Sunday, 27 May 2012

Lucid Dream Report 3

I went to sleep having drunk alcohol, but remembered to practice my normal mnemonic induction meditation techniques. In the dream I was in my grandmother, PC's, home in Sheringham. My cousin, HM, was there with us. At first, we were upstairs, in bedroom where HM and her mum (my aunt, my mum's youngest sister, VF) used to sleep when they also lived at the address. This is the bedroom next to my room in that house and it looks onto the back garden. There were desks set up in the room and we were sitting at them, working. My mum walked into the room and informed me of an important horse race which would be taking place (HM's youngest sister, SF is a horse-rider in real-life). My mum said only two male jockeys were competing in the race on two horse (a two-man race, therefore) and asked me to use my legal qualifications to advise both of them before the race. I told my mum I could only really advise in criminal law, that being my area of expertise, and in any event, it would be a conflict of interest to represent both jockeys who were in a race, competing against one another. I then returned to the paperwork HM and I were working on. I realised it was maths homework and HM and I were to undertake an exam in this subject. This triggered lucidity, which came quickly. I was able to use my lucid mind to realise that I must be in a dream as I am terrible at maths and would not be sitting an exam in this subject. As soon as I became lucid, I had a strange, 'rushing' sensation which made me feel as if I were about to wake up. I tried to fight the urge to wake, telling myself that I had been trying to attain full lucidity for some time and mustn't waste the opportunities, which are few and far between. I managed to stabilise myself somewhat, but thoughts kept coming into mind - I kept thinking that I wasn't 'real' and my sleeping body was 'somewhere else' and therefore separate from the 'me' in the dream. The sensation of fully knowing I was physically sleeping whilst my mind, was active was unsettling to me on this occasion. I tried to control the dream so that I could concentrate on making it a positive experience. I thought about a small explosion, a safe distance away. Instead on a normal explosion, I caused a small burst of gold glittery star-dust to explode at around head height, in front of my eyes. It was very pretty, but I thought that it was a pathetic attempt at causing an explosion - or controlling my lucid dream. I told HM that I might not bother with the maths exam. I said that I wasn't actually taking maths as a subject and the exam was thus meaningless. She seemed keen to continue with her revision. 

We were then downstairs in the lounge of PC's home. PC was in the kitchen, preparing beans on toast for HM and I. I thought it was dusk, because the light outside was dim, but HM said it was early morning. I saw two large French bread baguettes on the table. HM picked them up to inspect them more closely. I told her I was asleep and dreaming and this was my dream, but both she and PC told me that I was being silly and I should start getting ready for my exam. I became bored with this situation and decided I should try and force something more interesting to happen. I felt myself waking up. It felt like I was being lifted out of a dark tunnel or hole, with the sensation of being horizontal - I think I could feel my own sleeping body lying in the bed. The darkness was getting lighter and I fought hard to stay asleep, telling myself not to wake up. I couldn't fight the sensation of waking and within seconds I was fully awake.

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