Sunday, 22 November 2015

Dream 514

'Rap Battles Gone Wrong'
Dream date: 19 November 2015

Scene 1: A Chemist/Drugstore - Time Unknown
I was in a chemist/drugstore in the makeup aisle. I was with a female (I cannot recall who this was) and she was showing me some very beautiful sparkly gold eyeshadows which were extremely large (double the standard size)

Scene 2: A University Cafe - Day

I was in a location which seemed like it was on a university campus - in a large cafe area. There was a rap battle taking place between RBA and his former rap battle partner, SOTD. I was standing watching and there were other dream characters present. SOTD said (during his round) to RBA: 'You bought your jacket for £5'. RBA had no comeback to this line and just walked off and sat down at a table nearby, abandoning the rap battle. I joined him and we started to discuss tactics, but RBA was basically ready to surrender as he said he could not retaliate to this 'diss'. I was frustrated with him. I looked outside, through a large window to our left. I could see some kind of covered stand set up, with a red-haired female dream character standing there. The stand/stall was for raising awareness of some charity and I was aware that the red-haired female was in need to charity/help of some sort - I think this was related to a health issue. 

Scene 3: A Bedroom - Time Unknown

RBA and I were sitting next to one another on a bed. RBA was communicating with me by drawing pictures on a piece of paper in green pencil. The drawings were grafitti style and I was impressed by his artistic skill (note that on recollection, the drawings I saw bore no relevance to what I perceived them to mean in the dream). RBA drew something which represented this sentence: 'I'm going to drop you an i-Phone on the QT' (i.e. 'on the quiet'/secretively). I said: 'Why on the QT?' and RBA shushed me - he was impatient and I was aware that time was short and something was about to happen, although I wasn't sure what exactly. I assumed the i-Phone might be a 'line' for selling drugs, but this was not communicated specifically to me. I was confused. 

Scene 4: A University Cafe - Day

I was back in the university cafe area. There was a runway set up and a brown-haired female was present. She had shoulder-length hair which was layered. Someone (I am not sure who) told me that I would need to have my hair layered to 'take the weight out of the sides' and I was not keen on this happening as I did not like the hairstyle of the brown-haired dream character and assumed that the person instructing me to cut my hair was using her as an example of what my own hair should look like. 

Scene 5: Outside - Day

I was outside and it was sunny. I could see trees/bushes nearby. Someone (I cannot recall who) told me that Necro was going to put on a gig in the local area soon and I might want to get tickets. I was surprised that Necro was touring, but set my mind on getting a ticket.

TIME: 23:00 - 09:00 hours (I am not sure when this dream took place)

Dream Information:

  • RBA is a well-established and talented battle rapper - he is generally a very competitive person so it is unlikely he would back down from a challenge such as that in the dream

  • RBA's actions in the dream

Recurrent Dream Themes:

  • RBA as a dream character

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • I had been discussing battle rapping shortly before this dream
  • I had mentioned Necro to RBA when we were hanging out - sitting on a bed

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
At first I had forgotten about the final scene of this dream, but had a 'waking memory' of someone telling me Necro was touring. It was only when I concentrated on this memory that I realised that it had happened at the end of this dream. This was quite an enjoyable dream and I woke up from it feeling quite happy.

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