Friday, 12 October 2012

Dream 90

This was a really lengthy dream which I kept waking up from (it occurred in the morning) and then returning to. I thought I could recall it in full - which was a little optimistic - and only made a few brief notes in my notebook to prompt recall. However, I cannot recall how the scenes linked and some of my memories are really vague and abstract. 

I saw myself in third person, in the dark, lying back on some grass, leaning up on my elbows. I could not see that there was any difference from my real-life appearance - my hair was long and black as it really is. I was joined by a male, who joined me on the grass. I thought it was EB, but I was confused as his hair appeared to be different. He was wearing a white T-shirt. I think I referred to his hair, because he touched his head.

I was then standing up - and became aware that we were at some kind of outside fair, festival or carnival - there were stalls and people all around and strings of bright lights. I was then inside one of the stalls. PS was running it - it appeared to be a gun shop. He held a gun out (a bright shiny silver revolver), horizontally across both outstretched palms to show me. There was some conversation, but I cannot remember what was said. I realised we were staying at a holiday camp - which was hosting the festival. I was now outside some toilet cubicles - like fancy portaloos. I had a drink in my hand - a clear fizzy drink in a plastic cup. There were other people standing around the toilets and the atmosphere seemed relaxed.

I was then in a well-lit interior - it was a large house, in a strange, completely monochrome minimalistic style which appeared to be influenced by retro 1970s futuristic designs. There were clean white arches and lots of curved, circular furniture. RL was present - I think it may have been his home. There was some reference to Dalmations or a kind of spotty dog - I'm not sure if I saw the dogs. I looked through one of the arches at the bottom of the room, which led to an open-plan kitchen area. I could see a lot of Christmas decorations hung. I sensed some form of 'threat' or 'menace' and decided to leave. RL smiled at me in a very strange way.

I was in a dark warehouse or factory - on a field trip with a group of other people. We walked past a round object - it looked like a 'chocolate fountain', but much larger. It was dirty and was pouring a neon green slime from a sort of mechanical spout in the centre, down into the trough. The slime was then sucked back up into the spout and this continued. I was told: "this is the lungs of a smoker".

I was then told by someone - I am not sure who and I am not sure of my exact surroundings - that Freud and Ricky Gervais had (together, in partnership) come up with a new famous quote. The quote was: "a successful person is one who fails at everything". I felt peace of mind when I heard this quote and I 'remembered' which book I would find it in if I wanted to read it from source. 

There was a conversation with PP. I do not know what was said, but it occurred while we were seated next to one another in a brightly lit interior. I thought: 'why is he talking to me now?'

I woke up. If I recall any other scenes from this dream (sometimes they come back to me spontaneously!) I will update below.

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