Sunday, 5 January 2020

Dream 1054

'Bottled Ghosts & Helen Gozzle aka Jenny 'I'm Out!' Campbell'
Date: 2 January 2020
Sleep times: 17:00 - 18:50 hours (evening nap)
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: Unknown
Time: Unknown
I was with one of my best friends, DL and I was telling him about a business enterprise I had. I was planning to 'bottle' ghosts and sell them via a distribution agency or courier firm to members of the public, to make a large profit. I am not sure if this was a scam or a genuine business proposal in the dream, but DL was agreeing with me that it was a great idea, and my perception of him would likely reflect my real life awareness he wouldn't endorse a con/fraud - so it felt like this was an honest enterprise within the dream. 
  • I would like to imagine this is a reference to 'Force Ghosts' because it involves 'forcing ghosts into bottles', but this is a bit tenuous. I had been reading about Force Ghosts on Wookieepedia a few days before this dream and also seen that one (unrecalled) of my favourite Star Wars channels had a 'voices of the Force Ghosts' video removed (copyright striked) - possibly by Disney?
  • I had been watching Dragons' Den clips on Youtube - this is a TV show where entrepreneurs present their ventures/products/ideas to a panel of high-profile investors in the hope of securing an investment deal.
  • I had been with DL earlier that day.

DL convinced me that the best thing I should do to start my ghost bottling business was to get an investor because it was going to be a very expensive business. It was decided that the best entrepreneur/investor was a woman named 'Helen Gozzle', who was in fact Jenny Campbell, one of the Dragons' Den investors, with specialisation in ATMs. 
  • 'Helen' refers to the fact that I was showing DL photographs of my aunt's wedding and he commented that one of her friends looked like a famous person. I said it was an actress who had a small role in Absolutely Fabulous, but my attention was distracted before I could use Google to find who it was I was thinking of - later I randomly remembered I'd been thinking of Helen Lederer
  • I had a brand new ATM card and I needed to get money out in a hurry - and was worried in case I needed to do something to activate the new card or reset the pin etc.
  • I had been reading Youtube comments sections under the Dragons' Den clips, many of which are jokes about the fact Jenny Campbell never ever invests in any business and always says 'I'm out' for everything, even if she likes the business/product etc.

Scene 2
Location: Business premises in a city
Time: Day
I made an appointment with Helen Gozzle somehow (not sure if I phoned? emailed? unrecalled/unknown). I was then in a typical kind of city (London?) without the impression of having travelled there in the dream, and went into a normal, corporate style office block, which was the business premises of Helen Gozzle. This was all very stereotypical, nothing out of the ordinary. I went into an elevator and ascended to the floor where Helen Gozzle's office was. There was a gold plaque outside the office, which had her name on it. I entered the office of Helen Gozzle, without knocking first. It was a typical office - with a desk and other stereotypical office furnishings and items. It was empty. Helen Gozzle was 'out'. I felt disappointed and stood up by her, and thought this meant that I would not be able to get investment to get my bottled ghost business too work.
  • I had been travelling in elevators/lifts many times in the past few days while I was on a family trip to Hull.
  • I had seen a building in Hull and asked my Mum if it was a barrister's chambers - then commented that I am used to seeing gold plaques displaying the name of counsel.
  • I felt neglected by Helen Gozzle - this might reflect real life events where my boyfriend AJ is not speaking to me following a conversation we had a few days ago which upset him.

 Ghost in a bottle
 Jenny Campbell, Dragons' Den
Helen Lederer

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