Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Dream 961

'Blind Eye'
Date: 6 March 2019
Time: 01:30 - 06:00 hours
Type of dream: Normal dream
Dream recall: Normal recall 

Scene 1: An Unknown Domestic Interior - Time Unknown
I cannot recall much about the start of this dream, but all of the action appeared to take place in a domestic interior (i.e. a house), which was familiar to me in the dream, but unknown to me in real-life. The first part of this dream that I recall took place in a bedroom, in which there was a double bed with white sheets on it. I was in this bed with a white, blonde male dream character (unknown to me in real-life, in his 20s). There was nothing overtly sexual in this dream scene - I was not having sex with this male character, but it was clear to me that we were in some kind of intimate relationship. I cannot recall much about our interaction, but some time later, another male dream character (also white and blonde and in his 20s and therefore not particularly distinguishable from the first male) entered the room, and appeared very surprised to see me in the bed with Male 1. Male 2 had a backpack on. I became aware at this stage that I was also in a relationship with Male 2, and Male 1 was aware of this, but Male 2 was not. It felt more like a polygamous relationship rather than infidelity, as both male characters ended up in the bed with me, but again, nothing sexual appeared to happen. I was then aware that a party was happening downstairs in the house - perhaps Male 2 told me. I did not go downstairs to check. I started feeling really guilty, because I only wanted to be in a relationship with Male 2, not Male 1. I wanted to get rid of Male 1. Male 2 seemed annoyed at me and I wanted to make things right between us, knowing I'd made a mistake by being with Male 1. This scene was very vague and confusing. Male 2 moved to the side of the bed which was against a wall with a window. He did something at the windowsill, which I did not see or recall. His back was to me at this time. I cannot recall anything else about this part of the dream other than a strong feeling that Male 2 did not love me enough and I was upset and felt like I'd betrayed him.

I was then in a different part of the house, which looked like a bedsit, because there was a kitchen area to one side, and opposite, a sofa and coffee table. Behind the sofa/coffee table there was a partial wall, cutting the room into 2 separate spaces. The lighting in this part of the house was very dim. 

My Mum entered this space. She had been to the party in the house, or had been out elsewhere, partying. My Mum looked fairly similar to how she does in real-life, but perhaps slightly younger and also dressed in a very youthful way, as I remember thinking that she was wearing odd clothing, although I cannot recall what she was specifically wearing. My Mum's behaviour was odd - offhand and aloof. I thought that she might be annoyed with me, but had no idea why. I also wondered why my Mum was going out partying without me knowing. 

My Mum was then standing beside a counter in the kitchen part of the room, doing something. I looked over and saw she was lighting a cigarette (my Mum gave up smoking over 15 years ago and has not smoked once since then). I was about to tell her to stop, and remind her of the fact she'd given up smoking, when I realised that it was not a cigarette she was smoking, but a large cannabis joint. I was confused that my Mum was smoking cannabis, but I was less annoyed by this than the idea she was smoking cigarettes again. 

My Mum sat down on the sofa, still smoking, and I stood in front of her. There was some conversation which I cannot recall. I then saw my Mum's right eye was milky white - blind. There was no iris or pupil. This scared me and I wondered what had happened to my Mum's eye and whether it was due to her new lifestyle (partying/smoking cannabis). However, it seemed as if my Mum's eye had rolled back, as the iris/pupil rolled down back into it's normal position and looked fine again. However, thereafter her eye would switch between the milky blind version and the normal version throughout the dream. Once I realised my Mum could still see through the eye and she still had an iris/pupil, I was less scared. 

My Mum was then telling me something about my cousin CAJ. In the dream, I was aware CAJ was her teenage self (not an adult, in her late 20s). My Mum was describing CAJ's relationship with a boyfriend. I was listening and responding to the conversation from behind the partial wall, where I was kneeling on the floor, looking through a bag. I assume the bag belonged to CAJ. Inside the bag was a red leather purse (i.e. a money purse, rather than an 'American purse' which is a handbag). This purse was one which I own and use in real-life - but much, much bigger (about triple the size). I looked through the purse to see if there was any money in it. There was not. My Mum then informed me from behind the wall that I had given my old purse to CAJ after I had gotten a new one myself. I wondered why I'd have given CAJ my old purse and regretted it, wanting it back myself.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Extra Information: None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • Windowsill 
  • My Mum as a dream character
  • Cannabis
  • A purse (belonging to someone else)
  • Younger versions of people known to me


  • The house we lived in was unfamiliar
  • I was in bed/a relationship with 2 male dream characters
  • My Mum was smoking cannabis
  • My Mum's eye
  • My cousin was a younger version of herself 

Day Residue: 
  • On the day of this dream I had a telephone conversation with AJR's mum (i.e. my boyfriend's mum) who said my current sleep/appetite problems might be resolved by smoking some cannabis. I do not know if AJR told his mum I smoke cannabis; my own family have known I smoke cannabis since I was a young teenager
  • On the day of this dream I saw a very disturbing image of a diseased or injured eye on a Facebook group dedicated to 'cursed images'

Waking Reactions: 
I was very disappointed that neither of the male dream characters in this dream was AJR, my actual boyfriend. I was also very angry/upset that my Mum was smoking cannabis in this dream for some reason. I really disliked this dream; it had a very negative feeling from the start and continuing throughout.

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