Sunday, 1 June 2014

Dream 251

'The Secret Baby'

I was in my nan's living-room with various members of my family present. It seemed to be evening and the lights were on. I was sat in the armchair by the kitchen door. Someone was in the kitchen, preparing food. I saw that there was a huge flat-screen TV or cinema projector screen above the mantlepiece where the mirror would normally be. A Facebook page was open on the screen. I saw it was on the profile of ABW, who I do not know personally, but who knows people I am friends with. DL was sitting on the sofa where my nan would normally sit. He was looking at the Facebook pictures of ABW. I noticed that in some, she was with a young boy. It seemed to be her son. I did not know she had any children (she does not in real-life). Searching back, historically, we soon found pictures of a wedding (ABW in a white wedding dress standing with a man in a suit) and ABW pregnant, but looking much larger than would be physically possible in real-life. She looked as if she was the size of a hot-air balloon. There were some pictures of her giving birth, which I could not bear to look at. There was a lot of blood shown on the photos. I came to the side of the sofa where DL was seated and sat on the floor beside him. I grabbed the remote control which he was using to browse Facebook, and clicked off the birth photographs onto more recent ones, where the son was around 5 years old. I felt AWB had hidden the fact she had a child and kept the birth of the baby a secret (despite the fact that the evidence was clearly on social networking). I said: 'PSX will not want to date her if she's got a child, he hates children'. It seemed to take me a long time to explain this, although it seemed that I was just repeating myself. I could see the shadows of family members moving in the kitchen through the open door. DL said: 'is it because she looks like a burst balloon?'

I was then in a school setting - it seemed to be my high school, because the other dream characters (who I could not properly distinguish) felt familiar. We were all sitting around a table in a classroom. I was aware that there was a 'pupillage' (a form of training contract that student barristers undertake for a year after they are called to the Bar) available at the school and I needed to apply for it. I got confused and wondered if the pupillage was in criminal law (my specialist area) or law relating to children, schools and education. I decided that rather than make enquiries, I would not bother to apply. I looked at the table and saw there was a piece of paper - I could see there was text written on in in large letters, in pencil (unfortunately I did not look at the words properly to see what they looked like). This appeared really big, in close-up even though the paper appeared to be very small when I first noticed it. This was the written job description for the pupillage at the school. I screwed the paper up into a ball and threw it across the table. I was then aware that several girls from my class had applied for the pupillage. The classroom cleared and I was left by myself at the desk. I saw that there was a yellow highlighter pen left on the table. I picked it up and put it in my pocket as I watched other students exit the classroom via the door in front of me. 

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