Friday, 25 July 2014

Dream 269

'Fighting Demons to Cure Wu Tang Clan's Blindness'
My wisdom teeth were causing me a lot of pain, so I had a very long sleep - approximately 16 hours or more - and during this time had a series of dreams, with short periods of wakefulness in between. Although I remember these dreams vividly, I am not sure how they were divided into separate dreams as they all blurred into one long sequence, with no clear beginnings and endings. Therefore, although this may in fact be a number of separate dreams, I have recorded them as one - with each individual scene demarcated as usual - rather than trying to record them as separate entries.

The first scene was actually so 'normal' that I thought it had happened in real-life, rather than being a dream. When I was awake I had to think back carefully and identify reasons why this would not have been a real-life experience, but it seemed so commonplace, that it was only the fact that I had been asleep all day that indicated it must have taken place in a dream. It was morning and like it is in real-life, the weather was hot and sunny. On the university campus, graduation ceremonies are currently taking place (in real-life). In this dream scene, there was some event - which may have been graduations - taking place, because I could see many cars parked outside my house and also signs directing drivers/visitors to parking areas and other parts of campus. I came out of my house and sat on my doorstep to smoke a cigarette, which is what I would normally do in real-life. Directly in front of my house was a large blue van with several men sat in it, laughing and joking. There was an unfamiliar man - who looked like a workman - sitting on the brick wall outside my house, with his back to me. His trousers (blue jeans) were falling down at the back, exposing his butt crack and he was wearing a dirty white vest. He was approximately 40 years of age, white and quite fat. When I sat on my doorstep, he turned around and said 'hello', while also smoking a cigarette. I said 'hello' in response, and he turned back to the men in the blue van, talking to them through the windscreen/open windows. To my right, I could see two younger looking men - one of whom was ginger-haired and very skinny - trying to move road signs which were positioned at the bottom of the flight of concrete steps which are adjacent to my house. They were struggling with them. I watched this, while smoking, then went back inside my house. 

I then found that I was in a room which felt like my bedroom, but was completely different in appearance - the room was long and narrow with seating along one wall and then opened up into a square space at one end. All the furniture appeared to be white. There were a group of males in the room, who were all taking drugs - I think they were injecting heroin. They were crowded into the square space at one end of the room. I did not feel uneasy however, as I am not disgusted by the drug use of others in real-life. I was unfamiliar with these males - who were all young adults and British - but I think they may have been friends of a friend. There was another male in the room with me - standing beside me. It might have been DL or it may have been PS - I knew this male well, but could not distinguish who it was as I could not see them. I was holding an iPad, which in the dream belonged to me. There was a chip/break in the screen and I was annoyed about this. The familiar male (DL/PS/other) was telling me that I could get the screen polished at a repair centre, but it would cost a lot of money. I was not happy about this and I kept touching the chip/break in the screen, ignoring the unfamiliar heroin user males who were trying to join in the conversation. I then licked my finger and realised that I could wipe away the chip/break, restoring the screen to a brand-new perfect condition. I showed DL/PS/other that I had fixed the iPad and felt proud of myself. I then told the heroin user males that they had to leave because I needed to get ready to go out.

The scene changed and I was in another room, but it was unfamiliar in appearance. However, I knew that it was my former primary school. There was a desk around which were seated the members of the Wu Tang Clan. I was aware that every single one of them was an expectant father (i.e. they all had partners who were pregnant and about to give birth), but the Wu Tang had been cursed with blindness. I also realised that the blindness curse had been made by some small, squiggly black entities, who looked like stick-men. As soon as I realised this fact, I found myself with two other (unidentified) persons in a cornfield. Two black squiggly stick-men rushed through the corn towards me and I used my fingers to form a gun shape and shoot them, killing them. I then returned (alone) to the primary school classroom where I re-joined the Wu Tang Clan, who now had their vision restored by my killing of the black stick-men. However, a pointy yellow witch (about the size of a small cat) entered the room - everything about her was pointy and yellow (she reminded me of a lemon). She was about shin-height. I quickly used my 'gun fingers' to shoot her. The Wu Tang Clan then took part in a runway show, where they paraded up and down the classroom, striking poses and 'voguing' although I was not aware of any music accompanying this. I then realised that I was seated at the desk with other 'students' and we were all involved in a lesson - the task was colouring in pictures. I was holding up my colouring book to inspect it, not really paying attention to those around me. 

The scene then changed again and I was walking along the road my nan lives on in Sheringham, towards my great-great aunt's house which is opposite, but further up the road (away from town, towards a place called Sunway Park) on a corner. I got past her house and a few yards away, down a  turning, was a cul-de-sac (which is not there in real-life). Although it was daylight on the main part of the road, along which I was waling, the cul-de-sac was completely dark, like it was night-time there, but only in this small section of town. I could see fairy lights in the trees and it seemed as if there was a party going on. I went into the cul-de-sac and found that there was indeed a party. MS (a boy I went to high-school with) was there - I joined him. I was sitting on a bench with MS seated beside me, watching other (unfamiliar persons) enjoying themselves. The cul-de-sac was an open square, with houses surrounding it - like a garden courtyard. This is nothing like any of the places I have ever seen in Sheringham. I was showing MS the colouring book I had been using in the previous classroom scene.

The scene again transitioned seamlessly, and I was in my former home in Pine Grove, Sheringham. I was standing by the stairs, with my hand on the bannister. My stepdad was in the lounge and my mum was in the doorway of the lounge, so standing between the stairs where I was stood and my stepdad. My mum told me she was going for a walk and asked if anyone wanted her to bring back fish and chips. She was going to visit her brother (my uncle) who has recently had marital problems (in real-life, so the dream reflected my actual knowledge of his family circumstances). I said I did not want anything, but I then thought about it and changed my mind, telling her to bring me back a large portion of chips. My stepdad shouted through from the lounge: 'I want some vodka lemonades!' (my stepdad does not drink vodka lemonades, but this is one of my favourite alcoholic drinks).

I then found myself on a moving bus, during daytime. The bus was coming down Sunway Park, towards my nan's house. I was aware that the cul-de-sac where I had spent time with MS was approaching on my right, so I decided to look at it out of the window, as I would reach this before my stop (the one near my nan's house, further down the road on the left). I saw that it still looked like night-time in this cul-de-sac. I was seated against the window, with a woman (middle-aged, unfamiliar in the dream and real-life) wearing a grey raincoat/mac sitting next to me on the aisle seat. There was another unfamiliar middle-aged woman, wearing a headscarf and carrying an umbrella seated in front of me. I realised that I was approaching my stop and leaned over to press the button which was mounted on a post next to the seat in front of my own. I thought that I hadn't quite pushed the button, as I did not hear it make a noise to alert the driver. However, the woman sitting next to me said: 'you didn't mean to ring the bell then'. I said: 'yes I did' and stood up to pass her and alight from the bus. I made sure I had all my bags (plastic shopping bags) but I was holding three, as the fourth one was stuck under my seat. I pulled it free and the woman next to me moved so that I could get past and dismount from the bus. I then decided that instead of going home to my nan's or my home at Pine Grove, I would go back to the cul-de-sac and see MS - this is where he was living, although in reality his house was some distance away, closer to my former school. In the dream I did wonder why his house was so close to my nan's when it seemed like a longer walk (recalling my real-life experience of walking between the two places). I woke up. 

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