Thursday, 2 January 2020

Dream 1052

'Racing Driver Idiot'
Date: 28 December 2019
Sleep times: Night (unknown)
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: Unknown
Time: Unknown
I do not recall what kind of location this dream scene took place in, I have no memory whatsoever. All I can recall is that a former friend, EB was driving around and around in an old-fashioned blue and white open top racing car and I wondered how he got a job as a 'driver' when he used to be such a terrible, reckless driver and also an unreliable, chaotic type of person. EB looked like he did when I last saw him, approximately 6 years ago. I cannot recall what he was wearing. I cannot recall anything else.
  • I had been discussing EB with my parents and told them I had heard he was now a lorry driver. I also told them how he once accrued over 7 parking tickets at once and couldn't pay them. My Stepdad is a lorry driver - he is very punctual and organised, the opposite of EB.

Racing car

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