Thursday, 5 June 2014

Dream 255

I don't remember much about this dream. I was supposed to go to a place called 'Heacham', but I wasn't sure if I had the right name. I wondered if it might actually be 'Heachen' or 'Heaching' and how I might be able to find this out. I was shaking some kind of seasoning from a salt/pepper shaker onto the table. I noticed that the shaker, which was made out of white china, had my ex-boyfriend, HL's first name painted on it. I kept thinking about the words 'Heacham', 'Heachen' and 'Heaching' as I walked to a train station. I stood on the platform (it was not one I am familiar with in real-life) and waited for someone to come past so I could check the correct name for my intended location.

* Note that my ex-boyfriend's name is the same as the other common name for asafoetida, a savoury spice used to flavour foods. 'Heacham' was clearly the correct place name, as it is a seaside town in North Norfolk, my home county. A few days ago I was looking on the internet for recommendations for local seaside towns to visit.

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