Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Dream 1022

'New Radioactive Housemate'
Date: 30 July 2019 
Scene 1: A Domestic Interior
I was in a domestic interior, which I do not recognise from real life, but in the dream was my home - and specifically semed to represent my own house in Norwich (as I was expecting a new housemate who would also be a work colleague at my university). I was in the kitchen/lounge, which was large and open-plan and seemed to remind me of an alpine cottage (this was just my impression, although I cannot describe what I mean here). There was a counter, which was 3-sides of a square shape. Instead of the appliances being on the 'internal' part of the 3-sided square, they were beneath the counter on the external side. I was standing at the counter. I recall there being something bright red in the room, and the windows (to my left) reminding me (somehow) of the view outside of the Music Block in my former high school. 

I had an ominous feeling - I knew I was having a new housemate move in with me shortly (this is true in my real life). I did not want this to happen. The dream had a mixed positive (I liked my house) and negative (anticipating a new housemate moving in) feeling. There was also a bad feeling about something else. Something or someone (I cannot recall who or what it was - the message was communicated to me, and I was in fear, considering it to be coming from an evil or demonic source) told me that I had to have the oven on - and then turn it off. When it was turned off, it was in this state that some kind of phenomenon was going to occur, but the sense was that this phenomenon was going to be dangerous. I went to look at the oven - it had a screen which made it look like a TV showing what I would describe as 'black sound waves'. This showed me that the oven was on. I did not want to turn it off and witness the phenomenon (which would require me to do something to the oven, while it was turned off) because I knew it would lead to a terrible event (this was all quite bizarre and abstract and difficult to describe in words). I knew this oven phenomenon somehow related to the new housemate.

I had not left the room - I had been kneeling down by the external edge of the counter, just beneath the window, looking at the oven - which was under the counter, more like a washing machine, as there could be no stove top. As I was underneath the window while kneeling down by the oven, it felt much lighter in this area of the room. 

I stood up and looking at the counter I noticed that there were keys, a purse and about a quarter ounce of cannabis on the counter. The cannabis looked like a block of cheese with a hard rind - or like blue cheese (Stilton). I thought it looked weird in the dream, and wondered if I should take some of the cannabis, as I knew it did not belong to me. I then realised these items belonged to my new housemate, who had already moved in without me realising, I thought this was early, and I was not happy.

I went to the front door and opened it. I saw that outside was a very pleasant looking environment - there was a path running through some grass and I could see a number of small one-storey houses (which also had an alpine or forest-looking quality). There were a number of trees and I could see some other dream characters in standing around - I guess the area reminded me of a ski resort, without the snow or skiing. It was dusk and the sky was a violet colour. Walking down the path towards my house was a female dream character. She was white and short and chubby. Her hair was auburn-brown and she had very pink shiny cheeks. She was wearing an orange-red flowing smock top/dress and holding a small handbag in front of her, with both hands. I realised this was 'Bella' my new housemate. She had a big smile on her face and seemed pleased to be moving in with me. I would describe her as looking 'vibrant'.

We both went into the house and I was trying to anxiously tell Bella about the weird oven phenomenon, which I was linking to something evil/demonic and dangerous. Bella was not concerned and told me that she 'usually worked with radioactivity', which scared me even more, because I was worried that she would bring nuclear waste into our home, and we would get radiation sickness. I really did not want her to live with me. Bella said she was moving her things into the house - she began to do so. All of Bella's possessions were CDs - just lots of CDs. 

There was some kind of dispute between Bella and I over my landline telephone. I was trying to tell Bella that we could share the phone, but it had to remain in the kitchen and I was the one who had most use of it because it was my main means of communication with AJR (who was in prison in the dream). I cannot recall exactly what was said in this conversation, but it ended with me screaming at Bella: 'HE'S IN FUCKING PRISON!' to get her to understand. I was being aggressive and confrontational, but it felt necessary. Bella seemed to be a nice and passive person. I did not feel guilty to be so confrontational. 

Bella and I walked outside. The scene reminded me of an area outside the former Teen and 20 (youth centre) which was around when I was a child/teenager in Sheringham (I have found an image of the Teen and 20 online, see below). I am not sure what part of the exterior it was i.e. but I think it was just outside the side entrance. I feel that this part of the dream distinctly recalls a real life memory of walking out of the Teen and 20 after a gathering of a number of us who were skateboarders and meeting to organise the fundraising and building of a skatepark, but I also remember other non-skateboarders being present, so I think my mind is combining a couple of memories of being in the youth centre. 

It was sunny outside. I realised 'Bella' was actually my friend NN from Sheringham. We were laughing at this, as if we both knew we had only just worked this out, in the dream.

I cannot recall what else happened in the dream - I think I woke up at this point.

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place during the period in which I am testing the Awoken Lucid Dreaming App - please click HERE to read my introductory post which provides all relevant information about this app which is designed to help you train your mind for lucid dream induction!
  • On the day before this dream I had been pre-heating my oven for some time, and forgot about it
  • On the day of this dream I had been reading aloud a dream for a Youtube video. This was Dream 1006 (LUKE SKYWALKER SEX DREAM) - 'Older Luke Skywalker Seduces Me Again, this Time in a Slime-Covered Hotel Room, in Breach of his Probation' in which Luke Skywalker gave me some cheese made of crack cocaine
  • 2 days before this dream AJR had made a joke about me consuming a lot of 'cheese' - using 'cheese' to mean a certain type of cannabis. He was saying 'cheese' instead of cannabis because he was on the prison phone. This was the same conversation where I was discussing 'edibles', which influenced Dream 2020 - 'Unwanted Marriage & Baby'
  • I had been watching Tana Mongeau videos - indeed I had a dream about Tana Mongeau - Dream 1021 - 'Tana Mongeau Drama'. Tana used to/may still date Bella Thorne. Also I had watched another Youtube video about another social media influencer. I cannot remember the name of this social media influencer (and I had never heard of them before they were mentioned on the video I was watching) - however, I remember the narrator mentioning that the influencer had a sister named Isabella, known as 'Bella'
  • In various recent conversations with my friends (and AJR) I had mentioned that I did not want a new housemate, and in particular, did not want to share my landline phone with them, since I rely on it to talk to AJR
  • I had a text conversation on Facebook with NN a few days before this dream
  • The Teen and 20 was found to have asbestos - and a few days ago I had a dream involving asbestos (and talking to AJR on a telephone when feeling anxious) - Dream 1017 - 'The Roast Office'. These things might have linked in my head, along with the reference to radioactivity and toxicity
  • About a week before this dream DL was joking with me (trying to trigger me) and asked what I would do if my future new housemate worked in nuclear physics, meaning they could bring traces of radioactive materials into my house

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