Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Dream 738

'Makeup Brushes & Oily Skin'
Date: 6 December 2016
Time: 23:00 - 04:00 (I woke up from this dream naturally)
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Normal recall

This dream is part of my Dream Incubation Experiment - where I ask my subconscious mind: WHAT DOES MY HEART DESIRE? You can read the introductory post (and watch the accompanying Youtube video by clicking HERE - opens in new window)

Scene 1: A Shop - Time Unknown
I was in a shop - standing beside the counter. I am not sure what the shop sold, other than makeup and cosmetics, which were in a glass case beside the counter. 

I was with an older female dream character - a middle-aged white woman - who was a makeup artist. She was trying to convince me to buy some of her own-brand makeup brushes, which were on a 3-for-2 deal. She handed me a number of brushes, which she took from the glass cabinet. I thought the brushes were a strange shape - the hairs were cut in a wonky way. I asked the makeup artist about this, and she said that the brushes were designed this way so that they could fit into the grooves of the face. She demonstrated by showing me how one of the brushes fit into the shape of my eyelid, but I was not convinced. I was able to pick 2 of the brushes which I thought I could work with - one of them being a brush designed for contouring the face. However, I was struggling to pick a third brush, which was necessary as part of the deal. This scene continued with me looking at the brushes and being indecisive.

I then discovered I had a lot of other items in my hands - all of them cosmetics. I was holding a black liquid eyeliner, and I decided that I did not need this product, so put it back on a shelf. I wanted to buy some Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Serum (which is an anti-ageing serum which I have used for many years and love - I currently do not have any). I wondered if I could afford to buy the serum, or whether I should wait until I was paid by university at the end of the month, when my budget would be much larger.

I discussed the makeup brushes with the makeup artist again and mentioned to her that I had oily skin. She didn't seem to believe me (despite this being something very obvious to most people just looking at me). I touched my face with my fingers to show her the oil which would transfer - and saw that my hand was dripping wet.

Scene 2: A Car, Sheringham - Day
I was the passenger in a car which was driving through Sheringham - but the town was very different. The road was winding and uphill, and as I looked out of the rearview, I could see that this was a residential area with a huge number of houses which were arranged in a somewhat haphazard manner (i.e. not straight lines), from the seafront, all the way up the hill in the direction that we were driving. It did not seem like Sheringham - or any place I have ever been before - but I noticed that at the bottom of the hill, set between the houses, was a pub which I recognised as one I had visited in a previous dream - Dream 701 - 'Special Cannabis Bar'. It wasn't a feeling that I had 'dreamed' of this pub before - it was a feeling that I had visited it many times before when in Sheringham (which was how I knew that this dream scene was set in Sheringham). This time, the pub was a low one-storey building which was rectangular-shaped and painted with a beautiful fresco/mural on the outside - vines and flowers in green, yellow and pink colours, which made it stand out from all of the other houses surrounding it. The whole area looked like a model 'toy town' - I cannot describe what I mean, other that everything looked so provincial and picturesque and charming. There were a lot of trees and plants in the front gardens of the residential houses. 

I felt an intense sense of familiarity and belonging in this area, and vowed to return as soon as I had completed the car journey. 

As we drove along the road, we went past a family home - a red brick house, which had a very pointed roof, as if it was a church with a steeple. A white bridal veil, with a white ribbon tied in a bow, was on top of the steeple and this was flapping in the wind. I could see that the front of the house was a large window - so you could see directly into the house. Inside the window, the residents - a male and female - were posed like mannequins in a shop window. The residents were older people, dressed as a bride and groom. I was told by the driver of the car - a male dream character, who was my friend in the dream (not sure who he was meant to represent, if anyone), that this husband and wife couple dressed in their wedding outfits and posed this way everyday, as a way of honouring their marriage. I was fascinated by this, and kept staring out of the rearview to see, until we drove too far past. 

I then started wondering if I was in my 'Dream Town' (see below) instead of Sheringham - and maybe I had been confused earlier about my precise location. I wanted to get out of the car to explore and make sure. I wondered how I had assumed I was in Sheringham at all, and supposed that it was because the pub was one which I had thought was in Sheringham, but I was now doubting myself so much that I felt confused and bewildered.

Extra Information: 
I have a Dream Town location, which I often end up in, within my dreams. This Dream Town fascinates me, as I have never been able to ascertain if it is a place which actually exists (highly unlikely) or a composite of many different places I have been/seen before, which have been fused in my subconscious to form an 'ideal' location within my dreams. I did once attempt a Dream Incubation Experiment where I attempted to visit my Dream Town to find out more information about it. Clicking on the link HERE will take you to that experiment, where all the dreams based on my Dream Town, which occurred prior to the experiment are linked. Dream 430 - 'The Grand Continental Hotel, Dream Town' was a successful conclusion to that particular Dream Incubation Experiment. There may be more 'Dream Town' dreams in my Dream Journal, but I cannot find them without performing a rigorous search of my previous posts. I think this would be an interesting exercise/topic for a future post on this Blog.

Recurrent Dream Themes: 
  • Marriage

  • Sheringham looked completely different
  • I dreamed of a dream scene location which had been part of an earlier dream
  • I wondered if I was in my 'Dream Town'

Day Residue: 
  • On the day of this dream I had a conversation about DL about the Pixiwoo sisters (Sam Chapman and Nic Haste), local makeup artists and Youtube stars, who I admire a lot, having followed their careers for the past 5 years. I referred to the makeup brushes (Real Techniques) which they design and the fact that they use foundations suited to their skin type (dry) while my own skin type is incredibly oily
  • I showed DL my 'fake' Beauty Blender-style makeup application sponges, which are shaped like butt-plugs
  • I am receiving my payment for marking undergraduate law assignments at the end of this month

Waking Reactions: 
Again, I had another dream which referenced marriage! I am not sure what to make of this; is it my subconscious trying to answer my Dream Incubation Experiment, or is it simply the result of Day Residue, as I am obviously writing about marriage/relationships and my dreams on an almost daily basis at present. Nevertheless, this dream was incredibly interesting to me, as not only was it heavy with clearly identifiable Day Residue in much of the content, but I was thinking about my 'Dream Town' within this dream (my favourite dream theme) and also a previous dream scene location which I had enjoyed visiting in a previous dream (the 'special cannabis bar').

Here is my Youtube video where I describe my current Dream Incubation Experiment:

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