Sunday, 1 June 2014

Dream 250

'Crasky's New Flat'
Dream date: 30 May 2014
An old friend, RC, from my home-town, Sheringham had been given a new flat in the old block of flats ('Salty Towers', I think it was actually called 'Sea Cliff' or 'Seacliff') on the cliffs, where he used to live in the 1990s. Seacliff, or 'Salty Towers' used to be local authority flats with a reputation for being quite 'ghetto' but now they are refurbished and rented as luxury holiday apartments. I saw the flat through a doorway which was ajar. The walls and door were grey and institutional-looking. RC's brother (a fictional dream character) was coming to visit. He was older than RC and was quite aggressive as he greeted RC at the doorway. It did not seem as if my presence was acknowledged by anyone, I was a passive observer, but standing at ground level, as if I was part of the action alongside the other characters. I was standing next to RC's dream brother. Through the half-open front door, looking past RC, who was standing partially behind the door he had just opened, I could see an orange blanket (RC has ginger hair) with some kind of Aztec design embroidered on it, draped over a chair. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

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