Thursday, 8 June 2017

Dream 832

'Scoliosis & Free Money'
Date: 6 June 2017
Time: 20:30 - 05:00 (I woke up from this dream naturally)
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Strong recall 

Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
I was with my ex-boyfriend PS and N the Dog, in an unknown interior, the details of which are unrecalled. PS and I had a conversation - also unrecalled. I was sitting down. N the Dog put his head in my lap and I stroked him - his fur felt very soft and comforting.

Scene 2: A Train Station Platform - Time Unknown
I was at a train station - on a platform, which was largely grey concrete. I am not sure of the precise time, but it felt like night or at least evening, as it was quite dark. I was standing looking at a wall on the platform, with a passageway and a flight of concrete steps to my right. I saw a holographic image of 2 dream characters' faces. It was a young, married couple - both white with brown hair and piercing blue eyes. They were both of 'average' attractiveness, but nothing special. I perceived these in the dream as 'neighbours'. Someone with me - a dream character I cannot recall, but who was known to me in the dream - was standing behind me, telling me that I should try and seduce the husband. I then realised that the holograms represented the 'neighbours' (opposite neighbours) looking at me from 'a window across the road' and got the impression that we lived in Pine Grove, Sheringham, the street I lived in as a child and young person. The couple living opposite me then reminded me of a couple I knew from real life when I lived on that street - The BGs. I touched my finger to the face of the husband as if his image was on a touchscreen, and this was 'an act of seduction' although I got no immediate response from him. 

Scene 3: My Nan's House, Sheringham - Night
I was then in my Nan's house in Sheringham - in the living-room, although it did look different to how it does in real life, There was more floor space and the furniture was arranged differently. I knew it was night because the curtains were drawn. I was sat on the floor, in a position which faces the window/TV, where the sofa would be in real life. In the dream, the sofa was positioned a short distance away, in front (facing away) from the window. 

There was a male dream character on the floor next to me, laying on his front. He was young and white (with tanned skin) and completely naked. In the dream I had 'just met him' but knew who he was. He was an 'alternative' to the neighbour/husband - i.e. I had picked this man over the husband. The dream character arched his back and a target sign (red) appeared on his centre of his lower back. He said - or I knew - that he had scoliosis, although you could not tell this just by looking. The male arching his back was a sign that he wanted me to give him a back massage, so I began to do so, using only one hand. I then noticed that DL was sitting in front of me (but just slightly to the left) on the sofa. He indicated that he knew the male dream character 'from the internet' and that they had recently just met each other in person at a football match. DL was talking about the male in front of him as if he did not exist - they did not acknowledge each other, despite me assuming they were on friendly terms by how DL described knowing him. I was annoyed that DL already knew this man who I had just met and felt awkward that he was there while this man was naked and getting a massage from me. 

Scene 4: Train Station Platform - Night
I was then back on the train station platform. It reminded me a lot of Ipswich Train Station, although it was pretty generic. It was night, as although I was standing on a covered platform, I could see the sky just over the adjacent train tracks and it was quite dark. The platform was empty but for me and perhaps some other dream characters in the distance. I needed to get a travel ticket and there was a special machine on the platform, which looked like a cross between a cash register and a small vending machine, mounted on/against a concrete pillar in the middle of the platform. I was carrying a coat in my hands. I put some coins into the machine, but it dropped straight through, coming out again in the change deposit, which was a small, hollow square hole inside the machine, which I could see and reach into when kneeling down slightly. I saw that it wasn't just my own money which had been returned to me, but also extra coins, so I had made a profit. I put my money in again, and the same thing happened. I did this a number of times, each time collecting another small amount of extra money. After some time, I saw that a travel card was dispensed in the same change box - it was a blue plastic credit card/Oyster card shaped card which looked exactly like my own bank debit card. Then, a drawer sprung open - this was like the drawer from a cash register and it was filled with bank notes, specifically a compartment of £10 and £20 notes. I wondered if I could possibly help myself to the cash without being caught, as there was no-one watching me. I was considering this for a while. and to make sure I did not attract any attention or look suspicious, I kept entering my coins into the coin slot and letting them drop through in the change deposit. I'd then kneel down and collect my change (and sometimes a travel card if one was dispensed as well as my payment/extra coins). I thought that doing this would suggest I was having trouble using a broken machine and justify why I was spending so long using it. When kneeling down, I managed to put my hand into the cash drawer and remove a couple of notes. I was aware that there was hundreds of pounds right there in front of me and I was frustrated, thinking it would be so easy to rob it, but not wanting to get caught. I then saw that there was a CCTV camera mounted at eye level right above the machine. I knew it would have captured my image. However, right at the last minute, I threw my coat over the open cash drawer, so it could not be seen, put my hand underneath and took a bunch of the money out. I then closed the cash drawer and wondered if the machine operator would be able to tell the money had been stolen by me.

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • Ex-boyfriends
  • My Nan's house as a dream scene location

  • I was with PS
  • I saw holographic faces, which represented 'neighbours looking out of their window'
  • The events in Scene 3 & 4 - unlikely to happen in real life

Day Residue: 
  • My friend CEC messaged me to say that she was standing on a train station platform laughing to herself at something I had posted on my Facebook (several days before)
  • I had been discussing disability, deformity and congenital disorders (including skeletal deformation) (1 day before)
  • I had mentioned that I hate massages/massaging people in a Facebook conversation (1 day before)
  • The travel card looked like my debit card and I had also been using my new Citizen card as ID to prove I was entitled to work in the UK (as I had been unable to get paid for work completed due to HR being troublesome about me using my outdated passport as proof of this (1 day before)
  • I had a discussion with ML about theft by finding - specifically finding cash. We also discussed white collar crime and how it is easy for Finance Departments to see when a member of staff has been stealing money from a business - in relation to a story about someone who had done this within the workplace over a period of time (2 days before)
  • When I was in my university shop, the cashier let the cash drawer of the cash register open and then walked off, leaving it open, which I thought was risky
Waking Reactions: 
I really enjoyed Scene 4 of this dream in particular, as it was quite exciting to be faced with the option of stealing a lot of money and getting away with it. This dream had a lot of 'thoughts' - i.e. things I 'knew' within the dream without them being specifically communicated to me. 

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