Friday, 22 December 2017

Dream 887

'Dead Girlfriend'
Date: 17 December 2017
Time: 22:30 - 04:30
Type of dream: Normal dream
Dream recall: Normal recall 

Scene 1: My University - Day
I was at my university, although I am not sure what specific location I was in at first - I think I was inside a building. I saw BT, a colleague and a friend. I think he came to my house or to the building I was in the dream. He was acting aloof and somewhat unfriendly towards me and I found his behaviour to be odd and out of character. I then found out that BT and I had dated and things had not gone well. I 'found out' because I started talking to another male dream character (who I cannot recall in the dream, only that he was my friend and had been with me in the building I was in when BT arrived). He had 'reminded me' of this. I questioned how this was possible, as BT is gay. 

I was then walking round the lake on campus with SOTD, who is someone I vaguely know, but had no reason to think about. The weather made it feel like it was summer, as it was warm and the sun was shining brightly. SOTD was wearing a T-shirt or short-sleeved patterned shirt and shorts. We stopped halfway around the lake and SOTD got a photograph out of his pocket. It showed a blonde girl female. who for some reason was connected to BT, although I am not sure how. In the centre of the photograph, where the female's face should be, there was a hole. Instead of it being a normal hole, it looked like a 'donut shape' which I am not sure would be possible in real life. It totally obscured her face. SOTD was really upset, crying. He told me that this was a photograph of his girlfriend and that she had died. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • None of note


  • I had dated BT and he was heterosexual
  • BT's character was different from usual
  • I was with SOTD at my university campus
  • The photograph of the dead girlfriend had a donut-shaped hole in it

Day Residue: 
  • On the day of this dream BT had come to my house (while I was there with KU) so that he could drop a work phone off at my house
  • I had mentioned a previous relationship to KU - because we were ordering Chinese food from my ex's takeaway
  • On the day of this dream KU had mentioned that it was very cold outside and I had told him it was 'just like Spring' and he should value the reasonable weather as the previous days had been icy and freezing

Waking Reactions: 
I did not have any particular waking reactions to this dream as it was not extremely bizarre, nor interesting. 

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