Thursday, 17 July 2014

Dreams 256 - 265

I have not posted anything on my Dream Diary for some time as I have had to interrupt my sleeping routine for the last month or so, sleeping for a few hours in the morning and staying up all night to study, as I am in the process of preparing an academic article for publication. When I have had dreams,my recall has been very poor, as you will see below in the Dream Reports in this post. I did however, manage to experience one lucid dream during this period.

Dream 256
'Beds & Battery Acid'
Dream date: 6 June 2014
I was told that AP (a girl who I went to high school with) was 'desperate for love'. I am not sure how I was told this (in what context) or by whom. I thought: I bet she is with PS now...I was sitting in the dark on some grass when N the dog sat in front of me and began to lick my face. I was so pleased to see him again. 

The scene changed and I was in a brightly lit room. There was a double bed in the room which had 'unmade' bright blue linen/duvet and pillows. There were two other persons in the room with me, but I am not sure who they were. We were looking at the bed through a computer screen (as if there was a webcam pointed capturing it as a 'photo' which we were viewing on the screen rather than looking at the actual bed, which was behind the computer). I realised that this was a modern interpretation of Tracey Emin's controversial My Bed (1998) art installation, although there was nothing other than the bed. I used the 'CTRL' key on the computer keyboard to capture photographic images of the bed from the webcam. I then saw there was a white surface - like a kitchen work surface - which I was leaning on. A big splash of orange-gold liquid was approaching my elbow - like a tidal wave which rises and then crashes back down, moving forwards. It looked fizzy and resembled spilled Lucozade drink. I knew it was battery acid, and scared, I moved my arm away quickly. I noticed that the battery acid was leaking from my mobile phone which was sitting on the surface.

Dream 257
'Flapping White Cotton'
Dream date: 7 June 2014
I was in a car with my mum and some other (unknown) persons. We were in my Dream Town (the town which often appears in my dreams - I do not know if it is a real town I have 'remembered' or whether it is a town created in my dreams, but I always know when I am in that location and sometimes try to 'find' it on a map or discover the name while still in the dream). We were driving towards a sea front location - and a big Tudor-style (black and white timber-framed walls with a thatched roof) hotel which overlooked the beach. It looked like we were going to drive straight into the front of this hotel, which was called 'International'. However at the last moment before impact (at this time I realised that we were in an open-top car) we swerved to the left and drove up a flight of concrete steps, into the city centre. It was now evening and I realised we were at an intersection, one end leading down towards the 'ghetto' end of the city, and the other leading towards the better end, which had Georgian town houses and buildings which looked a lot like those in Chelsea, London. The intersection had some tall lit-up buildings and boutiques/posh shops with lots of lights. I saw some people heading towards a nightclub. There was traffic on the road, and some huge advertising bill boards, but I did not see what they said.

The scene changed and I was in a house, but I am not sure whose it was or whether it is one I know in real-life. I did not see much of the decor, but the lights were on and everything seemed a bit orange. I was with a female. She was very strange looking - although I cannot remember why this was so, because I cannot recall any details about her appearance other than she had bright orange hair. We were standing by a window. The female was holding something made of white cotton in her hands - either a shirt or a sheet. She flapped it at me like a flag.

Dream 258
'Legs Like a 60s Model'
Dream date: 10 June 2014
I was sitting on my unmade bed with DL. My legs were bent at a 45 degree angle. DL said: 'you have the legs of a 60s model'. I then saw myself in third-person - I had managed to position my short, thick legs so they looked long and lithe - the fat was hidden. I was wearing shorts or a mini-skirt so they were bare and appeared tanned. I felt pleased.

Dream 259
'Canteen Babies'
Dream date: 15 June 2014
I was in a canteen/cafeteria - it appeared to be brightly lit and there were some square white tables, with a long service station/hot counter at the back of the room. People were queueing at the counter to be served food - they were carrying plastic trays. I was sitting at one of the tables closest to the counter, watching. I saw that the customers were pupils from my high school, grown up as they are in real-life. I got up and joined the queue in the middle, rather than at the end. There was a young man dressed as a doctor, in a white coat standing beside me. He said he was giving out pills which made women instantly pregnant. This was what the my former classmates - both male and female - were queueing up to receive. The doctor walked off to the left while I stood at the counter.

Dream 260
'Makeup Mix-Up'
Dream date: 22 June 2014
I was given two plastic white plastic bags. I looked inside one of them. There was a collection of makeup and beauty products - various items, all brand new. Some of them appeared to be sample-size, in yellow packaging, with swirly writing. I felt pleased to have got these products for free. I then found myself on a train - the seats were facing each other, lined along the sides, like an underground tube train, although we were overground, as I could see through the windows. It was daylight, but not sunny. I am not sure who was with me, but I do not think that I was alone. I suddenly realised that I only had one of the white plastic bags with me, and the one I had forgotten had contained more luxury, desirable beauty products. I felt anxious and annoyed. I called my mum on my mobile phone. She told me that she had picked up the bag and was keeping it safe for me. I felt relieved. 

Dream 261
'Renting Rooms'
Dream date: 26 June 2014
I was in a positive mood as PS was helping me to rent a series of rooms. The rooms were in the same building and painted white. I do not remember anything else about this dream. 

Dream 262
'Bad Teacher'
Dream date: 30 June 2014
I was teaching a class, but it was in a subject (which I cannot recall) that I had no knowledge or experience in. I was looking at my notes, but could not find which material I needed to explain the subject to the students. My handwriting was really big and looped, in thick, black ink. I realised that I was doing such a poor job of teaching and that I would lose my job anyway, so I gave up and left the class halfway through. I was then standing in The Lobster Pub, in Sheringham. I was wearing a cropped white top. I realised I was six months pregnant. I had a suntan and felt quite calm and happy. I am not sure exactly who was with me, but I was with two males, one of whom I think was DL. They were sitting on stools in the window seat of the front bar, and I was standing by the wall where the jukebox used to be. I could see through the window that it was daytime.

Dream 263
Dream date: 2 July 2014
I was on a small sailing boat with a group of male sailors, all of whom were people I knew, but cannot recall from the dream. The males were dressed as traditional sailors, in white and navy uniforms. They were standing in the middle of the boat. It was sunny and cloudy at the same time and the boat was rocking gently on the waves of the open sea. My memory of this dream is very vague.

Dream 264
'Confusion Over TV Show Plot'
Dream date: 4 July 2014
This was almost a dream-within-a-dream, although it was more a dream about a false dream memory, constructed within the real dream. I was walking on the field outside my house with DL - we were walking home from the lake and it was early evening.We were discussing an American TV show (which I cannot recall, but it was something made by HBO that DL had watched, but I had not). I was telling DL that an (unrecalled) actor or actress had joined the cast of this TV show and that there was a particular storyline involving this actor/actress. I described the storyline - although I cannot remember what I said in the dream. I fully believed that what I was saying was true and had actually happened. DL seemed confused. I said: 'did that just happen in one of my dreams?' He said that I must have dreamed it, because that actor/actress was not part of the TV show and there was no storyline involving them. I felt confused as I could not remember having a dream about this TV show and/or actor/actress. 

Dream 265
'Shooting Animals'
Dream date: 8 July 2014
I was in my room, I think I had a false awakening, as I seemed to have just got up and out of bed. My room looked normal, although it was quite dark and I could not see clearly. I suddenly became lucid, but I am not sure what triggered it. As soon as I realised I was dreaming, I began to levitate several inches from the floor. This felt really wobbly and unstable and I tried to balance, while focusing on my body to maintain lucidity. It felt as if I was standing on top of an invisible (unstable) ball. I managed to get myself back down to the ground, although I moved down slowly and it took a lot of force, as though the ground was repelling me or there was no gravity. I found that if I jumped, I would levitate again, but I soon stopped, as it was so much effort to return to a normal standing position. I saw that there was an animal in the room with me - it was either a badger, an otter or a beaver - I am not sure which. I made my fingers into a gun shape, with the index and middle finger pointed towards the animal. I was not entirely in control of my actions at this point, although my mind was telling me that I should be able to control myself, as I was in a lucid dream situation. I tried to 'fire' the gun my fingers had made, in the direction of the animal, even though I did not feel under threat from it, as it was pretty static and silent. I said: 'bang! bang!' and I saw a cartoon explosion where the animal was. When the explosion dispersed into smoke clouds, I saw the animal was gone, but I did not think that I had killed it. I fought to remain lucid, but felt myself waking up. I either woke up without realising, or went back into a normal dream, which I cannot recall.

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