Friday, 16 February 2018

Dream 912

'Attending a Trial'
Date: 10 February 2018
Time: 04:45 - 10:30
Type of dream: Normal dream
Dream recall: Normal recall 

This dream was part of my current Dream Incubation Experiment - Anakin Skywalker Dream. Please click HERE for my post on the Dream Incubation Experiment, the Methodology I am using (with instructions for those who also want to attempt to incubate their own dream) and links to my previous Dream Incubation Experiments and previous Star Wars-themed dreams. On that post you will also find an Index for all recorded dreams which take place during this experiment.

Scene 1: My Parents' Flat, Sheringham - Day
I was in my parents' flat/apartment in Sheringham. The lounge seemed somewhat different - larger, but in the dream I knew this was where we were. Various members of my family were present, including my Mum and my Nan. Whereas my Mum is usually the assertive, organising person at a family/social event and my Nan would defer to her on everything, in this dream, my Nan was the assertive person. 

I saw an image of some patterned fabric - I think it was floral. It seemed that I was looking at this image on a computer/mobile phone. It represented the art of a female dream character, who was not actually present in the dream. My family and I discussed the art for a short while. It then became apparent that my family were organising a trip or visit to somewhere. I was not aware of what we were supposed to be doing. I was told by my Nan that we would be going to court to attend the criminal trial of the female artist's younger brother, who was charged with some kind of offence involving a bicycle. We knew this male vaguely and my Nan said we would be going to support him. He did not appear in the dream either. I wondered if this court visit would 'annoy' my family who would find it boring, despite the fact they were the people telling me we would be attending. 

I cannot recall anything else about the dream.

Extra Information: 
No Vitamin B6 taken (forgot)

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • My family as dream characters


  • My family were attending the trial of a random young male, which appeared to relate to a real life criminal case which appeared in the media (see below)

Day Residue: 
  • Recently I had been discussing the case of Charlie Alliston with DL. Alliston was a young man who was charged with a very rare offence of 'wanton or furious driving' involving a modified professional racing bike which had no front brake. Allison accidentally collided with a pedestrian, causing her death. The case received massive media attention because it highlighted a gap in the law (offences involving cycle use causing injury/death). The male dream character was clearly based on Alliston, who was convicted and sentenced to custody in a Young Offender Institution
  • On the day of this dream I had mentioned how much I enjoyed attending Crown Court when I was working in criminal defence

Waking Reactions: 
This was a really weird dream, but clearly influenced by Day Residue.  

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