Wednesday, 24 June 2015


I have a new Blog, called Tallulah La Ghash!
The URL for this Blog is:

The purpose of this new Blog is to record and share the creative processes, preparation & planning of my first novel and other pieces of fiction writing. My lifelong ambition is to be a published writer and I have always written extensively: academic dissertations, poetry, lyrics, freelance articles, fiction - and of course, this Blog.

I wanted a separate Blog so as not to dilute the content of this one and make it confusing. I wanted to keep the theme of this Blog solely on dreaming, lucid dreaming and other aspects of consciousness and perception (and always with a critical scientific focus where possible!)

My first planned novel actually has dreaming - and lucid dreaming - as a major theme and plot device! This is why I think this new Blog may be of interest to my current readers!

It's a brand new Blog, so there is very little content uploaded right now, but come and check it out and bookmark it!

Click on the below image for my new Blog, 'Tallulah La Ghash' to open in a new window:

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