Wednesday, 22 April 2015

14 Day Dream Incubation Experiment - The 'Dream Town' Dream

I have previously undertaken Dream Incubation Experiments and recorded them on this Blog. I have also written a couple of articles on how to perform Dream Incubation (click HERE and HERE for the Dream Incubation Technique articles). You may also find my article on Dream Visualisation helpful - access this information by clicking HERE.

One of my previous dream incubation experiments (the '7 Day Dream Incubation Experiment - Marilyn Monroe Dream') was successful (and resulted in two lucid dreams involving Marilyn Monroe), whereas the 'Dream Incubation Experiment - Freudian Therapy Session Dream', was wholly unsuccessful. Since the successful Marilyn Monroe experiment, I have been able to bring Marilyn Monroe into my lucid dreams much more easily and have found that she generally appears as a recurrent dream symbol in my normal non-lucid dreams.

I had previously untaken even earlier dream incubation experiments. The first one was focused on my legal career (which was also an unsuccessful experiment) - which can be accessed by clicking HERE. The second one was focused on improving my social life (and was a little more successful) - which can be accessed by clicking HERE.

You can find the Index Page, which contains all links to the related articles on the '7 Day Dream Incubation Experiment - Marilyn Monroe Dream' by clicking HERE. You can access the 'Dream Incubation Experiment - Freudian Therapy Session Dream' by clicking HERE.

This new experiment will commence on Wednesday 22 April 2015 (today) and end on Wednesday 6 May 2015. I have selected 14 days as the period of the experiment because on my last successful Dream Incubation Experiment, I was able to achieve my incubated dream on Day 13. I therefore think 14 days is a suitable timeframe for the new experiment based on this fact. 

My dream aims are simple:
  • Experience a lucid dream (preferable)
  • Meet a dream character (real or fictional, the choice of my subconscious mind)
  • Visit my 'Dream Town' with this dream character (and explore)
  • Ask my dream character: 'What do I want in my life?' and 'What does this dream mean?'
Here is my dream incubation intention set out in writing:

I will do the following to incubate my chosen dream theme:
  • Perform the MILD Technique for lucid dreaming on a daily basis. If this dream is a lucid dream, it will therefore be a DILD (Dream-Initiated/Induced Lucid Dream).
  • Where possible I will perform the Wake-Back-to-Bed method.
  • Incorporate my chosen dream theme in both my daily reality checks (10 - 15 per day) by thinking clearly and positively about my incubated dream theme after each reality check.
  • Meditate on my incubated dream theme for at least 10 minutes before sleep and perform specific affirmations alongside the normal MILD Technique ones ('I will lucid dream about [incubated dream theme] tonight, and I will remember it').
  • Use Dream Visualisation methods to picture my 'Dream Town' based on scenes I have experienced in previous dreams set in this location.

If I alter or add to any of the basic methods referred to above, I will record the changes.

I have chosen my 'Dream Town' because this is a place I have seen in so many of my previous lucid/non-lucid dreams and I have a sense of dream deja-vu, although I have no idea why the town seems to familiar and desireable to me as I cannot assimilate my dream experience with any real-life memories of actual places I have visited. I am always excited when I find myself in my Dream Town and I wish to incubate a dream where I am able to explore it further. 

Here is a list of my previous dreams in which my Dream Town was a location (there may be more recorded, but these are all I could find using a basic search of my Blog):

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