Sunday, 15 November 2015

Dream 513

'My Nan Prefers my Cousin'
Dream date: 15 November 2015

Scene 1: My Nan's House in Sheringham - Evening
I was in my nan's house in Sheringham, sitting at the dining table in the living-room. There were other members of my family there, including my cousin, JC1, who was sitting next to me. I was aware that it was 2016, at the start of the year and that my cousin, HM's birthday (8 March) was approaching. My nan was making a homemade birthday card for HM - she was gluing scraps of paper and glitter to the front of the card and using coloured crayons to draw a multicoloured butterfly. It was quite messy and scribbly, like a child had drawn/coloured it. She said: 'HM's getting the best card because she's my favourite'. My nan seemed smug about this and I was angry because my nan hadn't made me a card, she had bought one from a shop. 

There were other scenes in this dream, which I cannot recall. It involved me doing something without the rest of my family.

TIME: 04:30 - 10:30 hours (I do not know when this dream took place)

Dream Information:

  • None of note

  • My nan would not make a homemade birthday card
  • My nan would not tell me HM was her favourite - she does always say she is especially close to HM and I, as we were the grandchildren who were brought up in her house when we were children and we both had single parent mothers until they remarried later in our childhoods

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • None of note

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • A couple of days before this dream, I had gone to Nandos with DL and we had to wait for a table to become free. The server added our names to a list and he was using multicoloured crayons to cross names off the list as the waiting customers were seated. I had made the comment: 'Ooh, that looks very LGBT-friendly' as the list looked like it was a rainbow theme
  • I sent a card to my nan last month, just to wish her to get well soon from a back complaint

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
There were no specific waking thoughts and emotions linked to this dream.

* I have forgotten large parts of this dream. If I recall them at a later stage, I will record them below. I remember experiencing a longer dream, but I went back to sleep when I woke up from it - and then on the second waking, received a message from RBA which I responded to, which caused me to forget or lose details about the dream. This demonstrates the importance of good dream recall practice, which I don't always follow!

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