Thursday, 6 August 2015

Dream 468

Dream date: 5 August 2015
I was sitting on a bench outside, in daylight. I was to the left side and next to me, on the right, was NN. In front of us was a building, which may have been a school. It was large and red brick and there were many dream characters in the surrounding area. 

CB came and stood in front of us. NN was in charge of CB - she was looking after him, or had some kind of special relationship with him (he appeared as he did when we were friends, so the teenaged version of him, as I have not seen him as an adult in real-life - we went to different colleges and lost touch). I asked NN what she was doing with CB and she started telling me about how great he was. I 'remembered' a real-life memory of my mum mistaking CB for a girl. I thought to myself (I cannot remember having this thought in real-life, so it must have originated in the dream itself): 'CB looks like a younger version of 'Neil' from The Young Ones'. CB then started to look more like, JCS, which confused me. The CB/JCS character was quite passive in the dream - I cannot recall him saying anything - it was just NN and I doing the conversing, while he stood and stared at us. I am not sure what he was wearing. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

TIME: 06:00 - 11:00 hours (I am not sure when this dream took place)

Dream Information:
  • NN is a female friend from Sheringham, who I have known my entire childhood
  • CB was a male friend at high school. He was a skateboarder who liked to get stoned and had longish hair. On one occasion, CB called round to my house (when I was in high school) and my mum mistook him for a girl because he was smaller and skinnier than many of the other boys our age. This was the memory referenced in the dream. While in the process of typing this dream, I recalled the following facts about CB: he broke his arm once, skateboarding; he was hit by a bus (it drove over his foot, causing non-serious injuries); and lived in Baconsthorpe. He once asked me to write him a short horror story, and I did - about a possessed doll - which he seemed to enjoy. I liked socialising with CB because he was much nicer to get along with than many of the boys our age
  • The character of 'Neil' in The Young Ones is played by Nigel Planer
  • JCS is another male friend from my school year. As adults, we went on one date, but it went nowhere because I thought we were too incompatible - JCS is in the army and I was morally and politically opposed to the war in Iraq which was happening at this time. Not only am I not suitable to be the typical 'army wife' (because I do not feel I could be a supportive and committed partner of someone who was abroad fighting in a war zone or on a tour of duty for months), but also I do not like the cultural climate of the army and feel my left-wing, super-liberal political position - and his more conservative, nationalist stance would cause insurmountable problems and conflict between us

  • CB started to change into JCS (A - Action)

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • School/learning institution?
  • NN as a dream character

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • I have recently discussed - and been in conversation - with various people from my high school who were part of my group of friends - this wider group included both CB and JCS
  • A few days before this dream I had a conversation with PS in which I told him that HL and I do not speak to each other (in contrast to PS and I who still remain in contact). This made me think about HL and how our relationship ended (see *Recalled Dream Scenebelow)

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
No specific waking thoughts and emotions, other than the idea that this dream seemed much longer than my memory of it suggests. I was also surprised that CB was a dream character as I have not had reason to think about him - and cannot remember once thinking about him - in over 10 years. I have - since recording this dream, today - tried to find him on Facebook, but I cannot see a profile for him or anyone of his name with mutual friends. I cannot locate him in my school year photo, which may be because I have overlooked him, or perhaps he was not present at school on that day. 

* I feel that I have probably forgotten some aspects of this dream, as my waking perception was that it had been much longer than a single scene. If I remember anything else, I will record it below.

* Recalled Dream Scene (6 August 2015, 03:13 hours)
I had written a status on my Facebook page and was logged onto my Facebook, looking to see if anyone had responded/replied to it. My ex-boyfriend, HL (who I am not friends with on Facebook) had written a comment (I cannot recall what it was). I was surprised, because (a) we are not friends on Facebook or in real-life; and (b) the comment was really friendly. I was double-checking to make sure I hadn't misread the profile name - because I am friends with HL's brother, PL and their names are exactly the same, except for the first letter of their first name (they rhyme!). The comment was definitely from HL.
Memory Trigger: I was on Facebook, looking at the photographs of someone who is friends with HL when I suddenly remembered this dream scene. I think the reason I forgot about it was that it seemed so 'normal' and commonplace that I accepted it as part of my real-life, rather than as part of my dream - and then, because it was banal, just forgot about it altogether, until my mind was focused on my dream memories at the same time I was browsing Facebook and specifically thinking about HL.

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