Sunday, 14 May 2017

Dream 819

'Disposing of Dead Bodies'
Date: 14 May 2017
Time: 04:30 - 12:00 (I woke up from this dream naturally)
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Strong recall 

Scene 1: The Crown Public House, Sheringham - Time Unknown
I was in a location which reminded me of The Crown pub in Sheringham, but it may not have actually been this location. The precise spot I thought I was sitting in was that directly below the dartboard, next to the fruit machine and I was joined by a number of dream characters - known to me in the dream - and my Mum. There was a female dream character - white with blonde hair, dressed quite alternatively, and for some reason I  got angry with her and wanted to punch her in the face. She was standing against the wall and I did in fact punch her in the face. I was surprised by how hard I could punch - I killed the female in one single blow straight in the middle of her face. I panicked, because 'one punch kills' are charged and sentenced as unlawful act manslaughter (and so attract a discretionary life sentence). I decided to dispose of her body, which I did by putting it in black bin bags and hiding this in my room, which was in my Nan's house, Sheringham. I was anxious that I had cleaned up all forensic evidence of the murder. I realised that I still had possession of the mobile phone belonging to the victim, so realised I had to throw this in a lake to get rid of evidence linking me to the murder.

Throughout the dream I constantly wondered how I had become so strong that a single punch could kill someone (as in real life I know I have a very weak punch - not from violent acts, but because I have tested my punching skills on various friends with their consent and encouragement).

I was then discussing the murder with my Mum, in a setting which seemed to be a public toilet. I was looking in the mirror, thinking: 'I won't be able to dye my hair in prison'. I told my Mum that she if I was convicted of the murder, she would be convicted as accessory to the murder (because she had been present and helped me clean up), and said that we should share a cell. My Mum was telling me that I would not get caught for the murder. 

Scene 2: My Nan's House, Sheringham - Day
I was at my Nan's house in Sheringham, which is where I was living in the dream. The body in the bin bag was in a cupboard in the room, out of sight. I had been watching the news to see if there was a report of the murder/police investigation and was surprised to find that there was no news of the murder - it was as if it had not been discovered by police. This made me feel relieved, but I was also anticipating that soon the murder would be reported, as Sheringham is a small town. 

I was then joined by a male dream character, who appeared to be PP - a guy who I really fancied during my undergraduate years at university, but with whom I never had a full relationship. In the dream I feel that he was a composite character, as it seemed that he was an 'ex-boyfriend' who had then gone on to get married and have a family. He also reminded me of TPD, a Facebook friend. I wondered why PP had come back into my life and he said that he had 'missed me' and wanted to reignite our relationship. He started to roll a joint while sitting on my bed in my room. I was overjoyed and felt so happy to be reuninted with PP, but at the same time, I felt worried that the dead body might start to decay and smell. I was surprised that no-one had noticed it yet as in the dream, several days seemed to have passed since the murder (as I had specifically thought 'the corpse should be decomposing by now'). I was also disappointed that PP had come back into my life just after I had committed a murder and might be arrested and convicted for it. I told him that I had to go and do something.

I went and looked at the body. It had not yet decomposed and seemed fine. It did not look gory or unpleasant and there was no blood or body fluids. The victim just looked like a sleeping person. I decided that I should go and throw the body in the lake - it was at this point that I realised the lake was the Broads which surround my university (so, not in Sheringham). I wondered how I would transport the body to the lake as I needed some form of transport. I wondered if I could take a taxi or whether questions would be asked. 

I am not sure how I got to the lake with the body, but I did. It was now dusk and I threw the body in the lake, watching it sink. I thought that even if the body was now found, the police would not be able to find evidence that I was the killer. I felt safe.

I went back home. I was watching a video about female masturbation techniques on my mobile phone when I received a message from DL on my phone. He was sending me an advertisement - this was a video. It was also about female masturbation techniques and showed a woman and a man. The commercial basically said that as the new FIFA game was to be released (by Samsung, who had bought the rights to the game and had branched out into video game manufacture), women needed to improve their masturbation techniques because their men would be too involved with the game to provide them with sex. The video of the commercial, which I was watching on my phone zoomed to show the female character using her Samsung phone to look up 'Samsung's Masturbation Masterclass', then her male partner held a physical copy of the FIFA game up to the lens. I thought this commercial was gendered and sexist and wondered why Samsung had thought this was a good idea and why they were involved in manufacturing video games and teaching women masturbation techniques.

I think there was more detail to this dream, which I may have forgotten.

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • My Mum as a dream character
  • My Nan's house in Sheringham as a dream scene location

  • I committed a murder - and subsequent events
  • Samsung was now the manufacturer of FIFA and was making masturbation videos for women

Day Residue: 
  • A short time before this dream I had been explaining the conceptual difficulties of 'one punch murders' within the context of charging/sentencing in criminal law (i.e. a single punch would usually be an assault, and if no actual bodily harm is caused, would be at the lowest end of the spectrum - common assault/battery). The principle that the physical act (actus reus) must match the mental element of the defendant (mens rea) is problematized in one punch kills, as there is no correspondence between the actual level of assault, the foreseeability of the outcome and the consequence (unexpected death of the victim, taking into account the 'egg shell skull rule' that you take your victim as you find them). As death is not foreseen by the defendant, conviction for manslaughter is controversial as it simply comes down to misfortune - the same act (punch) may result in minor bruising and a common assault conviction for Defendant A, while Defendant B is liable for manslaughter for the exact same act
  • I have been playing a heavily-modded game of Sims 3, with a character who is a serial killer - when he murders another sim, he often cleans up by disposing of the body in a bin bag
  • I had been listening to 'Dead Body Disposal' (from Gory Days (2001)) by Necro
  • I had been discussing ex-boyfriends with DL a few days before this dream 
  • A few days ago an online friend asked me if I like playing FIFA - I do not play football games
  • I use a Samsung phone

Waking Reactions: 
This was a fascinating dream - especially as I was able to see how I felt having committed a murder and having attempted to dispose of the body to evade detection. I felt no guilt or remorse at the murder, simply anxiety about being caught for it. I found it very interesting to see the emotional reactions and reasoning I went through in this dream. It seems like this dream might have been nightmarish for some people - given the fear of being arrested for killing an innocent victim and having to dispose of a body - but for me the dream was not so much 'scary' as anxiety-provoking.

I may have forgotten some elements of this long and complex dream, so if I recall anything else, I will record it below.

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