Saturday, 8 September 2012

Dream 83

Dream date: 4 September 2012
I was getting ready to visit a place called the 'Flesh Emporium" - I am not sure if it was a gym or something else - it wasn't clear in the dream. I was seated, but could see very little of my surroundings, only the bottom of the walls, which were white; the carpet, which was black or dark brown; and my own lap. I was sitting cross-legged on the carpet. I was dressed in underwear only - I could see white knickers. I seemed fatter than usual. I was touching my lower belly and thought I was pregnant, but wasn't sure. I was then in a different room - again the details of this room were quite unclear, although I recall an island counter, like those you see in kitchens, which had some white pots lined up on it. I was standing on one side of the counter, talking to Linda Henry, the actress who plays Shirley Carter on Eastenders (she has been having some dramatic storylines in the soap recently). There was another middle-aged woman, with dark brown hair, who I do not recognise in real life. Linda was her 'Shirley' character in the dream - or I perceived her to be Shirley, with the same speaking voice, mannerisms, style and further, I used this name to speak to her. She was trying to convince the other woman to agree with her that I should stay in with them, rather than go out to meet a friend. 

We walked over to a wall, which was painted shiny (gloss paint) black, with a narrow shelf (also in the same glossy black paint) at waist height. There were some empty pint glasses on the shelf. Shirley said: "You shouldn't worry about him, he won't be good for you..." She was talking about EB, who I was going to meet. I was arguing (although not in a hostile way), telling her that she was wrong and I would be back soon. I told her I was waiting for a text from EB to tell me when to leave. I then found myself back near the island counter. I was sitting in an old-fashioned tin bath, positioned on the floor, by the counter. As I looked up I saw Shirley and the brunette standing behind the counter and realised this was a kitchen. There were white/glass cabinets with kitchenware from the floor to the ceiling, behind the women, and a door to the left - when I looked at this door, it looked like a college classroom door - that was the feeling I got. Shirley was still trying to convince me not to leave to meet EB, telling me he is a bad person, but I was adamant that I wanted to go. I was washing in the bath. EB text me to tell me where and when to meet him. My mobile phone fell into the bath water and was damaged. As I picked it out of the water, it was a pink and orange stick of fairground rock. I bit into it and thought: 'I wonder if I bite through to the middle, whether all of my phone numbers  in the mobile phone directory will be saved there...' I knew the stick of rock represented my mobile phone. I was then standing in my bedroom in PC's house in Sheringham, by the dressing-table/window. There was another woman standing next to me, but I didn't look directly at her and I do not know who it was. I said: "Somehow, I'm not pregnant anymore..." I woke up. 
Linda Henry aka 'Shirley Carter' in Eastenders
* Two days after this dream, after receiving a text from EB, my phone lost the ability to send texts, although I could still receive them. The day after that (one day ago), my phone completely 'broke' during an argument with PS, when he was trying to stop me leaving to see my friend EC (he thought I should stay and discuss a problem; I wanted some space and to see EC who had suffered a personal crisis), and I had to cancel my plans and get a new sim card from the phone shop, as it turned out that the old sim had worn out from length of use (I've had the same one since 2004).

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