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Dream Interpretation 33


Dream date: 15th March 2012

NOTE: Due to a busy work schedule I have not been updating my Blog and therefore have a backlog of dreams to write up on here. Unfortunately I have also had many dreams which, due to poor techniques and a lack of practice over the past few weeks, were not recalled clearly enough to record. Dream experimentation is a continuing practice and I have learned that as quickly as skills of dream control and recall are learnt, they can just as easily be lost. From henceforth I will make more of a concerted effort to practice my once successful techniques and update my Blog regularly.

Lucid dreaming experiments/techniques 
  • Mental/training – MILD technique before bed – simple practice of meditating on my phrase ‘ACR’ (‘dream intentions’ of Awareness, Control and Recall) for several minutes before drifting off to sleep
  • LDS – Flaxseed Oil enriched with Omega 3, 6 & 9 (4000 mg); Multivitamins A – Z with evening meal; Sea Kelp (90 mg); CoEnzyme Q-10 (150 mg); Fenugreek (3000 g); Gingko Biloba (120 mg); and Vitamin B Complex with additional Vitamin B6 (10 mg); Hydrolysed Collagen (6000 mg); Iron (28 mg)
  • No use of binaural beats

Potential triggers/’day residue’   
  • I received a text from TB in the days leading up to the dream
  • I had used Facebook on the day of the dream, although not the chat facility
  • I study crime
  • I had mentioned to a friend (in the week prior to this dream) that I found it really difficult to find jeans that fit properly due to my size 8 (26 inch) waist and size 14 (42 inch) hips. She mentioned she had bought some cheap jeans which made her butt look bigger than usual
  • A second friend asked if I had heard the news about the former Eastenders actress who had recently been killed (and apparently ‘beheaded’ or ‘disembodied’ – my friend wasn’t sure of the details, nor her name – by her brother). I had heard vaguely of the story, but also had no knowledge of the specific details, but the idea of murder and disembodiment of a family member made me think of Fred West, in particular the murders of Catherine Bernadette ‘Rena’ West (1944 – 1971); Charmaine West (1963 – 1971); and Heather Ann West (1970 – 1987). I then wondered if it would have been possible to write a legal thesis on the West case and felt I had missed an opportunity, bearing in mind my long-held interest in their life stories/case

Main dream environment(s) 
  • (Scene 1):
An internal scene – I did not recognise the house as any I have seen in real-life. I was in a room which had a door leading to the back garden of the property.

  • (Scene 2):
I was in the back garden of the property. I saw that I was now in my grandmother PC’s garden (although the interior had not been her house). I could see the hedge separating her garden from that of her neighbours to the rear and right side. Instead of her rear neighbour, there was now a path, lined with trees, leading into a woods (there really is woodland in real-life, but it is not directly to the rear of PC’s house, rather to the back and then some distance left - if you followed the route taken in the dream, although with many other houses on route. You certainly wouldn’t try to cut through the gardens to reach forest in any event, as there is woodland less than 20 feet from the front entrance to the house – with a tree lined path). In the middle distance was another house, with the lights on. As this house was set in a forest clearing, it seemed pretty dark and I could not see much more than the lights behind the windows.

  • (Scene 3):
I was in my bedroom in London – looking at the PC on the desk I use. It was exactly as it appears in real-life, even down to the minute detail of the same books and stationary left on the desk the night prior to this dream.

(Present in all scenes):
  • Myself (I only saw the reflection of my butt in the mirror, but I think I was as I appear in real-life)
 (Scene 1):
  • The now-dead serial killer, Fred West (1941 – 1995)
 (Scene 3):
  • TB – by Facebook chat

Dream narrative
  • (Scene 1):
I was standing with my back to a full-length princess mirror, looking at my butt. I was wearing tight-fitting black jeans. I went to exit the property via the back door. I felt a hand slap my butt. I turned to see that it was Fred West. I saw his face close up. I said: “I thought you were dead”. He said: “You look very pretty...” His face was leering and I knew I had to get away or I would become his victim. He tried to grab my arm, but I shook him off and ran out of the door, into the night.

  •  (Scene 2):
I was in PC’s garden. I looked over the hedge at the back of the garden (which is situated behind a lilac bush, which was not obscuring my view in the dream as it would in real-life). As soon as I could see over the hedge, I was over the other side and I could see the tree-lined path leading into forest. There was a house at the bottom of the path, in a forest clearing. I thought it would be a safe haven. I became aware that it was a house for women only, which inspired confidence in me. As I got near to the house (or at least within close range) I suddenly felt uneasy and realised that if I entered the house I would become imprisoned and Fred West would eventually capture me. I thought I woke up.

  • (Scene 3):
The next part of my dream was so vivid, I thought I had woken up and was now in a real-life situation. I recalled that I had ‘dreamed’ of Fred West and made my way to the computer. This false awakening could so easily have triggered lucidity in me had I had a suitable trigger or noticed something to remind me that I was in fact still asleep and dreaming. However, as this part of the dream was so close to a real waking situation, I did not question it and missed a chance at a lucid dream. As I approached the computer, I moved the pile of clothes from the chair so that I could sit down (I do this every morning). I saw that I was logged onto Facebook already and the chat window was open (this would have been the lucidity trigger – I never leave Facebook logged on and rarely sign into the chat facility. Before I had gone to bed I had turned the computer off). The chat window showed a conversation with TB. It said: “are you here?” I asked him where ‘here’ was supposed to be. He replied: “I thought you were here now, you told me you were here”. I checked my phone to see if I could find out what he meant, but there was no text from TB. I woke up.
Fred & Rose West
Facebook page
Facebook chat window open
I will interpret some of the dream symbolism at a later stage, but you will find some of the symbolism analysed elsewhere.

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