Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Dream 89

I was walking down an urban city street. There were tall grey buildings (grand looking) lining each side of a wide street. I was walking down the street with a group of people - it seemed like we were tourists. It was daylight. Some people had backpacks. Someone asked me if I knew (London-based, underground) rap musician, KK. I said I did. I turned around and saw KK was behind me.

I was then in an unfamiliar room, sitting at a large table. My mum was there and so was RR, a girl I knew at school and who is a friend on Facebook. I stood up and said something to RR. I do not recall what it was, but she became very angry. I sensed a threat of danger. I picked up a glass and threw it at a wall, smashing it. I saw it smash in slow motion, as it hit the bottom of the wall. The threat seemed to have ended, but my hand hurt. I looked at my palm and saw that four shards of glass were embedded there. I took a pair of tweezers and pulled out one of the pieces of glass - it was about three inches long and the pain was horrific. I didn't want to pull out the other three, but my mum said I had to. I did it, with great pain. Long white strands of gunge - perhaps the inner flesh of my hand - began to pour out of the wounds. I poked it all back into place. I wondered if I needed to go to hospital to get stitches, but found my hands had instantly healed. 

I saw a close up of some teeth (my teeth?). They were totally rotten. A finger touched them. 

I was laying in bed, when my mobile rang. It was SL. We had a conversation and when it came time to say 'goodbye' I was hesitant and the call ended awkwardly. I told him not to forget me. 

I was returning from the shops. I had gone out to buy a snack. I had a drink in my hand and a baguette. I started talking to someone - I think it could have been PS. I sat down on the edge of a outside, concrete fountain - which appeared out of nowhere, as I started this dream scene by entering a doorway into an interior space. I looked at the baguette and discovered it was a BLT. I don't usually eat pork, but I decided I might as well as it was all I had available to eat.

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