Monday, 4 March 2019

Dreams 950 - 960

Dream 950
'Cauliflowers & Custard Creams'
Date: December 2018
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Day
I was with AJR. There was something to do with babydolls, but I cannot recall. AJR was holding some packets of custard creams. I had two cauliflowers and wanted to hand them to AJR, but I thought he already had his hands full with the biscuits. 

* AJR has told me he eats custard creams (he calls them 'custody creams'), but I am not sure if I knew he ate them before this dream. Cauliflower is one of my favourite foods. 

Dream 951
'Bottled Water'
Date: January 2019
Scene 1: A Supermarket Aisle - Time Unknown
I was in a typical supermarket aisle with AJR. AJR was holding a number of 2 litre bottles of still water. I approached him with two 2 litre bottles of sparkling water, which I wanted him to carry, but his arms were already full. I asked him how we were supposed to buy the sparkling water. The idea I could carry the water did not occur to me in the dream.

* This dream is quite similar to Dream 950, above. This dream led to a discussion between AJR and I, during which we discovered we both hate the idea of buying bottled water. However, I love sparkling water, so I am forced to buy it. I do not drink still water often, but if I do, it's from a tap.

Dream 952
'Grand Hotels & Lowestoft Docks'
Date: January 2019
Scene 1: A Hotel Lobby - Day
I was in a hotel lobby, which I knew was in a location I refer to as my 'Dream Town' (click on link for explanation), a dream location which has appeared over a number of dreams throughout the years. The lobby or entrance area was mainly decorated in a royal blue colour and was very ornate and decorative, with gilt/gold fixtures and a lot of velvet and leather. There was a desk in the centre of the lobby and this was being operated by a blonde woman who was wearing a blue outfit which reminded me of a flight attendant. There was a male dream character present also; I think he was another employee. I cannot recall any other persons present. I cannot recall any conversation with either of the dream characters. 

Scene 2: A Domestic Interior - Day
I was then in a domestic interior, although I am not sure where this was. My Mum was present. She was telling me to pack a suitcase for some journey we were going on. I was completely unprepared and wasn't even aware we were supposed to be travelling anywhere. I do not recall even packing the suitcase. There was some dispute as to which taxi I would be getting in - alone or with other members of my family.

Scene 3: A Dock - Day
We were then suddenly at the destination, which was a dock of some sort, walking up a ramp onto a boat of some sort. I remember it was sunny. To get to the dock we had to walk through some kind of building, which appeared to have arcade machines in it, but also looked like the inside of a shopping mall. It's difficult to explain, but I woke up remembering another dream where I saw a similar location (I have looked through this Blog using keywords to find the dream I am remembering, but I am so far unsuccessful!) Beside the dock was a coffeeshop. I then realised we were in Lowestoft, Suffolk (although the dream scene did not resemble Lowestoft - which does in fact have a dock).

I cannot recall anything else about this dream, and these dream scenes were pretty vague on details. 

Dream 953
'Everything Breaks'
Date: January 2019
Scene 1: Toilets of an Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
I was in an unknown interior, which felt like it might be the toilets of a nightclub or bar. My Mum was present with me. I looked in a mirror which was above the sinks. I looked different in the mirror - I was still female with the same skin tone and dark hair, but my face just looked different, although not enough to say exactly how. I noticed I had a large bald patch on the side of my head. I then saw myself in third-person perspective, bending down to show my Mum. She did not seem concerned.

Scene 2: An Unknown Exterior - Day
I was standing beside a very low brick wall, which later appeared to be a picnic bench. My mobile phone was on the wall/bench. I thought: 'If my phone falls off that [wall/bench] it's too low to break'. My phone then fell off the wall/bench and the screen cracked. I was annoyed and wondered how I could get it fixed as it was unusable.

Scene 3: An Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
I was then looking at my laptop, which was completely broken. It was if it was contained within a plastic structure, which was bending, twisting and snapping, making the screen fall off. I cannot explain what this looked like. I was annoyed by this too, wondering how I could get this fixed. 

Dream 954
'No Contact Possible'
Date: February 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
I wanted to contact AJR on a mobile phone, but it was impossible. I could not contact him. At one point I think I saw a chain of text communications (yellow background) on my mobile phone and assumed it was a conversation between me and him, but realised it was a conversation between him and someone else. I felt upset and frustrated and knew there was no way I could get in touch with him.

* This dream happened during a time AJR decided to break up with me. During the break up there had been some reference to text messages between him and another person. During our break up, I was unable to contact him as prison phones can only call out (i.e. I cannot call the prison, AJR has to call me and he was choosing not to). At this point he did not have access to a mobile phone either, so I was unable to text him and decided not to write/email him. 

Dream 955
'Strawberries & Dead Butterflies'
Date: February 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
I had a big wooden crate of strawberries. They were massive - about the size of peaches and were really delicious and juicy. I could taste them in the dream, and they were the best strawberries I have ever eaten. I was enjoying eating them, until I saw there was a big dead butterfly in the crate. It looked like a Red Admiral butterfly, but much more ornate, and reminded me a bit of a peacock due to the patterns on its wings. This put me off the strawberries and I could not eat them anymore. 

Dream 956
'Bitch Texts'
Date: February 2019
Scene 1: My Nan's House, Sheringham - Time Unknown
AJR and I were in my bedroom in my Nan's house in Sheringham. I do not recall much about this dream, other than there was something to do with contact on a mobile phone, and AJR showed me the screen which indicated text messages either to or from LPB (a woman known to AJR who believes she will be in a relationship with him one day, and is currently unaware of our relationship). I felt annoyed she was still in contact with AJR, but did not blame him for this situation in the dream.

Dream 957
'Demon Attack'
Date: February 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown Exterior - Day
I do not recall much about this dream. I was in an exterior and I could see it was day. I was standing behind a wall, which was about the height of my hips. Walking along the other side of this wall was a demonic looking goat/deer creature. It was pure white and had no other colouring. It gave the impression of being 'blank' or 'ghostly', although it was solid. It was about the size of a horse and had massive horns which curled backwards. I was scared of this creature, but it did not appear to pay any attention to me.

Scene 2: My Bedroom, Norwich - Time Unknown
I was then in my bedroom, which looked pretty similar to how it appears in real-life, but there was a small desk and two office chairs set up in the space between my actual desk/drawers and wardrobe. I was sat here with a young white male dream character, who I perceived to be between the ages of 18 - 20 years of age and reminded me of EW, a boy I have recently met in real-life as he is 'dating' AK, a friend of mine from university. My Mum and another (unrecalled) dream character were sitting on the end of my bed, watching me talk to the male, who I will  refer to as EW. I was questioning EW and the meeting felt like I was interviewing him as a client (from the perspective of a lawyer). My Mum was trying to tell me that the questioning was pointless, and I indicated that the meeting with EW was confidential and she should not be listening in the first place. I cannot recall what I was asking EW, but remember there was some discussion about his welfare and how I could help him. In the end I decided the conversation was indeed pointless and I ended it. 

There was then some change, but I think I remained in my bedroom, as I was laying down on a bed. I think AJR was present, or at least I spoke to him at some point. I cannot quite recall. As I was laying down on the bed (perhaps with AJR), the creature from before appeared, but this time it was humanoid. It was the same colour, but had the body of a 7 foot male being, naked (no genitals seen). The humanoid now had a single horn (very similar to the horns seen when it was animalistic), which curved back from the top of it's head. It bore down on me, appearing to bend in the middle. I was terrified. I woke up. With hindsight, this creature is most reminiscent of Baphomet, although I did not make this connection within the dream.

Dream 958
'Stolen Cannabis'
Date: February 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Day
I was with TC, a male who I know from Sheringham, who is about 3 years younger than me. In the dream I was my normal age, but TC was his teenage self. 

I thought TC was trying to steal cannabis from me, and I was annoyed and wanted to prevent this. Some action happened, which I cannot quite recall, but it transpired that although TC had possession of my purse, where my cannabis was stored, he gave it back/I retrieved it and my cannabis was safe inside.

I then realised that we were in a house which belonged to an older white female dream character. I do not know who she was, but she was in her 50s and appeared to be quite prim and proper. Her hair was in a bun and she was wearing an apron. In the dream I knew this woman, and was aware that she had an adopted daughter, who was not present. I think the adopted daughter was a teenager or an adult, but I am not sure. On the windowsill was a pile of cannabis, which belonged to the adopted daughter. While I was talking to the mother, TC went to the windowsill and began to scoop up the cannabis, intending to steal it. I thought that this was morally wrong, especially as we were guests in the house and the adoptive daughter was not present. I said to the woman: 'You need to stop him stealing your daughter's weed'. The woman did not appear concerned, so I kept on urging her to stop TC. She did not. I went to the window and made TC return the cannabis.

Scene 2: A Residential Street - Night
I was the with SVF, my best friend from high school, who I have not seen for many years. We were on a residential street, which reminded me very slightly of the street I used to live on when I was an undergraduate student at the University of York. There was a house party going on, and I became aware as we walked through the crowded house that I lived there. The house was a typical red brick terrace, but it had 5 floors. SVF and I pushed our way through the crowds, climbing various flights of stairs. My room was near the top of the house, although I cannot recall which floor exactly. I wondered if any of the party guests had accessed my bedroom and trashed it or stolen anything, but I was relieved to see that my bedroom door was safely locked. SVF and I walked through the party some more, and then decided to go and buy some food.

Right next to my house where the party was being held there was a house which had a serving hatch at the front. This was a takeaway, serving kebabs and other food you would find in a kebab shop. I told SVF to order vegetarian food only, because the meat was not safe to eat. However, she ordered a donner kebab. I ordered chips, cheese and chilli sauce (which would be my standard order in real-life). As we were waiting for the food to be served, I could see there were a number of party guests loitering on the street, some of them smoking. They were a short distance away from where we were beside the serving hatch. I could see they were dressed up for a party or nightclub and the majority of these dream characters were young females. 

Next to me was a flower planter and laying there was a woman's purse, made of blue leather. I picked up the purse and looked inside. There was a little bit of money - bank notes, but not much. I left these. There was also a small cellophane wrap, which I found contained cannabis. I decided I would take the cannabis. However, as I unwrapped it, I noticed it was a small quantity and very poor quality - mainly dust and stems. I tipped it out on the pavement in disgust. I was then made aware that the purse belonged to one of the female party guests who was standing out on the pavement. I felt guilty for throwing away her cannabis, but as I handed her the purse I made sure to tell her I had not stolen any of her money. She seemed content with this.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Dream 959
'English Seaside Town Expansion Pack'
Date: February 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown English Seaside Town - Day
I was in a seaside town which looked very old and rundown. - derelict and impoverished. Everything was very grey and the weather matched - it was overcast and drizzly. All the buildings looked weatherbeaten and delipidated, but I felt happy to be there. 

I walked into a building, which I discovered to be a large secondhand bookshop. There were 2 dream characters inside - both owners of the shop - one male and the other female, white and quite old. I started talking to the female dream character, asking her where I was (because I liked the place). She told me that the town was a new Sims 3 expansion pack - I am not sure if this meant we were actually living inside the expansion pack (everything looked realistic as in real-life, not computer graphics; and all humans I saw were real people) or that this was a town upon which a new expansion pack had been based. I asked her which expansion pack I needed to buy in order to get this town for my game and she told me (I cannot recall the name of the expansion pack). The new 'map' or 'world' was called 'English Seaside Town'. I walked over to the window of the shop and knelt on a red velvet window-seat which was under the window itself. I could see the sea, which looked very grey. I asked the woman if this expansion pack came with any other new 'maps' or 'worlds' and she said that there was one, but it was very small and not worth playing. I decided I would go and buy the expansion pack. I left the secondhand bookshop.

It was now night and I was wandering around the town. I came to a road which appeared to be a residential street. On the corner was another shop, which had neon lights inside and appeared to be open. I was surprised, as it was late. My first thought was that this shop was a posh art gallery (I am not sure why I had this thought), but as I approached the glass door, I saw it was actually another secondhand shop, with various items (including vinyl records and clothing) hung up in the windows. There was a young male dream character inside. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Dream 960
'I Nearly Had Sex with AJR'
Date: 3 March 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
AJR was out of prison and we were together for the first time (note: he has been in prison for nearly 15 years, so we have only dated while he is in prison). We were in an interior which I do not recall from real-life, but the bedroom was for our use, so it may have been a house or a hotel, I am not sure. I was aware we were going to have sex for the first time and I was very excited. I cannot recall much about what happened in the dream, other than I was about to have sex with AJR. I told him I wanted to go to the bathroom to freshen up. The bathroom resembled that of my Nan's house in Sheringham. I was disgusted to see that the entire bathroom, and in particular the toilet and bath, were covered in a green and brown gelatinous substance, which looked like a slimy form of playdoh or soft, wet clay. I was worried that AJR would see this and think it was dirty, so I began to quickly clean the bathroom, using a flannel I found. 

After I finished cleaning up the weird substance in the bathroom, I returned to the bedroom and AJR and I began to undress. At this moment, in real-life (06:25 hours), my landline rang, waking me up. It was a work call (I was on duty that night). I was extremely frustrated as I cannot wait to have a sex dream involving AJR, and furthermore, the phone ringing confused me, as AJR is really the only person who calls me on that phone (from the prison) and therefore I would never expect it to ring at this time (and I have a separate work mobile phone which could have been used instead). 

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