Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dream 55

I was in the Loose Women studios, standing in front of the desk at which they present the programme. The lights were bright and there were television production crew working around me. My attention was drawn to a door at the far left of the enormous room, behind me. I turned to see two of the presenters, Andrea McLean and Lisa Maxwell entering. They were about to start filming the show in front of a live audience, although the audience were not yet seated in the studios. Andrea and Lisa seemed excited. As they came to the desk, I noticed that they were now in fancy dress - Andrea was dressed as a green and yellow duck (an oversized felt costume, with a huge headpiece which kept flopping down in front of her face) whilst Lisa was wearing a sparkling, gold lame 1920s-style flapper dress. Andrea seemed to be annoyed that Lisa was dressed more glamourously that she was and the two of them laughed and joked with one another whilst I looked on from a standing position. Andrea was seated at the end of the desk (where the 'lead' presenter usually sits - often Andrea does sit in this position in the show) and Lisa was to her right. Both of them appeared to be very youthful looking and I noted that they seemed different from how they looked on TV.

The scene changed and I was then in a lounge. The lights were dim and there was a roaring fire, adjacent to which was positioned a chaise lounge. I do not recall any of the other furniture in the room, or whether other people were present. Jessie Wallace was laying on the chaise lounge. She started being nasty, saying things which were offensive to me, but I cannot recall what words were said. I was looking down at her and I could see her bright, glossy red lipstick as she snarled at me. She was holding a cigarette. I grabbed the cigarette from her in anger and threw it into the fire. As it landed in the fire, I saw that it was a white crocheted Ugg boot. It burned in the fire and Jessie, still lying on the chaise lounge began cursing at me. I was then in a canteen, in sunny day light, surrounded by university students. In front of the long table, at which we were sitting was a huge, wall-sized window, looking out onto a garden filled with beautiful green trees. It looked like Spring/early Summer. I told the students that I had really upset Jessie Wallace by taking off her boot and throwing it in the fire (I do not recall that I did take off her boot - I definitely grabbed a cigarette from her hand which only became a boot when it landed in the fireplace). One of the students, a male, told me not to worry as Jessie deserved it.

I was then in Sheringham (childhood hometown) waiting to take part in a beauty parade. I was wearing a long white flowing dress, but the organiser, a middle-aged male man in a grey suit, told me that I needed to show more flesh. I ripped the skirt from the dress and underneath I was wearing some white Brazilian-cut knickers. I could see strange muscles running down the outside of my butt, hips and thighs - they were well-defined and prominent, about 10 inches long. I admired the muscles in a mirror. I was not aware of what kind of room I was in, only that I was standing in front of a full-length mirror. I was then suddenly seated at a picnic bench and I could hear various voices discussing my appearance. One male voice confirmed that the muscles on the sides of my lower body were exactly what they were looking for and I would definitely win the beauty contest. I felt hands touch my lower body from behind, as I was seated. I woke up.
Andrea McLean & Lisa Maxwell, presenters on ITV show, Loose Women
Jessie Wallace aka Kat Slater/Moon in Eastenders

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