Monday, 1 October 2012

Dream 88

I was wearing a white prom dress, but was disappointed to find that I had a huge black stain on the left side of it. I was very conscious of the stain. I was in a square room where everything seemed to be red. There were people sitting around the edges of the room - it seemed like a party of some sort. 

I wandered through to the next room - it was a nightclub/bar with wooden furniture. In the centre of the room was what I thought to be a jukebox. However, on closer inspection it turned out to be a fruit machine. However, this was a touchscreen one, which could be used to access Facebook. I was shocked to see that it was logged into my profile. I went to click on my friend's profile, but instead noticed an update from PS's account. It was promoting a hardcore band, called 'Red October' (I was not previously aware of a hardcore/emo band named this, but upon Googling it, I found there are several hardcore/emo bands called 'Red October'/'The Red October'. I will investigate and report further. Also note, PS only promotes UK hip hop and hates all hardcore/emo bands intensely and therefore would never post suchlike on his Facebook, much less promote!). I felt a tap on my shoulder, then someone pulling me backwards, towards them. I turned and saw it was a male - a typical 'hardcore kid' as I would describe him. I thought he was beautiful. He had black hair in a side-sweep and a overgrown fringe, flesh tunnels in his ears; tattoo sleeves; a band T-shirt - all very predictable, stereotypical of what I would expect. He had an olive complexion and black eyes, and was exactly my height. He told me he was the singer from Red October. I said that I wanted to hear his band play. We were now standing off to the side, leaning against a bar, which was long and grey. I could see neon lights behind the boys head. He was talking to me in a friendly, intimate manner, but I became shy and tongue-tied. I said to him: "I really love screamo and hardcore and..." I tried to say: "post-hardcore" but kept stumbling on my words. I began walking backwards. It felt like I was walking down steps. The boy was trying to reach out to me saying: "It's OK, I know what you meant..." I then found myself downstairs, in what appeared to be a boxing ring. I was standing on the outside, with the rest of the audience. The boy was with me again. it was dark and there were flashing neon lights. I said to him: "I love Deftones and Glassjaw" and he seemed enthusiastic. I felt confident that I had expressed myself well this time and that we had connected over our shared musical interests. I looked down and became aware that I was wearing a cheerleader outfit - a cropped orange sweatshirt and matching mini-skirt. 

I was then sitting at a computer, in an old-fashioned living-room with floral wallpaper and curtains and lots of lace furnishings and teddy-bears on a dresser. I was researching guitars and kept looking up out of the window - the scene was leafy suburbia, but the weather was gloomy and overcast.

I was then on a bus, seated somewhere near the back. I was watching the people at the front of the bus, when I suddenly realised that the singer from Red October looked like or could have been someone I knew from university, called IM. I then wondered if I was mistaken.

Below are some random images which reflect the 'hardcore/screamo kid' seen in my dream.

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