Monday, 22 January 2018

Dream 892

'Murder by Choke-Out'
Date: January 2018
Time: Unknown
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Strong recall 

Scene 1: My Nan's House, Sheringham - Day
At first, I was on the road walking up to my Nan's house. I recall being on the part of the road which often appears in my dreams, which is where the 'woods path' entrance can be seen, and is halfway between my Nan's house and her former workplace, a nursing home for elderly people. I cannot recall the precise reason I was keen to get to my Nan's house, but I think it was because my ex-boyfriend, PS was there and I wanted to see him. 

As I entered my Nan's house, I became aware that there were various people in the house - a couple of drug dealers in one room and my uncle GC and his wife KC in another. I am not sure if PS was there, but he had been there previously. The drug dealers were in my Nan's bedroom, where they were sleeping (renting the room from her) and my uncle and aunt were in a different room (one which does not exist in real life). I do not know where my Nan was. 

There was a knock at the door and I opened it to find 2 young women - both of them were dressed in sparkly tops and mini-skirts and at least 1 of them (she looked Chinese) had bare feet. The other girl had shoulder-length orange-brown hair. They were dream characters, not anyone I know from real life. The girls said they were there to see PS and I perceived their attitude to be rude and dismissive. I said PS was not there. The girls pushed past me and started to run up the stairs. I could not stop them. I could see up their short skirts from the position I was behind them. They were laughing hysterically as they went up the stairs.

They went into my bedroom. I went into my Nan's bedroom and asked the 2 male drug dealers if they would help me remove the girls. They said they were too busy to help. I therefore went into the (dream) bedroom, where I found my uncle and aunt sitting in a double bed. This room appeared to be a replica of my own bedroom, with the bed in a different position. I asked my uncle to help remove the girls from my own bedroom and the house. He came to help.

In my bedroom my uncle grabbed one girl and I grabbed the other (the Chinese dream character). My uncle told me to choke the girl I was holding, and he would do the same to the one he was holding. We put our arms round their necks and began to choke them out. There was little resistance, and the girls' faces went bright red. Both fainted from lack of oxygen, but instead of releasing them, both my uncle and I continued to use squeeze their throats. Both girls suffocated to death. 

My uncle and I then took their bodies and in panic, tried to decide where to dump them. Instead of looking for a suitable spot in the woods which are opposite my Nan's house, we just left them in the grass beside the trees, visible from the roadside (see image). In the dream there was also a chain-link fence at this spot. We saw that there were a number of local residents and children nearby watching us. We went into my Nans' house and looked out of my bedroom window, which has a view of the woods and the area where we left the bodies, about 100 yards from my Nan's house. There was a police car pulling up outside the house. My uncle said: 'They won't know it's us' but at that point, I saw there were CCTV cameras right outside the house, filming both the house and the road where we left the bodies. I panicked even more, knowing we would be arrested for murder and told my uncle we needed to get fake passports and go somewhere in Europe where English was spoken as a second-language. In my mind, I was thinking 'Amsterdam' because that is a place I find appealing. I felt extreme fear at the idea of going to prison for life. This dream was experienced as a nightmare.

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