Sunday, 10 December 2017

Dream 883

'Gender Bending'
Date: December 2017
Time: Unknown
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Strong recall 

Scene 1: Location Unknown - Day
I was with KU and my Mum. KU was as he would appear in real life. Nothing was unusual. 

My Mum and I left KU. Some time passed and I think I decided to meet up with KU again. I seemed to be walking across some panels which may have been on a roof top. They looked like flat, white solar panels. When I saw KU again, on the roof/solar panel area - he was female. Other than the fact the woman was black and had a similar body shape (average height/build) there was no similarity between her and KU. This was not a transgender version of KU or KU dressed as a female - the dream character was a different woman who in the dream was KU. She was very pretty and had amazing makeup on - including bright red lipstick. I kept complimenting her on her makeup application, but was so confused that this was KU, who I knew to be male. My Mum was acting as if I was strange for not understanding how KU was now a female. She did not think this was odd and accepted it. She was telling me that I should just cope with it. I did not want KU to be female as I liked him as a male (he is someone I am interested in as a point of note - if he was just a platonic friend, I would have no issue with him changing gender!) The female KU was really nice and I liked her, but still felt uneasy.

I was then on a train/bus at night with my Mum - sitting right at the back. The female KU came onto the train. I thought she seemed like she had been drinking alcohol. She was holding a brochure and told me that she was applying for the same job that I do at my university. She wanted advice on how to do well in the interview. The brochure she was holding contained the written job description. I told KU to read the job description and use this to answer questions in the interview. I asked KU what her understanding of the job was. It was clear from her answer that KU did not fully understand the complexity of some of the work. However, I said that her understanding was fine. KU walked away and I felt like I should have corrected her misunderstanding and told her more about the job so that she could be sure to get through the interview.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

* Normally, I include an analysis under each dream, which includes a discussion of potential/actual Day Residue. As I took a prolonged hiatus from my dreamwork/blogging, I have not been able to do this for the last few dreams I have written up (which occurred during the break). I will be reverting back to my fuller dream reports after today. However, it is worth noting that I had this dream a couple of days after I was talking to my friend LD2 (who is a colleague in my job). During this discussion we talked about KU (who I have only known for a few weeks); transgender persons (we watched an amazing video about a transition; and me being heterosexual and wanting a partner who identifies as male (so a transman would be fine). We also discussed applicants for our job and the fact that some candidates do not seem to understand the job role and are therefore unsuitable or unprepared. Shortly prior to this conversation with LD2, I had been discussing transgender issues with KU. I referred to this earlier conversation when subsequently talking to LD2. It appears, therefore, that this dream was heavily influenced by the conversation I had been having with LD2. 

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