Monday, 19 March 2012

Dream Interpretation 32


Dream date: 27th February 2012

NOTE: Due to a busy work schedule I have not been updating my Blog and therefore have a backlog of dreams to write up on here. Unfortunately I have also had many dreams which, due to poor techniques and a lack of practice over the past few weeks, were not recalled clearly enough to record. Dream experimentation is a continuing practice and I have learned that as quickly as skills of dream control and recall are learnt, they can just as easily be lost. From henceforth I will make more of a concerted effort to practice my once successful techniques and update my Blog regularly.

Lucid dreaming experiments/techniques 
  • Mental/training – MILD technique before bed – simple practice of meditating on my phrase ‘ACR’ (‘dream intentions’ of Awareness, Control and Recall) for several minutes before drifting off to sleep
  • LDS – Flaxseed Oil enriched with Omega 3, 6 & 9 (4000 mg); Multivitamins A – Z with evening meal; Sea Kelp (90 mg); CoEnzyme Q-10 (150 mg); Fenugreek (3000 g); Gingko Biloba (120 mg); and Vitamin B Complex with additional Vitamin B6 (10 mg); Hydrolysed Collagen (6000 mg); Iron (28 mg)
  • No use of binaural beats

Potential triggers/’day residue’   
  • I read an article in an online newspaper and later, a magazine about the singer Shakira getting attacked by a sea lion on 14th February 2012
  • I do not recall any other relevant triggers and none were recorded in my notes upon waking

Main dream environment(s) 
  • (Scene 1):
I was in a huge, well-lit room. Instead of internal walls, there were stacked crates and partitions separating off different sections of the room. I was in a sectioned off area where there was a huge bed. I later realised that we were in fact in a film/television studio. There were huge glass windows with many people working behind them and bustling around

  • (Scene 2):
I was looking at an ambiguous material which seemed to make up the surface of a massive wall, which filled my entire field of vision – it was brown and textured – perhaps like carved wood. It was all I could see in front of me, but I did not turn around to see what was behind/to my sides. At some stage the perspective of the ‘wall’ shifted and it became tilted down towards me at an incline, but still spread out as far as I could see. Small pale pink square icons/boxes were floating down the wall and I was ‘checking them off’ with a pen – i.e. marking them as they floated past my line of vision. It is difficult for me to describe this element of the dream as I was not fully aware of what was happening myself

(Present in all scenes):
  • Myself (I did not see myself at first, but I think I was as I appear in real-life)
 (Scene 1):
  • A male, I really do not know who this was as I never felt like I properly ‘saw’ him although his presence (thankfully) felt familiar
  • A strange deformed, half-human, half-goblin creature – approximately 3 feet in height with a blonde tousled wig
  • Busy workers and businessmen on the ‘film set’

Dream narrative
  • (Scene 1):
I was laying in the bed with the male and we were having sexual intercourse. It seemed perfunctory and not particularly passionate - in the spoon position. I realised that the act was perhaps being filmed by an unseen third party and the (unseen) male acquaintence and I stopped what we were doing and got up from the bed.  We walked round the partitions which enclosed the bed area and turned a corner. On top of a stack of boxes with a spotlight pointing at it, was a small goblin creature. It was very ugly, greenish-grey in colour with warts on it’s face and hands. It was wearing torn sackcloth and on it’s head was a long blonde wig which resembled Shakira’s hairstyle. It was head-banging (in the style of old school heavy metallers). I communicated to my male acquaintance that this was a media-created version of Shakira, but I felt that it was wrong of the film studios to try to turn a goblin into the singer and market it as if was really her to the public

  • (Scene 2):
I was looking at the carved wooden wall, which then slanted towards me as if it were a drawing-board. I saw the pink squares floating towards me and I was marking each one with a pen. I could feel the presence of the male over my shoulder, but I did not turn round to look at him or anything else surrounding me.
Film Studio
Goblin/troll creature
Approximate representation of Goblin/Shakira Hybrid
Carved wooden wall
Pale pink box marked with a tick
I will interpret some of the dream symbolism at a later stage, but you will find some of the symbolism analysed elsewhere.

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