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Dream 459 (LUCID DREAM)

'Beautiful Kitten'
Dream date: 14 June 2015 (During Afternoon Nap)
I was in my bedroom in Norwich. It looked exactly like my normal bedroom - i.e. I could not perceive any noticeable difference and everything felt normal. I was sitting on my bed, and I was aware my mum was just outside the room, although there was a kitchen on the same floor as my room. I was meant to be packing some bags. However, I became aware that there was a big fountain of water spurting from the floor behind the top of my bed. It was making the carpet wet, and there were papers on the floor which were soaked in the water, making the ink run. I shouted out to my mum that she needed to come and help me stop the water before more of my possessions got ruined. I started to zip up a large pink suitcase which was standing upright on the bed behind me - and was filled to capacity, making it hard to zip up. 

My mum came in the room and I turned to face her. Now I could see my room looked different. The room was quite dark now and had a theatrical feel to the decor. At the foot of my bed was a shelving unit (which has appeared in an earlier dream set in my bedroom), and behind this was an armchair. Beside the shelving unit was a chalkboard - or some kind of easel. My mum stood beside this, dressed in a glamorous outfit. She gestured to one side (dramatically, which added to the sensation of theatricality in the room) and in came a thing which was human-sized and shaped and was standing on two legs, upright also like a human, but looked like a painted lizard. My mum said: 'It's a pregnant lizard-woman'. I was not sure why she was presenting the lizard-woman to me in this way. My mum left the room with the lizard woman. 

Something compelled me to look under my bed. I knelt down and I saw there was a cute white and tabby fluffy kitten under my bed. I was really pleased to see that I had a kitten and shouted out to my mum: 'Thank you for the kitten!' I then saw that the kitten had a pink section of fur on its chest and patches of blue fur on it's upper body. I thought this was amazing - as clearly it is not natural for cats to have this colouring! I decided that I must take a photograph of the kitten, which would not come out from under the bed, although it seemed friendly. I took out my mobile (smart)phone, but I was completely unable to use the camera. I could not swipe the camera icon to open that function. I went over to sit in the armchair so I could look at my phone and see what was wrong with the camera icon/function. While I was looking at the phone screen, I noticed the camera icon was made out of coloured foil - like the kind yoghurt pot lids are made from. It had peeled away from the screen and become crumpled. I tried to stick it back onto the screen and swipe with it to open the camera, but this would not work. It was frustrating as I really wanted to take a photograph of the kitten. As I was fiddling around with the foil camera icon, I realised how bizarre the situation was and I became lucid.

I then noticed that the room was much bigger - there was a large space to the side of my bed, which was much lighter - I think there was a large window illuminating this area. There was another bed in this new part of the room (see the diagram below). Laying on this bed was the kitten. The kitten called me over to it. I am pretty sure it was a male, although I am not sure. 

I ran over to the bed and sat down on it. The kitten was laying on it's back against a pile of pillows. It looked slightly bigger than it had when it was under my own bed. I knew that I could communicate fully with the kitten because I was in a lucid dream, but first, I decided that I needed to stabilise the dream because I had become lucid very suddenly and had the accompanying adrenaline rush which sometimes can wake me up prematurely. I started rubbing my left thigh. I noticed I was wearing a pair of burgundy trousers (which I do not own in real-life). The kitten asked me what I was doing and I said: 'Stabilising this lucid dream'. The kitten looked at me, confused. I said to the kitten: 'Do you realise you are just a dream character in my lucid dream?' The kitten said: 'You don't need to worry about things like that.' I wondered if this lucid dream was going to tell me something insightful about my consciousness or the state of human existence or the meaning of life - or something equally as deep and fundamental, because I got the impression that the kitten had great wisdom and might reveal something (about my own subconscious) to me if I asked the right questions. I looked up and saw that there was actually a window adjacent to the bed (where I had assumed there might be one). I saw that there was a beach/seaside outside the building we were in (which was still partly my own house in Norwich, despite the obvious changes). It was a dark, gloomy day and the sea was rough. I looked to my left and saw that the remainder of the room looked like one of my childhood classrooms in Sheringham Primary School - possibly when I was in Year 1 or 2. This part of the room was very dark - and seemed to be quite messy, as though an arts and crafts class had just taken place. The area directly around the top of the bed on which the kitten was laying looked like it was carved out of dark, ancient wood - like a medieval wall of some sort. I was getting frustrated by my inability to see the changes happen, as it seemed that all I had to do was glance away, and as soon as I looked at the same thing again, it had changed completely, which was confusing. It meant I had to keep thinking and focusing hard. The only thing which was not changing was the kitten laying on the pillows in the centre of the bed which had a white duvet on it. 

I was rubbing my left thigh throughout the time I was looking around at my dreamscape, as I was aware I needed to maintain lucidity and the stability of the lucid dream. I said: 'Stay lucid!' and the kitten said: 'You already are'. I said to the kitten: 'Are you able to tell me something meaningful about myself?' The kitten's answer was: 'Don't worry about meaningful, you're supposed to enjoy the sex and violence'. I took this to mean that I should use my lucid dream for fun. exciting, fantasy adventures, not look for deeper meaning in them - at least in this instance. I closed my eyes and decided to change dream location, but not try and exert full control over where I ended up. I was going to let my subconscious mind place me somewhere at random. 

I discovered that I was in a pub (see diagram below). The pub looked slightly like the main bar in The Lobster pub in Sheringham, but it was slightly different, as it had an open fire (behind me, opposite the bar which I was standing at) and a larger seating area to the right of a longer bar. The front entrance was opposite the bar, to the left. There were numerous tables and chairs on the wooden floor, and at these, dream characters (customers who I did not know). Separating the room (partially) was a wooden arch, which was merely decorative as it was still one big room, not two. The bar itself was made out of pale wood and there was another archway to the right, leading to a different area of the building. Mounted on the wood were brass horseshoes and other ornamental brass/leather objects. 

There was an old man (male dream character - white, aged 60 - 65 years, small and slim, ginger-brown hair) working behind the bar. He was dressed in old-fashioned clothes - a waistcoat (vest) and tweed trousers. He came over to me (I was leaning on the bar) and asked: 'Who do you want to bring into the dream?' I said: 'Anyone?' and he said: 'No, it has to be a real friend'. I was slightly disappointed by this and said: 'RBA'. The old man said: 'No, you have to write it down'. He passed me a notebook which had sheets of green paper in it. He also gave me a (black ink) pen. I started to write 'RBA', but the old man (who was watching me) said: 'No, you have too write out his proper full name). I noticed there were loads of empty, dirty pint glasses stacked on the bar around me, and for the first time ever, heard the voices of other customers in the background. I tried to write RBA's real name (DY), but was completely unable to write. I knew this was a symptom of being in a dream, but it still frustrated me a lot as I was really concentrating on performing the task. After what seemed like ages (and many failed attempts at writing 'DY' in legible handwriting), I heard RBA shout my name. He was coming into the bar area from the archway which was to the right side. For the first time, I noticed that there were fruit machines against the adjacent wall, and the pub looked a lot less like the traditional seaside pub I had originally seen, and more like a commercial chain pup, like a Wetherspoons. I noticed that DL was walking in behind RBA. They both approached me. Suddenly, an elderly man (an unknown dream character) pushed past me roughly. I realised the pub still had the archway which slightly separated the main floor of the bar, and I was standing with my back to it, with the fireplace to my right. The elderly man dropped some money on the floor. RBA bend down to pick up the money, which he handed to the elderly man. RBA said to me: 'You need to be more careful!' I wondered why he was blaming me, as it had not been my fault that the elderly man walked/pushed into me. I said: 'It wasn't my fault' and turned round to walk across the bar as I felt like the dream was slipping away and I needed to distract myself from the conversation with RBA for a moment so I could stabilise it. I woke up. 

TIME: 17:00 - 20:30 hours (this dream happened in the last part of the sleep as I woke up from it)
LUCIDITY: Fully Lucid via DILD (Dream Initiated/Induced Lucid Dream)
  • Spontaneous DILD, no induction technique/method used
  • Lucidity triggered by dreamsign (absurd action)
  • No reality check performed
  • Strong lucidity/clarity
  • Strong stability (hand rubbing on thigh) in first 75% of lucid section of dream)
  • Approximately 40% of overall dream was lucid - 8 minutes out of a 20 minute dream (estimated)
SPECIAL NOTES: REM Rebound Effect from cannabis withdrawal

Dream Information:
  • RBA & DL are both close male friends. I have been in a relationship with DL only. They both have the same first name and are both rappers
  • Wetherspoons is a popular low-budget pub chain operating in the UK and Ireland

  • A kitchen was on the same floor as my bedroom (IA - Inner Awareness/F - Form)
  • Fountain (A - Action/F- Form)
  • The appearance (size/dimensions/furniture/lighting) changed on several occasions (F- Form)
  • Pregnant lizard-woman (F- Form)
  • The appearance of the kitten (F - Form)

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • Cats

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • Recently I told my housemate about the kitten (Tinky) I was given when I was 5 years old who had to be given away because I was allergic to cats - read the full details and the influence this event had on my subsequent dreams, by clicking here.

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
I really enjoyed this lucid dream because the lucidity/clarity, and often the stability, was strong and there was some degree of dream control also. I did not need to perform a reality check for this DILD (Dream Initiated/Induced Lucid Dream), I was consciously aware of the dream state as soon as I noticed the dreamsign (camera icon on my phone), and was able to think quite clearly as soon as I became lucid. 

I also feel quite positive about my conversation with the kitten. Spiritual/mystical people are always urging me (an atheist humanist) to 'speak' to my lucid dream spirit guides to learn some kind of fundamental truth or connect to a greater collective consciousness. I am sceptical about all spiritual elements of dreaming and have always defended my right to exercise my hedonistic side at the expense of spiritual enlightenment. 

Often I am too overwhelmed to even formulate a plan of action once I am lucid, so this makes it even less desireable to try something too complex, because I usually allow my lucid dreams to occur spontaneously, rather than try to induce them regularly (because I have poor sleep patterns due to insomnia and a disorganised routine). In this instance, because my dream seemed clear and stable - and because of the aura of importance I was getting from the kitten (the most constant part of the dream - featured prominently in the non-lucid section; contributed to my lucidity trigger; and was my first interaction with another dream character in the lucid dream state) and the fact it had seemed unperturbed by me telling it that it was a dream character in my lucid dream (in my previous experience when I tell dream characters they are part of my lucid dream, they usually deny it or laugh at me). When I tried to probe the kitten - as representative of my subconscious - as to the fundamental nature of my lucid dream or inner self, the kitten (my subconscious) reminded me that I like to use my lucid dreams for sex/violence, not enlightenment or spiritual pursuits, which seems very 'truthful' and 'insightful' - even if banal, obvious and lowbrow according to some of the more 'serious' oneironauts!

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