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'Older Luke Skywalker Seduces Me Again, this Time in a Slime-Covered Hotel Room, in Breach of his Probation'
Date: 10 July 2019
Scene 1: A Domestic Interior - Day
I was in a house, which in the dream was my home, but is not one I recognise from real life. It was a normal, terraced house with a front garden. I cannot recall the furniture or decor of the house, but nothing stood out as odd. I was in the living room, looking out at the front garden and the street in front of me - which was a suburban street. This is how I knew it was daytime and that the house had a front garden. The garden was very green and lush - quite overgrown with grass, weeds and wild flowers. I think it was sunny - it was bright outside. I felt like I was waiting for something or someone to arrive at the house. I cannot recall if there were any other dream characters present. 

At some point, I saw Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker in Star Wars) arrive and I knew that he was the person I was waiting for - and he was late, but this felt 'normal' and 'expected' of Luke Skywalker (I was aware that this was Luke Skywalker - so his character from Star Wars existed, rather than him being his actual self - note that he was his real life age, not a young Luke Skywalker). Luke Skywalker was holding a gift box which was wrapped up in pink shiny paper. I knew this was a gift for me and was excited. I let Luke Skywalker into the house. He was dressed in brown Jedi robes, but looked really scruffy and dirty and in a bad mood. I was given the gift, and I saw the wrapping paper looked holographic. I opened it and inside was a crescent-shaped piece of cheese, which looked extremely like a banana, although I am not sure if I actually noticed this in the dream or whether this is just my conscious recognition (see my Quickshot Dream Incubation Experiment (QDI#4) below - in which the dream trigger was a banana. Luke Skywalker told me that the cheese was 'Quebec' (this was the type of cheese it was, not where it was from). I knew in my own mind that Quebec cheese was made from crack cocaine, so I did not want to accept the gift, although I also did not want to directly say this to Luke Skywalker because I did not want to offend him. We were standing together and I cannot recall what we talked about, but I think there was some conversation here. 

Scene 2: A Hotel - Night
Luke Skywalker and I then went to a hotel together. I am not sure of where the location was, but it was in the same town we had been in when inside the domestic interior of Scene 1 - the reason we had gone to the hotel was because Luke Skywalker was worried that he would be found by his Probation Officer, because he wasn't allowed to be near 'areas of nature' (meaning anything where there were plants, or so I understood in the dream). The hotel was at the seaside and was a big, white wedding-cake style hotel (my favourite type!) on a cliff. I was wondering if grass counted as 'nature' under the terms of Luke Skywalker's probation, but I did not ask Luke Skywalker this, because I was aware he was already angry about something (I am not sure if I ever knew what he was angry about - if I did, I have forgotten). Inside the hotel, everything was purple and very old fashioned/classic British seaside hotel style. There were a number of dream characters in the lobby area. We went to a hotel room, which was on the ground floor. It was really awful inside the room, because everything was slimy - it was as if someone or something had coated every single piece of furniture with a thin layer of clear slime, which was repulsive to me, even in the dream. I did not know where the slime had come from or why it was there. I am not sure what happened in between, but the next thing I recall from this dream was going into the ensuite bathroom with Luke Skywalker and having sex with him in the bath, which was not slimy - it was white, probably porcelain (I am guessing). The bathroom was the only clean area of the hotel room. In the dream the sex I had with Luke Skywalker was really satisfying and passionate (in missionary position only, as far as I recall). I do not think this was a wet dream (as in I do not think that I experienced a real life orgasm) but it felt climactic in the dream itself and I really fancied Luke Skywalker. In the dream it appeared that I was single - i.e. not dating my real life boyfriend AJR, as there was no thought of cheating or infidelity and I was not trying to hide the fact I was on a date with Luke Skywalker. There was a knock at the hotel door and I was trying to tell Luke Skywalker not to answer it because I wanted to have sex with him again. It appeared that we had not taken our clothes off to have sex because we were already fully clothed at this time. Luke went to answer the door. It was his Probation Officer, telling him that he had breached his probation by being next to nature (I think he must have found out Luke Skywalker had been to my house earlier). Luke Skywalker was arguing that he had not breached his probation and he had proof, because the 'vlog' would show this (it seemed like he might have been vlogging our journey to the hotel? I'm not sure what he meant by this). I came out of the bathroom into the bedroom part of the hotel room and noticed that it was very dark. I could see that Luke Skywalker's Probation Officer was Jason Nash (of the Vlog Squad, and ex-boyfriend of Trisha Paytas). He was standing in the doorway of the hotel room, wearing a navy uniform which I thought made him look like an old-fashioned police officer and I wondered why he was dressed like this. I also thought that Jason Nash was very hypocritical to be warning Luke Skywalker about breaching his probation, because he was a Youtuber and therefore, did not need to be earning money as a Probation Officer. Luke Skywalker was told that he had to go to court in the morning so that he could be tried for breaching his probation. I told Jason Nash that the vlog footage wouldn't be edited by then and the case should be adjourned, but Jason Nash said he didn't care. 

I cannot recall what else happened in this dream after this scene.

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place within the 24 hours I was attempting Quickshot Dream Incubation | QDI#4 (see my introductory article - Quickshot Dream Incubations | QDI#1 and my video for QDI#4, below) - I had some partial success here! Stay tuned for QDI#5!
  • On the day of this dream I had been talking to DL about Mark Hamill being the voice actor for Chucky in the 2019 remake of Child's Play (1988)
  • AJR is coming up for parole in the next couple of days, so the reference to probation conditions relates to that - and we specifically discussed probation breaches the day of this dream
  • I had been watching a Jason Nash video on Youtube on the day of this dream
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