Sunday, 5 January 2020

Dream 1057

'Armed Robbery on General Hux'
Date: 4 January 2020
Sleep times: 04:00 - 11:00 hours
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: A 'supermarket hotel' 
Time: Unknown
I was with my family and other unrecalle dream characters in a hotel, which looked like the aisle of a supermarket. The 'hotel rooms' were just red sleeping bags lined up in the aisle. I was very excited to be staying in this hotel as it was 'luxury' and there was a party atmosphere there. Everyone was mingling and enjoying themselves. I became aware that there was an older white male (unknown to me in real life), who was a 'new family member' who had been introduced to the family during the hotel stay. He was using a PC computer which was on a desk at one end of the hotel/supermarket aisle. I spoke to my uncle, GC and told him I had concerns that the new male family member (not sure how he was related to me/the rest of my family) was searching for child p*rnograhy on the computer, so it was decided that we would creep up behind him and look over his shoulder at what he was doing on the internet. When we looked at the computer screen over his shoulder, he was searching for images of 'sunshine' - everything in this area looked bright and yellow, as if the images of 'sunshine' were radiating from the screen. I was content that the new family member was not doing anything illegal or immoral on the computer. The new family member turned round - he was fat and had dark hair and red cheeks with a lot of stubble. His hair was thinning. He was dressed in navy. He informed GC and I that the owner of the hotel was an alcoholic and was only serving Chef Boyardee food in the hotel (despite it being a supermarket with aisles containing every type of food you would normally expect in a supermarket). This made me very unhappy, and I wandered away, wanting to make a complaint about the poor service I was expecting.

I then met the owner of the hotel - his face loomed over me in a mocking way - it was General Hux (Domnhall Gleeson) from the Star Wars sequel trilogy. His ginger hair was much more orange than usual. He was swaying towards me and I thought that he looked like a psychopath. I felt a sense of threat from him, so I decided to gather a group of my family members together so that we could perform an armed robbery (with the use of a gun, which was not seen in the dream) on him. My plan was to assassinate him for being a bad hotelier.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
  • I have recently stayed in a hotel with my family for a family wedding party. During this stay I met various members of my family I had not seen for a long time, and also met the in-laws of my aunt, who was getting married. During this trip, my uncle GC and I discussed crime.

 Typical supermarket aisle
 Image of sun shining out of computer screen
 General Hux from the Star Wars sequel trilogy
Chef Boyardee logo


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