Saturday, 24 June 2017

Dream 840

'Unicorn Hair & Crocodiles'
Date: 18 June 2017
Time: 22:30 - 07:15 (I woke up from this dream naturally)
Type of dream: Normal dream
Dream recall: Normal recall 

Scene 1: Location Unknown - Time Unknown
I was trying to dye my hair - ombre, meaning that I was bleaching the ends of it, so that it gradually went from black at the roots to blonde at the tips. I applied the dye myself and then tried to comb it in the the midsections a little, so that the colour faded rather than having a stark contrast. I discovered that the hair dye I was using had somehow got onto the roots of my hair, in big random patches, so there were big areas of blonde throughout the rest of my hair, which was still black. I saw myself in third-person perspective. I was dismayed by the state of my hair. I realised that my Mum was present and I started moaning to her about the way my hair looked. I then saw myself in third-person perspective again, and noticed that the blonde hair dye was actually bright pink. I thought this looked better than the blonde, but wondered how the colour of the hair dye could have changed by itself. A third look revealed my hair to now be completely multi-coloured in pastel colours along with the bright pink. The streaks of colour were all bleeding into one another and I then saw - in third-person perspective - how this dye had looked when being applied to me hair. Even though I had originally dyed my own hair (when applying the blonde dye which turned out to be bright pink), I saw another person (I only saw their hands) had dyed my hair. This had been done beside a basin and instead of carefully separating each section of hair and applying the coloured dye in a way so that they remained distinct, I was annoyed to see that the person dyeing my hair had wet it using water from the basin and then haphazardly applied each colour, leaving each section touching the rest, causing the colour to bleed and become a big mess. This annoyed me, because I knew they could have taken more care. My Mum was telling me that my hair looked great. I started to believe her.

Scene 2: A Nightclub - Night
My Mum and I then went to a busy nightclub (unsure where this was). We were on the dancefloor, holding drinks (red coloured alcoholic drinks in plastic glasses with straws) and other clubbed were pushing and shoving as the dance-floor was so crowded. I was not having a good time, but my Mum was. Her friend, CC was present, although I cannot recall how she was involved in this dream.

Scene 3: The Path towards the Lake, Campus - Day
I was then walking down the gravel path which leads round to the lake on my university campus. I take this walk in real life several times a week. It was daytime and I am not sure if I was alone or with DL (who often accompanies me on this walk). I saw a crocodile on the path. I was not at all scared, and I thought to myself 'a crocodile is a very common dream theme'. However, this was not a lucid dream, as I was not consciously aware I was dreaming. In fact I can state that I felt awake and experiencing 'real life' - I was thinking about dreaming as something different from the state I was experiencing at this point. It was as though I was simply remembering that crocodiles are a common dream theme because the sight of the crocodile made me recall writing an article about the symbol of the crocodile in a dream. I just stood and stared at the crocodile, which was blending into the gravel slightly as it was a similar colour, which made me think that it was more brown than green. It did not do anything - it was static. I then realised that I was staring at a Lacoste logo (a crocodile) on the front of a male dream character's polo T-shirt (I think the shirt was blue). I did not know the male, he was just standing in front of me, slightly closer than where I thought I had seen the crocodile.

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • None of note


  • The way the hair dye worked - transferring by itself and then changing colour and having been applied by myself and then thereafter, by another person
  • I saw myself in third-person perspective
  • I saw a crocodile on my university campus - and then became aware it was simply a Lacoste logo on a dream character's shirt

Day Residue: 
  • I have seen a lot of examples of the 'unicorn hair' trend posted online, but I also saw a male student (from my university) who had dyed his hair pink and turquoise to match his clothing and crocs (mismatched - one pink, on turquoise) and then mentioned this to SC and ML, specifically using the term 'unicorn hair' (recent)
  • I bought some hair dye (black) as I am planning on dyeing the roots of my hair soon (1 day)
  • The reference to the male student wearing 'crocs' may have led to the appearance of the crocodile in my dream - see my post 'Interpreting popular dream themes (4) - Crocodiles & Alligators' which was referenced in this dream (recent)
  • I think (I am not sure) that I may have mentioned how crocodiles are a common dream theme in a conversation with DL while we were walking on the gravel path on campus, sometime ago - I have a vague recollection, or at least deja-vu in respect of being in this location and thinking about crocodiles as a common dream theme (time unknown)

Waking Reactions: 
I found this dream to be really weird.Scene 1 & 2 were pretty annoying, as I was unhappy with my hair and was not enjoying myself in the nightclub. However Scene 3 was really bizarre, as not only did I recall writing the article about dreaming of crocodiles (without actually being aware that I was dreaming) but to see the image become something else, was a classic Dreamsign, which unfortunately did not trigger me to become lucid or at least, perform a reality check.

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