read my introductory post which provides all relevant information about this app which is designed to help you train your mind for lucid dream induction!

Saturday, 27 July 2019

The Dreamhacker Series | Hacking the Sleep Cycle (2)

Hi, welcome to the Dreamhacker Series! This tutorial provides 2 easy techniques for hacking the sleep cycle, to optimise your chances of (1) remembering a vivid dream; and (2) experiencing a lucid dream. 

Remember, every time you go to sleep, perform steps 2, 3 & 4 from the first tutorial - The Dreamhacker Series | Remembering Your Dreams (1)

'Hacking the Sleep Cycle' basically means re-programming or adjusting your sleep cycle in order to optimise your best chance of experiencing a lucid dream. Dreams typically occur during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of the sleep cycle. This is the stage of the sleep cycle closest to a waking state, so it is characterised by significant brain activity as well as muscle atonia (sometimes referred to as 'sleep paralysis', which prevents us from acting out our dreams). The longest stage of REM sleep is just before we wake up. This is beneficial, as it means not only is this the most fruitful period of REM sleep in terms of the length of time spent in that stage, but also due to it being just prior to waking, we tend to awake directly from our last dream, making it easier to recall as it is fresh in our minds. 

The 2 techniques I will describe in this tutorial work on the basis that you will be aiming for remembering a dream from the final stage of REM sleep, and eventually, inducing a lucid dream during this stage of REM sleep. 

The tutorial will use the typical 8 hour sleep cycle as a reference point. This is because this is the 'average' number of hours recommended for an adult to sleep each night/day and therefore a healthy, balanced sleep cycle can be illustrated by diagram using 8 hours of sleep as a template. I will be using the hours of 0:00 - 08:00 am as reference points to explain these techniques. If you sleep for fewer or greater number of hours, then you may need to adjust the times employed in these techniques to suit your own individual sleep cycle, which may take some trial and error. 

Here is a diagram of the 8 hour sleep cycle:

You will see that I have marked the relevant stage in the sleep cycle - which here is shown taking place approximately between 07:00 - 08:00 hours. Some people experience a slightly longer stage of REM sleep in the early morning - perhaps up to 90 minutes (so from approximately 06:30 - 08:00 hours based on the above diagram).

The Wake-Back-to-Bed Method (WBTB)
The Wake-Back-to-Bed Method is a very popular way of hacking the sleep cycle. It works by encouraging you to stimulate your conscious brain at just the time you would normally be experiencing REM sleep. You temporarily delay the final period of REM sleep and then, when you return to sleep (the 'back to bed' aspect), you go straight from your conscious state into the longest, optimal stage of REM sleep in your sleep cycle, which can lead to the occurrence of multiple vivid - or even lucid - dreams

You can try this in 3 simple steps:

1. Go to bed (here, at 00:00 hours) with an alarm set for just prior to when you would experience the final stage of REM sleep. This should be approximately 6 hours into the 8 hour sleep cycle. The aim is to wake up after you have experienced all your stages of deep sleep. Based on the diagram above, your alarm should be set for 06:00 hours. 

2. Wake up after 6 hours of sleep at 06:00 am and stay awake for a short period of time. You must be fully awake, but able to go back to sleep for another short period, so the key here is finding balance. Use the bathroom, have a drink of water, check your phone - whatever will wake you up fully. Stay awake for any amount of time between 10 minutes and 1 hour (preferences vary here). Now set your alarm clock for 08:00 hours.

3. Go back to sleep until your alarm clock wakes you up from your brief sleep (which will be 1 - 2 hours long, depending on how long you stayed awake). Make sure you focus your mind on your intention to remember a dream while falling asleep. Later, when using lucid dream induction techniques, you can do these in conjunction with the Wake-Back-to-Bed Method. When your second alarm clock wakes you up (at 08:00 hours) you will wake up from either a vivid or lucid dream!

Advantages of the Wake-Back-to-Bed Method include:
Perfect for beginners
It has immediate and dramatic effects on improving recall of vivid dreams
You can pause and resume your use of this method, for example, reserving it for convenient times in the week when you have the ability to disrupt (or hack) your sleep cycle without interrupting your daily routine
It can be effective, even without use of other lucid dream induction techniques
You don't need a rigid time for going to sleep - as long as you can get a full cycle of sleep, this can be done at any time
You get your full 8 hours of sleep

Disadvantages of the Wake-Back-to-Bed Method include:
You are disrupting your sleep cycle which may interfere with your daily routine
It can be disruptive to anyone sharing a sleeping space

The Cycle Adjustment Technique (CAT)
The Cycle Adjustment Technique was developed by Oneironaut, Daniel Love, author of Are You Dreaming? Exploring Lucid Dreams: A Comprehensive Guide (2013). This method works by adjusting the sleep cycle and subtly influencing the body's chemistry in order to increase conscious awareness at the end of the sleep cycle - during the final stage of REM sleep. Again, this method can - and indeed should - be combined with your dream recall steps and also your lucid dream induction techniques when you begin to incorporate them into your dreamwork.

You can try this in 2 simple steps:

1. Reset/adjust your 'body clock' - set your alarm clock 90 minutes earlier than you usually would. Based on the 8 hour sleep cycle and times in the diagram above, if you go to bed at 00:00 hours and wake at 08:00 hours, set your alarm for 06:30 hours. Wake up at this earlier time every day for 7 days (week 1).

2. Alternate between normal/early wake up times - for week 2, you will alternate between waking up at the earlier time (06:30 hours) and your usual time (08:00 hours), so day 1 (06:30 hours); day 2 (08:00 hours); day 3 (06:30 hours); day 4 (08:00 hours); day 5 (06:30 hours); day 6 (08:00 hours) and day 7 (06:30 hours).

On normal days, when you wake up at 08:00 hours, your body will expect you to wake up earlier (at 06:30 hours), due to your 're-programming' during week 1. Your mind will be more stimulated than usual, and more likely to become conscious - i.e. lucid - while you are dreaming during that final stage of REM sleep between 06:30/07:00 - 08:00 hours. 

It is recommended that you 'refresh' your sleep cycle re-adjustment, by returning to step 1 (week of waking 90 minutes early) every few months.

Advantages of the Cycle Adjustment Technique include:
Perfect for beginners
This method works without needing to learn any other techniques (although, like the Wake-Back-to-Bed Method, it can - and should - be combined with lucid dream induction techniques to optimise your chances of success

Disadvantages of the Cycle Adjustment Technique:
You are disrupting your sleep cycle which may interfere with your daily routine
It can be disruptive to anyone sharing a sleeping space
This method requires 2 weeks of consistent practice, so can be onerous (certainly more so than the Wake-Back-to-Bed Method)
You spend 1 week waking up earlier than usual, then do the same on alternative days on week 2, which can be exhausting until you get used to your adjusted sleep cycle
You should go to bed at the same time each night, which can be rigid

Here are 2 additional techniques/methods you may wish to try:

The Afternoon Nap Method
You can also try afternoon naps - if you are 'caught up' (i.e. you've had a sufficient amount of) deep sleep on the previous nights (and therefore are well-rested and restored), an afternoon nap of about 1 - 2 hours is the perfect time for some REM sleep and dreaming! Remember to use your dream recall and/or preferred lucid dream induction techniques before your nap, while you are preparing to fall asleep! Almost everyone enjoys the luxury of a nap; the main disadvantage of this technique is the fact you need to be sleepy enough to fall asleep outside of your normal sleep routine, and the fact that incorporating a nap into your waking day might disrupt your nightly sleep cycle.

The Periodic Waking Method
Another technique you might try is one which I have referred to as the 'Periodic Waking Method'. This is where you experiment with periodic waking throughout the sleep cycle. As you can see from the diagram above, REM sleep occurs at regular intervals throughout the sleep cycle, typically in 90 minute intervals. Some oneironauts (dream explorers) utilise the sleep cycle for dreaming/lucid dreaming by calculating roughly when those REM stages will occur during their sleep cycle, then wake themselves up just before their predicted REM sleep stage will occur. Using the diagram above, you will see that the first period of REM sleep occurs approximately 90 minutes - 3 hours into the 8 hour sleep cycle. Using the Periodic Waking Method means setting an alarm to wake you up just before this first period of REM sleep (so sometime between 90 minutes and 3 hours after you have fallen asleep), performing your dream recall/preferred lucid dreaming induction techniques as you fall back asleep. Unlike with the Wake-Back-to-Bed Method, there is no need to fully wake up, or stay awake for any period of time - in fact, this is discouraged, as you are already significantly and dramatically disrupting your sleep cycle by using this technique. After your first periodic waking, you will set subsequent alarms at 90 minute intervals to coincide with when you will next experience REM sleep. This technique requires a lot of guesswork and trial and error in addition to the disruption of your sleep cycle, as sleep cycles are not nearly as rigid as the above diagram would suggest, and are dependent on many variables. This means that this technique will not be suitable for everyone and might be best practiced on occasions when it is convenient to disrupt the sleep cycle and lose some of your sleep time.

Here is the accompanying Dreamhacker Series | Hacking the Sleep Cycle (2) video which provides this tutorial in audio-visual form:

Here is the previous video in the Dreamhacker Series | Remembering Your Dreams (1):
Here is the accompanying Blog post - The Dreamhacker Series | Remembering Your Dreams (1)

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The Dreamhacker Series | Remembering Your Dreams (1)

Hi, and welcome to the all-new, relaunched Dreamhacker Series, a beginner-level, back-to-basics, foundational course of tutorials, teaching you everything you need to know about dreamwork - from dream recall and dream incubation to lucid dreaming induction techniques and methods. 

The first tutorial in the Dreamhacker Series concentrates on improving your dream recall.

Good dream recall is essential for anyone hoping to induce a lucid dream - if you cannot recall your dreams, you may experience lucidity in a dream, and simply forget it ever happened!

Many people state that they 'never' or 'rarely' ever experience a dream - this is simply not true - the problem is, they just do not have decent dream recall!

The following steps will help you immediately and dramatically improve your dream recall, so that you can better remember your dreams!

1. Prioritise the best time in your sleep cycle for experiencing and remembering a dream - I have produced a separate Dreamhacker tutorial for this -  'The Dreamhacker Series | Hacking the Sleep Cycle (2)'The Wake-Back-to-Bed Method is a means of hacking the sleep cycle so that you wake up just prior to the longest period of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep which takes place right at the end of the sleep cycle. The REM stage of the sleep cycle is characterised by rapid eye movement, high brain activity and muscle atonia - it is the stage in the sleep cycle when you are most likely to experience vivid dreams. If you wake yourself just prior to this period of REM sleep, and then go back to sleep for 1 - 2 hours, you are likely to recall a vivid dream, because you are forcing yourself to go straight from waking into REM sleep. When you wake up for the second time, you are waking up directly from your dream, so hopefully it will be fresh in your memory. Be aware that certain foods, vitamins, supplements, medications and substances (notably, cannabis and alcohol) may have an impact on the quality of your REM sleep. For example, cannabis is known to inhibit REM sleep, which is why many recreational users rarely remember any dreams. Cutting down or quitting cannabis leads to the REM Rebound Effect, where you 'catch up' on the lost periods of REM sleep, leading to bizarre, intense, vivid dreams (I will cover the REM Rebound Effect in detail in a subsequent video and post).

2. Set an intention to remember your dreams - this simply means concentrating your mind on the fact you will remember your dreams! Each night, as you are relaxing and preparing to fall asleep, use a mantra such as 'I will remember my dreams when I wake up' which you silently meditate upon (just run through your mantra in your mind as you are falling asleep, repeating it until you eventually fall asleep). Remember to do this every time you are going to sleep. Good advice is to try and fall asleep in as dark a room as possible - any light emission can affect your melatonin levels, and consequently, the quality of your sleep and dreaming. 

3. Consolidate your dream memory upon waking - when you wake up, remain in the position you find yourself in, and try not to move around or open your eyes. Dream memories are very transient and fleeting, and any distraction (thoughts, sights, sounds etc) can cause the dream memory to instantly fade. Our brains are not supposed to store dream memories, so you are essentially 'hacking' your brain, by training it to hold on to these dream memories. While laying in the position you woke up in, with your eyes closed, run through what you can recall about your dream in as much detail as possible, in an attempt to consolidate your dream memory. You might find it useful to speak your dream out loud. 

4. Record your dreams in a Dream Journal - this is fundamentally important, not just for improving dream recall, but also so that you can analyse your dreams and enhance and enrich your dreamwork generally. Keep your Dream Journal within easy reach by your bedside - this in itself is a good way of reinforcing that intention to remember your dreams, as the Dream Journal symbolises this. Record your dream in your Dream Journal as soon as possible in as much detail as possible. You might give your dream a date and a title. If you cannot recall your dream in sufficient detail to describe the narrative/plot, just note down whatever you do remember - any sights, sounds, smells, sensations, colours, emotions, dream characters etc. You might illustrate your dream memory if this is easier than describing it in words. A Dream Journal can be a dedicated notebook, or simply a piece of paper you leave beside your bed. Some people might prefer to use modern technology, such as voice recording apps on their mobile phone to verbally record their dreams - choose whatever works best for you. The key is to use your Dream Journal on a daily basis. Reading your Dream Journal before bed is another effective way of concentrating your mind on dreamwork, and focusing your intention on better remembering your dreams. I will be providing a tutorial which teaches you to use your Dream Journal to analyse Day/Dream Residue and Dreamsigns!

5. Focus your mind and concentrate on dreams in your waking reality - using your mantra and Dream Journal are key here! The idea is to think about dreaming as much as possible during your waking hours - setting the intention and focusing on it will greatly assist you in hacking your brain/mind for dreaming - think of it as a form of constant mental re-programming! One way you can do this is to talk about dreams more - find like-minded people or fellow oneironauts to discuss your dreamwork with. Perhaps find a local dream workshop or participate in some online dreaming communities; read books or watch movies/documentaries about dreaming - the key is to incorporate dreaming into your waking reality! A modern technique for focusing the mind on dreaming/lucid dreaming during the waking day is to incorporate technology - this could involve using a lucid dreaming app (I will be reviewing lucid dreaming apps on this Blog) or simply setting yourself reminders (such as alarm cues or a customised screensaver) to remember your dreams.

Here is the accompanying Dreamhacker Series | Remembering Your Dreams (1) video which provides this tutorial in audio-visual form:

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Dream 1018

'Reassessing Photos of Amble'
Date: 26 July 2019 (Evening Nap)
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
I was in an unknown interior location. There were dream characters with me, who I do not recall. Also present was Bungle from the children's TV show Rainbow (1972 - 1992), although in the dream his name was 'Amble'. Amble had bitten through all of the electrical wiring in the building, meaning that an electrician would need to be called. This made everyone really angry. Amble was a really passive and stupid person.

I am not sure what happened next, but I was in a conversation with AJR and another male dream character, being shown a photograph of Amble in a courtroom. There was a black fluffy object (which looked like a large pompom) next to Amble in the photograph, and also a gun, which Amble was holding, although it was down by his side and did not make him look threatening or dangerous. I was being asked to interpret the photograph and describe it to AJR. A first I was trying to describe it as a crime scene, but then I 'realised' that if I took another look at it, it wasn't a crime scene, but an 'innocent' scene which wasn't as it first appeared. I cannot describe what I mean here, but it was as if I was reminding myself that looks can be deceiving and all was not what it seemed, and required re-interpretation. At this point, I became aware that this was a 'dream fragment', which makes it sound as if this was a successful lucid dream - but even though there was a reference to me being aware this was a dream fragment, I did not experience a lucid dream - more like a semi-lucid dream. The realisation this was a dream fragment was what helped me realise the photograph was deceptive. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream, which seemed to only last a couple of minutes.

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place during the period in which I am testing the Awoken Lucid Dreaming App - please click HERE to read my introductory post which provides all relevant information about this app which is designed to help you train your mind for lucid dream induction!
  • On the day before this dream there had been an electrical storm, which caused power cuts. On the day of this dream an electrician had come to my home to check the fuses
  • A few days before this dream I saw an image of Bungle from Rainbow online
  • I dreamed of a gun on 25 July 2019 - Dream 1016 -'Returning to PS with Possession of a Gun'. This dream involved my ex-boyfriend, PS (who I just randomly remembered used to have a T-shirt with Bungle on the front of it!)

Friday, 26 July 2019

Dream 1017

'The Roast Office'
Date: 26 July 2019
Scene 1: A Post Office Interior - Day
I was working in a post office with Anakin Skywalker, who appeared as he does when a Padawan in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002), although in the dream, he was already quite involved with the Dark Side, because he had yellow Sith eyes. The post office was actually called the 'Roast Office'. In the dream, there was no significance to the name of the post office - it did not seem odd and I did not question it. Anakin and I seemed to get along as colleagues - we were talking. but I cannot recall the conversation. 

The 'boss' entered. This was a white middle-aged male dream character wearing a business suit. He had brown hair and the only thing distinctive about him was the fact that he had a very large balloon-shaped head. He seemed to be in a bad mood with both Anakin and I. He said that we must be careful not to 'spill the beads' - referring to some wrapped gift boxes which apparently contained beads in them. These gift boxes were stacked behind the counter (on the floor) of the Roast Office, and were very square, around the size of 4 Rubix cubes stacked, and wrapped in different colours of shiny wrapping paper (red, blue, yellow, green, pink, purple etc) - there were a large amount of these boxes. 

Anakin had a can of fizzy drink. He dropped it and it spilled on the wrapped gift boxes containing the beads. Anakin started laughing, but I did not find this funny as I knew we would get in trouble for this. 

I was called out from behind the counter to speak to the boss about the spilled drink ruining the gift boxes. We sat beside one another on a bench which was beside the window (I could see it was a sunny day outside - I also recall seeing trees). The boss was leaning into me very closely, which felt threatening. He began telling me off for the fizzy drink spilling on the gift boxes, even though this was Anakin's fault, not mine. I looked up at Anakin, who was still behind the counter (I could not see any customers at this time, nor had I previously). Anakin was smirking in a smug way, because he was not in trouble for his accident, I was. I was frustrated and angry at both Anakin and my boss, because I was innocent. My boss was still leering at me, very closely. He told me that the matter was going to go to court and I would be sentenced to a long period of imprisonment unless I took a plea bargain (we don't have plea bargaining in the UK, although you can negotiate a deal which we used to refer to as 'carving up' the case - pleading to certain matters on an agreed basis, so that lesser matters get dropped etc). I was very anxious and worried about the prospect of a criminal conviction. 

I went behind the counter again, in a very bad mood. I used my mobile phone to call AJR to tell him about what happened. AJR reassured me that no action could be taken against me because the gift boxes of beads were illegal and contained 'hot gas and asbestos'. This calmed me down and I felt relieved.

I cannot recall what else happened in this dream.

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place during the period in which I am testing the Awoken Lucid Dreaming App - please click HERE to read my introductory post which provides all relevant information about this app which is designed to help you train your mind for lucid dream induction!
  • This dream also took place during a Quickshot Dream Incubation Experiments (see video below for QDI#6, and my introductory article - Quickshot Dream Incubations | QDI#1) - this was not a successful dream incubation
  • 'Roast Office' could be a play on words as AJR had asked me to post some Legal Aid forms to him after a mix up with some post - this requires me to go to the Post Office. At the same time there has also been an extreme heatwave in the UK - and AJR has been working outside with no sun protection (and sensitive skin, which has not had much sun exposure for many years), meaning he now has drastic sunburn and blistering/rash. The Roast Office might also have been a reference to Anakin Skywalker being burned on Mustafar in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)
  • A couple of days before this dream I had a conversation with a friend, GR about him going to an event in London where Hayden Christensen would be in attendance. In the same conversation, we discussed different flavours of Coke and which ones we preferred
  • The day before this dream I had been watching a Youtube movie reviewer reviewing Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) - I fell asleep while watching this video
  • Looking back on this dream, the boss resembled Steve Carell playing Michael Scott in the American version of The Office, which I have been binge-watching recently
  • A couple of days before this dream I was watching an (unrecalled) Youtube video which referenced the relatively recent Claire's (Accessories) scandal where children's makeup products were found to contain asbestos

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Dream 1016

'Returning to PS with Possession of a Gun'
Date: 25 July 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Day
I woke up recalling this dream very vividly, but due to the fact I fell back asleep quickly after waking up and recalling it, I have since forgotten a lot of detail. 

In the dream I was with a number of dream characters, some of whom I know from real life. One of them was SHL, a girl who I went to primary and high school with. I was unhappy that SHL was present, but I did not know why. Something about her presence made me feel uncomfortable.

I then saw that PS was present, and I was back in a relationship with him, but he was very hesitant and did not seem to want to be with me. I got the impression that he had 'grown apart from me' and wanted to end our relationship. I also realised that we had previously broken up, and spent some time apart, before getting back together again. I also realised that the reason I had a problem with SHL was because PS was close friends with her, and I was jealous, assuming that he wanted to be with her instead of me. There was a lot of negativity connected to this dream. I remember having conversation and moving around with PS (maybe we walked together?) but cannot recall specifically what we discussed. I just recall that it seemed like we were disagreeing or arguing. I also noticed that PS's trousers were worn very high up, with a brown leather belt (when we were dating, he always wore his trousers extremely low - below his butt cheeks).

I cannot recall what else happened at this time in the dream, but at some point I realised that I had possession of a gun, which was in my waistband. It was a handgun - I think it was a revolver, because it had a short barrel. It was a goldish colour and felt heavy. I was worried when I noticed I had the gun in my possession, because my worry was that I would get caught by the police and arrested for possession of a firearm. I must have told PS that I had a gun, or he became aware, because he refused to help me. It felt as if he was abandoning or betraying me in some way and I was more upset now.  

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place during the period in which I am testing the Awoken Lucid Dreaming App - please click HERE to read my introductory post which provides all relevant information about this app which is designed to help you train your mind for lucid dream induction!
  • On the day of this dream I had seen a photograph featuring SHL on someone else's (RR's) Instagram account (it was photograph of her dressed up as 'Ginger Spice' (Geri Halliwell) in Spice Girls, taken at Cromer Carnival sometime in the 1990s. Note that PS's mum CJS has ginger hair. I had also seen my friend GR who has ginger hair on the day of this dream
  • On the day of this dream I had referred to the period of time when I had been living in London with PS, while in a telephone conversation with AJR's mum, HT
  • On the day of this dream I had made a video for my Youtube channel, and referred to me previously wearing my own trousers very low. I also watched a movie review of The Visit (2015) which references the male child character wearing his trousers very low because he is a 'rapper'
  • I had recently referred to 2 incidents involving guns in Youtube videos - one incident took place at the home I shared with PS - when we were victim of an armed robbery (nothing was stolen and the weapon shown to me might have been a replica, it was in the waistband of one of the gang attempting to rob us) - and on the day before this dream, I had a dream involving robbery in a different context - see 'Dream 1015 - 'Robbery of my Boyfriend's Sidepiece While he Dreams of a Pigeon'


'Robbery of my Boyfriend's Sidepiece While he Dreams of a Pigeon'
Date: 24 July 2019
Scene 1: A Large Interior - Time Unknown
This dream seemed to take place in the same location, which was a large interior, very reminiscent (looking back with hindsight) to a prison-themed game I started playing on Roblox. It was on one level and very spacious, with grey walls and not much furniture or decor. You could walk around corners, some of which were quite dark and had benches or other very basic items (chairs etc). The location also seemed reminiscent of a high school corridor too. I was with EW (an 18 or 19 year old white male, who was a former friend of my friend AK and therefore someone I was on fairly friendly terms with). There was some kind of party going to be held in this building. EW and I were walking around, not in a particularly happy mood. Something (I cannot recall what) was bothering/troubling us and we were walking in a somewhat confused, directionless way. I recall EW having a red backpack and a white T-shirt.

I walked off by myself and turned a corner, to find AJR lying on a bench/bed built into the wall. Sat astride him - in a sexual way, although both were clothed - was my colleague VV (Italian postgraduate student). They were to my left. This area very much reminded me of my old high school corridor. It was quite dark in this area too. I was horrified that AJR was cheating on me with VV. He had a very stupid, dreamy look on his face. In the dream I realised that this meant that he was wishing to own a pigeon - and this led me to the conclusion that he wasn't really cheating on me with VV, doing sexual things with her symbolised him 'wanting a pigeon'. However, I was still not happy, if a little relieved that he didn't want to have sex with VV for the purpose of sexual fulfilment. I wanted to get revenge on VV. I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her off AJR, to the ground. I then demanded she give me all of her cannabis and money - I robbed her. I felt extremely powerful and pleased. AJR also seemed pleased with me, and I told him in a forceful way: 'I'm not a mug'. This seemed to be a very positive aspect of the dream. 

I then went to find EW again. We ended up in what was a very yellow room down the hallway, which had a table in it. The yellow might have been lighting and/or the colour of the walls. I saw a fern hanging on the wall for decor and this made me aware that this was a kitchen/dining area. I somehow become aware that HT (AJR's mum) had been in the Magistrates Court for a motoring offence (reckless or dangerous driving - however, HT's mum does not drive). I don't think HT was present, I think I found out some other way. I was able to see the Prosecution (CPS) papers (I may have had the actual papers or I might have seen these on my mobile phone screen - I seem to recall it being the latter). The papers were also yellow and were written out like text messages (although it is often a huge dream sign to try and read text in a dream, I recall the words looking 'normal' in this dream. Here is my article 'Reading in Dreams' and here is another on 'An Introduction to Dream Speech'). The text was very large and in a weird font - like a 'Halloween' or 'creepy/spooky' font, with slightly jagged edges, which could be used to brand a horror-themed product. The text was in the centre of the 'page' and had large gaps between each sentence/paragraph, which meant not much fit on each page. I think I was reading these from my mobile phone, as I think I 'scrolled' to flick through the 'pages'. The text represented the submissions from the Prosecution/CPS lawyer, who I knew was a male (I am not sure how - maybe I recognised his name on the 'papers'). he submissions were just a series of extremely bad language - swearing and threats. The word 'fucking' appeared a lot. I was horrified that the Prosecution/CPS lawyer would be using such extreme and unnecessary language and display such terrible, deeply unprofessional conduct in court and I was very anxious to make a phone call to discuss what had happened, as I felt in shock. I think I might have been calling HT. Whoever I spoke to on the telephone (I cannot recall who it was) told me to look at the last 'paper' - I saw that the text on this page was multicoloured and appeared to be 'digital' as it flickered, like text on a TV screen which had been distorted (look at the thumbnails for the 'Zombieface Horrorshow Series' of videos on my Youtube channel - in particular, the text reading 'Weird Childhood Vol.1' - this is what the text looked like, but the 'horror-style' font, and less stretched/distorted. I realised that due to the Prosecutor's behaviour during the court case (trial), the charges against HT had been dismissed. I was very pleased and relieved about this. 

I then woke up. I was still very sleepy and I wanted to return to this dream, so I continued to visualise the last scene as I fell back asleep. This worked! This is a very basic form of 'dream chaining' although I did not induce a lucid dream this way (the technique for that it known as Dream Exit-Induced Lucid Dreaming of DEILD - I haven't written a dedicated post for DEILD yet, but I did refer to the OBE-Exit Technique in this article and also described a dream chaining experience in Dream 689 - 'My Weirdest Dream Experience' (NIGHTMARE, FALSE AWAKENING, SLEEP PARALYSIS,OBE-EXIT TECHNIQUE, LUCID DREAM, DREAM-CHAINING)').

Scene 1: A Large Interior - Time Unknown
I found myself back in the interior building, in the grey space (corridor-like) which I had been in in Scene 1 of DREAM #1. I 'knew' that I had returned to somewhere I had been before, as if I knew I had intended to come back to this place, but I was not consciously aware that I was dreaming, and therefore this was not a lucid dream, just some successful dream-chaining and a fairly vivid dream experience. 

I was aware that there was a large, dangerous wolf loose in the building and this made me feel panicked. I knew that I had to find EW to warn him to 'hide his chipmunks' (it seemed that he had pet chipmunks with him, which would be at risk of being killed by the wolf). I did not see the wolf, the chipmunks or EW, but I felt a sense of panic. I began walking alone through the grey part of the building. I saw other dream characters (unrecalled). At the end of one of the corridors was a cello player - male, but cannot recall any other details about him. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place during the period in which I am testing the Awoken Lucid Dreaming App - please click HERE to read my introductory post which provides all relevant information about this app which is designed to help you train your mind for lucid dream induction!
  • On the day of this dream I had watched a Youtube video by Laura Lee in which she mentioned adopting her niece, who has the same first name as EW
  • On the day of this dream I wrote a Facebook comment, defining the legal meaning of robbery
  • AJR and I have a joke about birds - he owns 2 budgies and he always says that he wants to cross-breed them with a chicken to make a 'budgen'
  • A few days before this dream I had a discussion with DL about Lil Yachty who had mixed up a cello and clarinet in his lyrics for Peek A Boo (where he says 'she blow that dick like a cello')