Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Dream 268

'Watching a Robot Diver Travel the Globe'
I do not remember the very start of this dream clearly. I seemed to be in some form of flats/apartment complex which was made up of stacked square rooms, made of blue smoked glass. The scene then changed and I found myself walking in what seemed to be a very dark office complex, with mobile partitions (which could be moved to create new 'internal' walls to separate areas within the main rooms) which were made of the same green or blue carpeting that was also on the floor. The office looked very basic and functional - like a public institution of some kind, such as a school or a job centre. I walked down a very dark corridor which had been created by lining up the mobile partitions, blocking off the main space of the room. I was aware that I was in the 'CPM office' which I perceived to be the new name for the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service). As I walked down the corridor, I was aware of other persons seated behind the partition, in the main part of the room as I could hear voices. I wondered who would be in there.

I turned a corner and came into the main part of the room, which was brightly lit. There was a cluster of sofa seating in the centre of the room, which looked like a waiting-room or common room area, with wooden coffee tables and shelving (positioned against the back of the mobile partitions which had formed the 'corridor' I had just walked down). The room was filled with other persons, sitting or standing around - they all appeared to be unfamiliar to me, both in the dream and real-life.

I saw ED2 - he was reading while waiting for something. I asked him what he was reading and he showed me a book. I then found myself standing on some kind of balcony with ED2. We were looking over the railing of this balcony or mezzanine level at what appeared to be the whole world - like a slightly curving surface. The world looked like an old fashioned map or globe - there was blue sea and all the landmasses were a dusty brown or green colour - as if it had faded. There were objects scattered around the 'world' - such as prominent buildings or landmarks and ships in the sea. Everything looked like a Victorian illustration rather than realistic or tangible objects in three dimensions. I would describe what I was seeing as a 'vintage atlas map' - but on a huge scale. From our position above, on some form of balcony/mezzanine/bridge, the world map spread out below us as far as the eye could see. I noticed that the proportion of water to land was far greater than normal. There seemed to be much more ocean/sea than in real-life. Although everything looked like an illustration when you just looked out across the vista, if you looked down and concentrated on something specific, it looked 'real' and normal, rather than illustrations. I could see the swells of the waves on the ocean.

The world was moving very slowly - so it appeared that we were on a bridge resembling looking down and watching everything pass under us. I then saw a huge (compared to the size of the landmasses) bronze/brass robot, which resembled an old fashioned metal diving suit. It was horizontal - belly downwards - flying around the world. I realised that ED2 and I were 'watching' the storyline of the book that ED2 had been reading. He then something to me which indicated that he had seen Rihanna and assumed that I had also seen her. I leaned over the edge of the balcony/railing/bridge and tried to see Rihanna, but directly below me was sea, not land. I thought I saw a tiny life buoy in the water and assumed that Rihanna was standing on that, but too small for me to see. I pretended that I had seen her too. 

The scene then changed and again and we were in the same room as before. I was standing beside the shelving - which contained objects which may have been books or something else. I think they were books as I intended to find a book of my own so that I could join in with the others who all seemed to be reading. Some of the books were more like small square black boxes. I reached to take some 'books' off the shelf and they all fell on the floor, so I picked them up and returned them to the shelf. I then went over to the sofa where ED2 was now seated with his robot book and sat down beside him. An unfamiliar and vaguely-recalled female (I remember she was ordinary looking with red hair) entered the room. She was either a tutor or a leader of some kind. She was telling those persons gathered in the room that something was about to begin shortly. I was aware that I was out of place and did not belong with this group, but I remained seated with ED2. I recall that my nan entered the dream at some point, but I cannot recall anything more.

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