Sunday, 10 June 2012

Dream 53

Dream date: 8th June 2012

I was in an old-fashioned pub, standing behind the bar, which was all made of dark wood, with strange ethnic curios decorating the surface and walls. The light was very dim. I was mixing a drink, but I kept making mistakes, using the wrong ingredients and measurements. The drink I was trying to make was called a "Dromedary" (i.e. camel). The ingredients were coffee, whisky and a licquer, but I was using the wrong licquers and the drink tasted foul - the worst taste and smell I have ever come across! I kept mixing new versions of the Dromedary drink, but every time the drink got worse and worse. I began to panic - the smell and taste was really awful. I couldn't understand why anyone would want such a terrible drink, but I felt under a duty to make it properly. I woke up suddenly and in real panic, to find that someone was burning bacon  downstairs in real-life and smoke had filled the house, explaining the taste/smell I experienced during the dream.
Picture found in search for 'coffee whisky licquer' - the ingredients of the 'Dromedary' drink
Burning bacon - the smell of the 'Dromedary' drink

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