Sunday, 26 April 2020

Dream 1071

'The Rachwell Game'
Date: 30 March 2020
Sleep times: 19:00 - 21:00 hours (Evening Nap)
Dream type: Normal/Vivid Dream
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Mermaid Dream (Day 3) - Unsuccessful 

Scene 1
Location: An Unknown Interior
Time: Unknown
This is a very difficult dream for me to describe this dream as a lot of it took place as abstract thoughts, rather than observable actions within the dream. In this dream there was an exciting new (console?) video game being released, which was called 'Rachwell'. This game involved being given a randomly-generated avatar with a set of complex personality traits and characteristics (much like playing The Sims, but more detailed and realistic). The objective of the game was to make your character into a global superstar celebrity - which was made easier or more challenging based on which randomly generated physical, intellectual, emotional and social characteristics your character was assigned. Everything was highly customised and each gameplay was unique. You controlled every aspect of the character in terms of opportunities and decisions - you could get cosmetic surgery for example. 

I was being told about this game and being introduced to my avatar/character. It was as if I was both playing the game and there, in the same reality of the game at the same time. There was no separation between my 3-dimensional reality and the game itself. It was a normal interior (not known to me in real life, nor in the dream). There was some 'booth-style' seating (like you might see in a bar or restaurant) with a table. It was pretty dark in the room. I was sitting down and there were 2 female dream characters (an older woman, standing to one side, although I cannot recall seeing her appearance). Seated at the table was a young Chinese woman, in her early 20s, wearing a green vest top and white shorts. I was aware that she was 3 months pregnant, although this was not obvious from her appearance. She appeared to be a normal, sentient, conscious human being, but I knew that she was my avatar/character. She was sitting in silence. I was annoyed that my character was pregnant, as I felt this made my game more challenging, having to factor pregnancy and single motherhood into a quest for global superstardom. There was no option to swap your character or choose another. I was resigned to the fact that I had to play this character and do my best. Most of my understanding of the game seemed to be conveyed from the (unseen) older female dream character who was standing off to one side. I cannot recall what was said and do not think I engaged directly with her.

I stood up and moved to another part of the room - to go and look at a wall in what appeared to be an alcove, with a large noticeboard. Like the rest of the room, this area was dimly lit. The noticeboard was covered in rows of white post-it notes or squares of paper, which were arranged in groupings (seemingly straight lines, showing connections between each, which I learned represented the thread of conversations). Each post-it note had a small image of the person who had written the message attached. The older female dream character told me that 'this is the new way of doing social media' and I instantly became aware that the noticeboard was a form of 'Facebook' and specifically, a fan group/page dedicated to the 'Rachwell' game. Each post-it note was a comment or status update posted on this Facebook/social media page. The method of reading them was tracking the connections between the post-it notes. I noticed one which was written by an acquaintance, PBB. It said: 'JCCL has parole after 9 years'. I was annoyed JCCL got parole when AJ had not.

I was then woken up by AJ calling me on my landline.
  • On the day of this dream I had been discussing video games with my friend/neighbour DH, as her housemate AWJ has a Playstation
  • I had been playing Sims 3 on PC for a prolonged period on the day of this dream - I had installed some booth seating into a community lot in my game
  • PBB had commented on my Facebook just before this dream and AJ and I had been discussing her ex-boyfriend (who is in prison with AJ) a couple of days prior. PBB and JCCL had a toxic relationship with infidelity on both sides. I originally met PBB on prison visits and thereafter AJ came to know JCCL. I would describe PBB as a 'fair weather friend'. JCCL is serving a determinate sentence (I am not sure how long in total, he was recalled for breach of his licence). His sentence was certainly not 9 years and he has not had a parole hearing, although AJ is of course dealing with parole matters
* Randomly - out of the blue, on the day following this dream, I received a Facebook message from PBB. She asked me if AJ had seen or spoken to JCCL, who she was still broken up from, following her recent infidelity. I indicated we had seen JCCL on a visit a short time ago, but the current lockdown in prison meant no movement or socialisation between prisoners on different wings. PBB said she had tried to contact PBB by letter, but got no response. She had a dream the day before (so the day I had this dream) about JCCL and it made her want to contact him. She had her own ongoing legal matters and needed JCCL's support. I told her I would see if AJ could pass a message on (he ultimately did, but JCCL just laughed and said he was not interested in rekindling the relationship, not sure if PBB is yet aware, as I did not want to get involved and she only contacts me if she wants something).

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