Monday, 6 April 2020

Dream 1068 ('The Dogtooth Incident')

'The Dogtooth Incident'
Date: 26 March 2020
Sleep times: Unknown
Dream type: Normal/Dream Fragment

Scene 1
Location: A Promenade
Time: Day
I was standing on a typical British promenade (seafront), looking over the sea wall at the ocean. It was a sunny day. I was with AJR. I cannot recall what was said other than he turned to me and said words to the effect of: 'I wish you'd shut up about Dogtooth'.
  • This dreams relates to the movie Dogtooth (2009) which is Greek. The reference to me 'shutting up' about Dogtooth is a direct reference to the fact that I was planning to make a Youtube video (see below) about what I call 'Dogtooth Incident' which goes as follows. A few weeks or even months ago, AJR were talking on the phone and having a normal conversation about our taste in movies, TV, music, books, art etc. To summarise, I was telling him that anything he likes I am unlikely to like, as his taste is mainstream and basic. I was being pretentious and saying I like world and art house cinema and abstract art and meta stuff etc. AJR said he does not like subtitled movies as he is dyslexic and cannot be bothered to try to read. I then said that I wished he would expand his tastes more and at that moment, a thought popped into my brain at random: I wish AJR could watch Dogtooth. I am not even sure why I would think that, as there many other movies I would have chosen before that. At the same moment, AJR said: 'I saw a movie called Dogtooth once'. I find this really weird as I cannot imagine that movie being shown and AJR turning on and watching enough of it to get interested in the plot - especially since it would be a post-watershed film (so shown after 21:00 hours), and he gets an early night. Take into account it is unlikely to be a movie screened regularly on UK terrestrial TV, so the chances of him actually tuning it at the right time randomly was also slim. It felt like he was reading my mind.

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