Sunday, 10 June 2012

Dream 52

Dream date: 2nd June 2012

I was in my bedroom in London with PS. He was recounting what our friend DA had done the night before (Friday in the dream). PS was telling me that DA had been out drinking and had a one-night-stand with a girl (Emily Smith - she is not known to either myself or PS and DA in real-life, although a few days prior to this dream, I noticed the name 'Emily Smith' in relation to someone's mutual friend on Facebook) who PS and DA had known from their school days. 

PS had an iphone and he showed me a video which apparently depicted Emily Smith and her female friend the morning after the one-night-stand with DA, which was a Saturday, and the day in which the dream was set. The video was playing on the screen, but I saw it in the third person in 3-D, as if I were in the same room as them, standing a short distance away. The girls were getting ready to go out and were laughing and discussing the night before, what had happened in the nightclub and the one-night-stand with DA. Emily Smith seemed very happy and her friend was asking questions about DA. I saw the room they were in - a lounge room with dark brown furniture and lots of feminine accessories, such as cosmetics and handbags/shoes/clothes lying around on the chairs and floor. Dust was trailing in through a window, illuminated by the morning light (a scene I recall from my real-life childhood - seeing dust or smoke hanging visible in a ray of sunlight, whilst I sat on the floor in PC's living-room). Emily Smith was voluptuous with huge breasts and hips and a dark fake tan. Her hair was long, bleached hair extensions and she was wearing a white cropped top and matching mini-skirt with high stiletto heels. I would describe her as a wanna-be glamour model or typical 'Essex girl' by appearance. She and her friend were laughing and they headed to Camden, where I saw them walking past the lock and the market, arm in arm, laughing and having fun in the sunshine. At no point was I interacting with the girls, as I was definitely watching this as a video on the iphone, as I found myself back in the bedroom, looking at the action on the screen again.

I asked PS about Emily Smith. He said that DA was pleased he had had sex with her last night, but wouldn't be her boyfriend. He said that when she was at school she had been even more beautiful, with long silky blonde hair, like a 'Sindy Doll'. I wondered (i.e. I did not speak these thoughts aloud) why PS would have described her hair as similar to Sindy as opposed to the more-popular Barbie. I then had a close up image of both Sindy and Barbie - Sindy's hair was more ash-blonde (Barbie was more yellow-blonde) and therefore I understood why the comparison had been made with Sindy. PS told me that at school, Emily Smith had been much slimmer with long slender legs. I saw an image of the young Emily Smith - with long tanned limbs and hair just like the Sindy doll. In the image I saw of her in my mind (based on PS's descriptions), she was seated, with her legs bent at the knee and brought up to her chest, and the background was a dusky purple colour, perhaps like the dim, seductive lighting of a nightclub). It was strange, but I immediately knew that the mental image of the younger Emily Smith was from an occasion she had been to Norwich. From this I felt certain that she also knew my ex-boyfriend who lives in Norwich, HL and I had a clear mental impression of Emily Smith in a house in Norwich in December, with her family. coming in from a day Christmas shopping - like I was remembering the event myself having been there or experiencing it as Emily Smith.

I felt angry and jealous. I picked up the iphone from the desk, next to which PS and I were standing. I specifically noticed that, just as in real-life, PS's iphone had a pea-green rubber protective cover. I snapped the i-phone in two pieces with my hands and felt shocked at my strength and power, but PS was laughing. He showed me that he in fact was still holding his i-phone (with the green cover), undamaged. The replica iphone I had destroyed was apparently our friend SB's 'fake' version and was merely a representation of an iphone with no function or digital parts, simply an empty casing. I threw the two pieces of SB's fake iphone down on the floor in anger, and stared at them for a moment. DA came into the room. I asked him about Emily Smith and he was very pleased with what had happened. He then asked PS if he was annoyed about the one-night-stand and I enquired why it would bother PS. DA told me that PS had been in love with Emily Smith when they were at school. I asked PS if it were true and he admitted it was. I was angry, asking him why he had never mentioned this before. He tried to act nonchalant and I grew increasingly frustrated. I jumped on PS, pushing him to the ground and landing on top of him. We were lying by the desk in the bedroom, but now there was a pane of glass panelling between the desk and the bed, indicating that the room was much bigger than it is in real-life. I had my hands around PS’s throat, strangling him. I asked if he had previously ever had sex with Emily Smith. He was laughing and choking, but managed to say 'yes'. I asked him what happened. He said this exact phrase: "She asked me to put a condom on her Pritt Stick" (a brand of glue often used in schools). I didn't know what this meant and we wrestled on the floor, PS still laughing and choking. I don't know what happened to DA whilst this was happening. I woke up.
Iphone with green cover
Barbie doll
Sindy Doll
Pritt Stick glue
Valeria Lukyanova - a 21 year old Ukrainian female, known as the 'Human Barbie' - I read an article about Valeria in the week preceding this dream, which may have inspired the manifest content of 'Emily Smith'

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