Monday, 29 July 2019

Dream 1021

'Tana Mongeau Drama'
Date: 29 July 2019 
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
I was in an unknown interior - I could not guess what the room I was in actually was, because it appeared to be like an airport lounge, a bar/club and a shop all at the same time. The lighting was quite colourful, and it was dark, but I do not know what time of day it was. There were some seats - sofas (maybe blue), and I could see a number of dream characters and other objects/items in background, although I did not pay attention to them. I was with AJR and he was trying to be a celebrity manager or PR agent - something connected to helping celebrities stay out of drama. We were going to meet Tana Mongeau and Channon Rose who wanted AJR to manage their scandals (I am guessing Channon Rose's scandal related to her recent fabricated harassment 'drama' for views incident - it was not clear in the dream). When we found them, after walking around this room for a short while. they were both sitting on one of many (blue?) sofas. AJR and I stood the whole time. I notice Channon Rose was silent and seemed to be in a bad mood the whole time. Tana Mongeau was very loud and animated - appeared to me as she does in her videos. She also looked like she was dressed in many bright colours, but I cannot recall her outfit. She looked 'dressed up' though. Tana Mongeau was shouting that her marriage to Jake Paul (this happened on 29 July 2019 - i.e. today) was fake and that she didn't know how to tell everyone, but she was also talking about 'refunds' as if she would have to refund 'everyone' if they found out that Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul's wedding was fake. She seemed to be very desperate and wanted AJR to do something. AJR did not seem to know what to do, and I did not either. I cannot remember saying anything to Tana Mongeau and cannot remember AJR doing so either. There seemed to be a lot of standing around and not much action taking place, this being something I vividly recall. 

AJR and I were then walking into another room, which was also difficult to describe as any one thing - again, it could have been many things - a shopping mall/train station. There were many dream characters present, leading me to believe both locations in this same building were public locations. None of the dream characters were known to me, and I did not pay them much attention, if any - the way it would be in real waking life, if something more important than people-watching was on my mind. I remember there being some white/gold decor in this room, and a high ceiling, which may have been domed. It seemed to incline upwards. The floor may have been marble or tile. We were trying to decide what to do about the Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul drama, but from the conversation, it appeared tha AJR had confused Tana Mongeau with Channon Rose - and got the 2 identities mixed. I said the only thing we could do was to force Channon Rose to pretend that she was married to Jake Paul. This seemed like the only logical answer. 

AJR said that we needed to buy a piano to play at the Tana Mongeau (Channon Rose) and Jake Paul wedding reception, so that the media would believe it was real. I did not want to go piano shopping. It appeared the piano shop was actually inside the same building we were in (which made me think it was a shopping mall). However, when we got to it, I recognised it - or knew I was in - a music shop I used to visit in Manchester, back in 1999 - 2001. I cannot recall exactly where in Manchester City Centre this music shop was - and me and my ex-boyfriend CW and friend CG used to visit many. However, I remember being in the rear room of the shop (in real life memory) and looking at some sheet music for piano (I cannot play piano or read music). I also remember seeing a cow bell and discussing it with CW. In the dream I knew I was in this shop in Manchester as soon as we entered, but it did not surprise me. AJR began talking to the man about buying a piano, but the conversation was confusing for me to follow, because the shop owner (who was a non-descript middle-aged white man) was whispering his answers to AJR, so I could not hear what he was saying. I was standing some distance away from the counter when they were talking. 

Scene 2: A City Street - Day
AJR and I walked outside and we were on a street - but I have no idea if it resembled the street I remember the real life Manchester music shop being on. It did seem familiar in the dream, as in I knew where I was. It was sunny and the street was in a city. There were a number of tall buildings, which I think were shops and businesses and residential premises, because it looked like a typical city street, the dominant colour being beige (not grey as I usually see cities in dreams). AJR and I were standing outside on the pavement. Tana Mongeau came running over to us. She seemed to be very short in height - much shorter than me, and I am 5 foot 3 inches. She said that we were late to her and Jake Paul's wedding and it had already taken place, but no-one attended and the media had turned against her. She seemed to be very anxious and upset. Now the situation seemed hopeless, and it felt devastating to me in the dream (maybe the loss of Tana Mongeau as a client?) I suggested that we go to the carnival. This was my idea of 'winning' Tana Mongeau over and appeasing her so that she would remain as AJR's client. 

The carnival took place in the first room of the original building in Scene 1.

Scene 3: An Unknown Building - Day
We went back inside the original building, although we did not go back through the music shop (which had been our exit from the building), we walked down the street. I saw a small bridge over a river, which was part of the road. This separated one part of the street from another, which seemed to be at a downwards angle - like it was downhill from the other side of the bridge. The city street on the other side looked recessed into the ground at an odd, unnatural angle. We did not cross the bridge, we stayed on the upper side of the city, and entered the original building again through an entrance to a building on the same side of the road we had always been on. The door was a really nice indigo/deep cobalt blue colour and I noticed that I liked it in the dream. It looked like a door to a domestic property. I think the building was red brick and the last building before coming to the small bridge in the road. 

Inside the building, we were 'at the carnival' although I could not tell what was different than before. We were in the room with blue sofas, which could have been an airport or a nightclub. Tana Mongeau started crying and said she thought her fake wedding would make her more famous. I thought maybe we could create a new scandal/drama which would make her famous, so I told her we should steal alcohol from what appeared to be a cabinet, very lit up - more like a cosmetics display in a fancy department store than a normal alcohol cabinet. I could see a lot of shining glass when looking at it. I do not recall seeing it at any point before I came up with the idea to steal the alcohol. All of the alcohol was in ornate, highly decorative bottles, which made me think they were expensive. Tana Mongeau and I went to the cabinet, but we couldn't open it, it was impossible as there was no door/opening at all - it was a solid object with no separate parts. I am not sure what AJR was doing at this point.

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place during the period in which I am testing the Awoken Lucid Dreaming App - please click HERE to read my introductory post which provides all relevant information about this app which is designed to help you train your mind for lucid dream induction!
  • The night before this dream, I had been binge-watching Tana Mongeau videos on Youtube, and was aware of her forthcoming marriage to Jake Paul and the rumours that it was a fake marriage for views (note that it is pay-per-view and there is no evidence of a licence to marry being filed in Las Vegas where the wedding took place). I fell asleep while an entire playlist of Tana Mongeau Storytime videos was playing - so could possibly have heard her voice penetrating my dreams, given this was a short sleep, between 05:30 and 08:30 hours
  • On the night before this dream I had also watched a Youtube video where Channon Rose admitted to faking her recent scandal/drama
  • On the day before this dream I had seen my former best friend CG post a photograph of a guitar he was selling (in Manchester) on Facebook
  • On the day before this dream I had been thinking about Cromer Carnival
  • On the day before this dream - and the days preceding that - AJR had been very stressed, trying to terminate his representation by an incompetent lawyer

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