Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Dream 509

'Snowy Monoliths'
Dream date: 3 October 2015

I haven't been able to update my Blog for a while because I haven't been able to concentrate on my dream practices. Basically, I had to do a number of extra work-related activities relating to the start of university term and the arrival of new students: including welcome events, kitchen meetings and 150 individual student meetings in residences. I also had to write a 12,000 word chapter of my thesis, prepare for two classes I am teaching this semester (in topics I have never taught before), and start a new Masters degree-level class which comes with a lot of homework!

So, I failed to record my dreams in a timely way and as a result began to fail to recall my dreams when I woke up. I only remember one dream clearly, so I will write off the other dreams which I can only remember tiny, disconnected, vague fragments of, and just concentrate on recording the one I did manage to recall. Instead of doing my usual analysis of the dream (as I still have lots of studying and lesson preparation to do tonight!) I will just write it up in a more visually-entertaining way, and hopefully resume my dreaming and blogging in the very near future!

I was in a strange house - it looked like a normal family home, but it is not one I recall from real-life, although it seemed familiar in the dream, as if this was my actual childhood home. I was with my cousin, HM. We were looking through some items (perhaps in suitcases or boxes?) and I found a photograph of us when we were children. I was standing up, in the right; HM was kneeling at my feet in the left. We were both wearing jeans and anoraks and it made me recall an actual childhood photograph of us (see below) which exists, although in this dream photograph, HM looked like a 1990s teenager and I looked like an old man with a black beard and a wrinkled face.

HM and I were then in a kitchen - it may have been the kitchen of the house that we had been in a moment before. It was a long room, with bright lights. A counter ran for the entire length of one side of the kitchen and the appliances were all on the other side. HM and I started looking through drawers - and found a number of family heirlooms - or at least things from the past which had been saved for nostalgic reasons. One of the items was a bridesmaid's headdress - a flower crown, which in the dream had been for the wedding of HM's mother, VF. There were some other items in the kitchen drawers - some things relating to HM's younger sisters, SAF1 and SAF2. 

My mum, HM and another person - perhaps my stepdad - all went outside. It was night and the sky was black. The entire landscape was covered in thick, white, undisturbed snow. We were all dressed in clothes suitable for a snowy winter - thick jackets and scarves, gloves, hats, boots etc. My mum was dressed in blue. We all approached a monolith which was standing - in isolation - in the middle of the snow. There was nothing else around. My mum wiped some of the snow off the monolith, which was rectangular and about 6 foot tall. I think it was made of stone. There were words on it - my mum was getting us to read what the monolith said. It seemed significant, but I have forgotten. I don't think I recalled what it said after waking, and I have no memory of ever knowing in the dream either. 

I was then reading something on a piece of torn, sepia paper. It said something like: 'Sienbenenview' or similar - I cannot recall what. Every time I looked away from the paper and read it again, it seemed to say something different, but instead of me recognising this as a dreamsign, I took it to mean that I had misread it or kept making mistakes. I think I re-read it 3 - 4 times and on each occasion just told myself that I wasn't able to read properly anymore and needed to re-check everything to make sure I was correct. 

I then realised I was dating someone - it was a celebrity, perhaps Noel Fielding? I can't quite remember, but I do remember thinking: 'He is a better boyfriend than I thought he would be when I saw him on TV'. I also had the sense that he was part of a double-act and that I was glad to have ended up with this one. The male celebrity boyfriend was definitely someone with dark hair and a weird sense of humour, which was what attracted me to him, but he was actually really nice with a charming personality, which was what surprised me. We were together in an interior scene (perhaps a house again) and I was feeling positive about our relationship. 

I was then back in my old workplace and in an office which was where the business (a criminal defence law firm) was operated from. JA - someone I am no longer friends with who used to also work alongside me in this firm - came over. She was wearing a grey business suit, with pinstripes. She was being civil, but also cold. She said there were 2 jobs and both she and I needed to do one of them each. One job was to go to a sentencing hearing at Norwich Crown Court. The other one was to go on a prison visit to HMP Peterborough. The Crown Court is walking distance; the prison over an hour by transport. I assumed JA would take the prison visit since she can drive and has a car; whereas I do not drive and have to rely on public transport. JA said I had to do the prison visit. I accepted this fact, as in the dream, she was my superior and I had no way of overruling her decision, even with clear logic. I then noticed - as JA walked away - that the 'boyfriend' was with me in the office, sitting to my right in an office chair, a short distance away. I said to him: 'You can come with me on the bus because it's 10 to 5 (i.e. 16:50 hours) and I finish work at 5 (17:00 hours)'. I meant - 'you can come on the bus to the prison with me, since by the time I leave it will be outside of my normal working hours'. My boyfriend agreed.

I saw a mutilated cat. It was white with some ginger fur on it's face and paws/tail. Someone picked it up and showed me. There was no blood, but there was a big hole in it's belly and the cat was quite flat. I cannot really remember the context of how this happened i.e. where I was and who I was with. I think there was some sand on the ground, which might have meant we were at the beach. 

TIME: 00:00 - 09:30 hours (I do not know when this dream took place)

My aunt (VF), my cousin (HM) and I - in my the garden at my nan's house in Sheringham, c.1986

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