Sunday, 20 July 2014

Dream 266

Dream date: 18 July 2014
On occasions when I am unable to recall a significant amount of my dream content to record my dream in narrative form (i.e. when I recall the emotions, colours, sensations, characters etc, but none of the context, action or dialogue) I am going to attempt to create original stream-of-consciousness imagery to illustrate the sensation of the dream because that seems like a more flexible medium. The images may be abstract because I am painting an emotion (rather like Abstract Impressionism or Expressionism, depending on whether I am capturing the visual shape, form and colour of a fleeting moment or a more emotive representation of an inner thought or feeling) and doing so unconsciously, without planning, editing or precision. I am not producing these images with the objective of creating aesthetic, comprehensible or pleasing artwork - I am intending to convey something which cannot be expressed through existing imagery found on the internet or words. Where possible I will use text to add anything I can recall from the dream which may shed light on how the image may be interpreted. Although I excelled at Art & Design in high school and have an undergraduate degree in English Literature & History of Art as well as a lifelong interest in art (notably, Contemporary, Conceptual and Postmodern art), I am not a trained artist, just a keen amateur. These paintings may tell a story, but it is for the viewer to 'read' that story through engaging with my stream of consciousness imagery, which hopefully will inspire and enlighten. 

Key material:
Bright lights, lightbulbs
Compartmentalised, pigeonholes, boxes, rooms, flats
Choose a room
White and yellow
Black cross(es)
Content and positive outlook
Jay-Z has a new track/music video about cheating on Beyonce, car scene, suburbia, green bushes, I can't believe they are being so honest with the public...

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