Sunday, 26 April 2020

Dream 1075

'Trisha Bones'
Date: 3 April 2020
Sleep times: Night (Unknown)
Dream type: Normal Dream
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Mermaid Dream (Day 7) - Unsuccessful 

Scene 1
Location: My Home, Norwich
Time: Unknown
This was a really bizarre dream, influenced by the current Corona Virus global pandemic.

In the dream, everyone was receiving notices (through the mail?) as to a national test. I was aware that unlike me, everyone had already known about the government national exams (aimed at getting back into the workforce?) and had been preparing/studying/revising - so I was behind and at a disadvantage. There was also a government scheme whereby people could be employed as 'Tylenol Suppliers'. This meant that they would be 'drug dealers', but government-mandated. These Tylenol Suppliers were going to positioned on street corners for easy-access to members of the public. Their work uniforms were metal suits of armour.

I then realise that I must be at home in my flat in Norwich (I was not aware of my location in the first part of the dream at all). I received a telephone call on my landline from my boyfriend AJ, who was in prison (as in real life). He is calling to me that the person who has been assigned the role of 'Tylenol Supplier' within the prison was a woman who we both seemed to know. Her name was 'Trisha Bones'. I do not recall anything else about this dream.
  • Corona Virus (Covid-19) - especially the rumours circulating on social media as to mandatory vaccinations before public socialisation is permitted
  • Academic stress is relevant to me right now - and all students due to the fact formal teaching, exams and graduation have all been affected
  • I could not recall where I heard the word 'Tylenol' but later remembered it was in lyrics I had been singing alone to earlier that day - Kendrick Lamar, 'Fuck Your Ethnicity' from Section.80 (2011) - 'It's treason and I'm Tylenol, I knock out when you knock it off'
  • Pharmaceuticals/drugs may be a reference to vaccines
  • Metal suits - like protective armour may be a reference to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which has been discussed extensively in relation to the Corona Virus
  • AJ has been calling me much more than usual over the past few days
  • I had a recent dream about skeletons - Dream 1072 - 'Pearling the Skeleton' (1 April 2020)
  • 'Trisha Bones' is a real person - back in 1999, when I was 17 years old and at college, my friend SVF and I would use the school computer room to chat to random people in chatrooms and on MSN messenger. We were proto-trolls very often, but we also used chatrooms/MSN to meet boys. I was talking to a boy (I think his first name may have been 'Luke', but I cannot recall) who had the username 'Flame Grilled Blue Hair'. He was into skateboarding and lived in Essex, somewhere near a military installation perhaps? I cannot recall which town). I started talking to him frequently and on one occasion, sent some photographs of myself to him home address. The relevant thing here is that FGBH had either information linked to his MSN or a Geocities website, and a couple of photographs uploaded. I was able to see what he looked like and find out some information about him. He had referred (somewhere, not sure) to a female best friend named 'Trisha Bones'. I never met FGBH in person; I am not sure if we ever discussed his friend Trisha Bones. I believe I only ever read a single reference to her name online, 2 decades ago

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