Monday, 2 June 2014

Dream 252

'The Don't Flop Party'
I was in some form of public transport - everything looked white, but dirty. The people were packed in together in rows. I knew the other people, but I could not identify exactly who they were. I was not sure where we were headed. The general feeling was one of calmness, but I have little recollection of this dream scene.

The scene changed and I was in a quite dark, unfamiliar room, using a PC. My old school friend, SF was present. She asked me if she could record her own dream on my (this) Blog. I said that she could. Her dream involved circuit boards and electronics. She was trying to create an image of a navy blue circuit board with gold wires, using Paint. She kept making mistakes and having to erase her work and start again. I asked her if she wanted me to help, but she said she would do it by herself. Some time passed and I looked through my Blog to see what she had uploaded/posted. I was shocked to see that my normal photographs (in the right hand side bar) had been replaced with some very unflattering pictures of myself. I looked closer and realised that the girl who I thought was me, was actually SF. However, she did not look like SF at all - or me. She had huge glossy red lips and quite a lot of frown lines on her forehead, making her look older than both of us. The only similarities to us were that she had olive skin (like mine, being mixed race) and very dark hair (like myself and SF). I became annoyed that my Blog had been tampered with in this way. I could see that there was a new folder on the Blogger interface, which supposedly contained every photograph I had ever uploaded onto my Blog. I felt like it was a long and boring task to go through the folder, re-select my normal images and post them again, so I decided to do this later.

I wandered through a doorway into another room, again unfamiliar and not fully recollected. I just remember that there was definitely a bed in this room. My mum was in the room, getting ready to go somewhere. I asked her where, and she said: 'the Don't Flop party'. (Don't Flop is a popular rap battle league which was founded by someone I know and features many rap battlers I either know or have met through the UK hip hop scene over the past few years. I always watch the videos of the battles and would love to take part if I had the confidence). My mum was wearing royal blue, and pinning a hat to her head (the type you might wear to a wedding). There was some conversation with my mum, but I cannot remember anything else which was said.

I came downstairs and found myself in my lounge in my house in Norwich. Two other persons were in the room - friends of mine, I just cannot remember exactly who. I think it was a male and a female. I stood by the dining-table and tried to count aloud in French. Below, I have put the correct numbers en Francais (in red text) and the dream speech version (in blue text). Note that in the dream I was aware that I had incorrectly recited the French, but I could not recall the right words, so I just kept repeating the wrong ones, written below:
  1. UN                           UNO                     EINS
  2. DEUX                      DUO                     ZWEI
  3. TROIS                     TRES                    DREI
  4. QUATRE                 QUATRE              VIER
  5. CINQUE                  FUNF                   FUNF
  6. SIX                           SEX                      SECHS
  7. SEPT                       SEIBEN                SIEBEN
  8. HUIT                       ACHT                   ACHT
  9. NEUF                      NICHT                  NEUN
  10. DIX                          ZEN                      ZEHN

Some of the numbers are clearly German - the third column shows German numbers. I do not speak French nor German. I studied German for two years (between the ages of 12 - 13) and French for five years (between the ages of 11 - 16). I have an A grade GCSE in French, but I have not continued learning it since I had to study a foreign language in high school. 

I looked out of the window of my house onto the large grassy field which is outside the back of my house in real-life. Just as would be expected in real-life during the summer, there were many people outside, having fun and enjoying themselves. It was early evening. I decided to go outside for a walk amongst the people. In an unfamiliar area (which does not exist in real-life) there was a wooden bench, facing away from the lake, and towards the main campus of the university (where I live). It was not much darker. 

There was a man loitering nearby the bench on which I was sitting - he seemed to be quite old, but I did not get a clear look at him. N the dog came and sat on my lap, with his backside on my knees and his front paws on the bench (he is too big to actually sit on my lap, this is how he might compromise in real-life!) The man said: 'is it a dangerous dog?' N started barking and baring his teeth at the man. I felt like saying: 'yes, please stay away' but worried that if I did agree N was dangerous, he might get taken away by the authorities. So I said: 'no, he's friendly' (which is true, he is a very friendly dog who loves kisses and cuddles and would never attack anyone ever). I turned to my right - there were two trees. They were so unusual, they really fascinated me and I sat staring at them in wonder. One of them had neon pink blossoms dripping from the branches - so bright they glowed in the dark. The other one (slightly closer to me) had what appeared to be large white neon dentures/sets of teeth hanging from it - growing from the branches.

After a while I started to walk back towards my house, passing the groups of people gathered on the field. I realised that this was the Don't Flop Party. There were tents and stalls set up and the crowds were thickening. I went inside my house and sat on my bed, in the exact position I am sitting now to record this dream report. A male was in the room with me - it may have been DL or PS or someone else, I knew them well, but cannot recall exactly who it was. He told me that the Don't Flop Party required a £70 ticket to get into (despite the fact I had just been outside amongst the party for free). I said: 'that's more than the cost of a ticket to see Eminem perform at Wembley Stadium!' I felt shocked. The male told me that my mum would get us in for free because she was helping to organise the event. We left to go downstairs and attend the Don't Flop party.

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