Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Dream 511 (LUCID DREAM)

'Killing Cowboys'
Dream date:  21 October 2015

I don't remember the previous scenes from this dream, so the report starts with the only part I do recall, which was the lucid part. Therefore, this isn't actually the first scene of the dream, only the short part I remembered, as I woke up from it.

Scene 1: Halfway inside a Bookshop (Day)
I was standing in the doorway of a bookshop. The bookshop was old-fashioned - the walls were lined with shelves from floor to ceiling and all the books looked dated and sepia brown. I could see that it was a sunny day outside. 

The shop was being attacked by beings, which looked like cowboys, although I knew they were monsters. They were human in appearance, but gave me a sense of fear and dread. I could not communicate with them in human language - they were silent and threatening, as well as being a lot larger than the average human male. All of these cowboys (there were between 5 - 10 of them in total) were dressed in brown clothing, typical of the dress worn by cowboys in Western films and had large heads, with facial hair. I cannot describe them in detail, as other than their size and the fact they did not speak when I was trying to communicate with them, they looked generic and typical (I have included an image, below, to illustrate). I was saying: 'Why are you here?' and 'Why are you coming to get me, when I haven't done anything to you?' - words to that effect. I felt that I was being unjustly targeted by the cowboys.

Looking back on the dream, I got the impression the shop was being 'attacked' by the cowboys and that they were after me for an unknown reason, but actually, they were pretty passive. They didn't move fast or do anything violent. In fact, I got the impression we were all standing still and static.

One of the cowboys pulled out a gun - a pistol or revolver. I punched him in the head and he fell to the floor (dusty blue tiles, I saw at this point) and lay prone. I wondered if he was dead and whether I would be in trouble for murder. I then spontaneously and suddenly became lucid. There was no need for me to perform a reality check and I felt exhilarated and excited, which prompted me to remind myself to calm down, as heightened emotion might lead me to prematurely end my lucid dream. I said: 'I'm lucid now, so I know you can't harm me - you're just dream characters!' 

Someone - unseen, but not a cowboy - a male dream character who was with me in the shop, said: 'You'll have to prove it to them!' I then turned around to the cowboy who was standing directly in the doorway behind me. I reached up and poked my finger (index) through his cheek. The cheek was soft and my finger impaled it easily, as if it was made of a liquefied jelly substance. I started laughing and said; 'Is this proof?' The cowboy whose face I had impaled did not move or react in any way. I withdrew my finger and pushed it through his brain, making him fall to the ground, dead. I then said to the other cowboys who were surrounding me in a wide circle within the bookshop: 'I could kill you all easily!' I felt powerful and superhuman. None of the live cowboys did anything - they were still just standing there, still and silent. I started walking towards all of them, poking my finger into their brains to kill them. I managed to kill about 2 or 3 more in this manner, but then felt the dream starting to 'black-out' and fade, signalling the fact I was waking up or losing lucidity. Before I had a chance to try and stabilise the dream, I woke up!

TIME: 00:30 - 09:00 hours (I woke up from this dream)
LUCIDITY: Fully Lucid via DILD (Dream Initiated/Induced Lucid Dream)
  • Spontaneous DILD, no induction technique/method used
  • Lucidity triggered by dreamsign (absurd action)
  • No reality check performed
  • Strong lucidity/clarity
  • Relatively weak stability (dream did not last long enough for me to use any stabilising methods in good time)
  • I am unaware of the approximate percentage of this dream was lucid as I have forgotten all of the non-lucid elements. Lucidity lasted approximately 2 - 3 minutes
SPECIAL NOTES: None of note

Dream Information:

  • None of note

  • The lucid dream situation was a dreamsign, but I did not need to reality check

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • Bookshops 

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • The day before this dream, I had watched a Nigella Lawson cookery show and seen her study which has floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, containing many old books, some of which Nigella was discussing with her viewers
  • The day before this dream I was discussing movies with DL and mentioned 'Westerns' and how I think this is a genre that I most closely associate with Americana

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
This was exciting as it was a 'natural' or spontaneous lucid dream. However, since I have forgotten a lot of the dream - most of it, except for the lucid parts, I am a little disappointed.

* I have forgotten large parts of this dream. If I recall anything further, I will record it below.

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  1. This is interesting.
    I'm a newby oneironaut. I love that moment of lucid awareness, especially in a situation that you describe.

    Funnily, I feel reluctant to hurt any of my dream characters when I become lucid if I am in a situation.
    I was dreaming of a dreadful supersize dog in my childhood bedroom and I was hiding on the other side of the bed and then on top of the wardrobe. Then I had a great compassionate feeling which seemed to coincide with me becoming pre/semi lucid. I felt sorry for this terrifying dog as he took a jump at me and he turned into a cute loving puppy licking my face !! I woke up to find my pillow damp where the moisture from my mouth had been breathing into the pillow !!

    One of my fully lucid dreams started in my childhood bedroom (common theme). (It came about as I had counted back to sleep saying "I am dreaming". I end up in the dream simply saying "I am dreaming", which I repeated so many times until it dawned on me that I am actually dreaming!.
    I spent some time there experimenting with the dream, doing loads of reality checks on the TV controls, to light switches, swinging on chandeliers that didn't fall off the ceiling and hovering off the ground etc... There were so many things that had nothing to do with my childhood bedroom, but still was an exciting experience just playing with the dream reality.
    I then became bored and realised the dream would fade if I didn't stay engaged - So I imagined a door behind me (which I had read about in one of my books). I then turn round and open this magical door with a round gold door knob on it. I find myself in a basement type room with a double bed and a shower. There is a man in the bed with a woman. Instantly, my base instincts seem to surface and I had one thing on the mind - so I ordered this man out of the bed and he walks naked across the room looking very sad. I felt really sorry for him because I realised straight away I was bossing my subconscious mind around - I felt quite bad. He just disappeared and I went over to the woman in the bed and started cupping her face ready to make love to her. Typical that I became over involved in the dream - forgot I was dreaming and woke up !!

    I'm going to start imagining that in every lucid dream I have that there is a big sign post that says "you are dreaming" and look at it every 20 seconds!

    Chelmsford, Essex