Sunday, 26 April 2020

Dream 1072

'Pearling the Skeleton'
Date: 1 April 2020
Sleep times: Night (Unknown)
Dream type: Normal Dream
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Mermaid Dream (Day 5) - Partially successful (reference to 'pearling')

Scene 1
Location: Unknown
Time: Unknown
I have forgotten some of the details of this dream. I was aware through a discussion with my friend DL that a job opportunity had arisen, relating to the discovery and development of a cure/vaccine for a global pandemic which I guess was the current Corona Virus. DL was saying that he had to apply for this job, although he did not feel happy about this; it was more out of necessity and desperation. The vaccine was going to be developed by taking broken mobile telephones and transforming them into women's underwear (knickers/panties) which could be worn to protect people from the virus. It was a production-line/factory job. 

DL was successful in getting the job as he ended up working in the vaccine factory. I cannot recall what happened which joined up the narrative of this dream and I had no concept or recollection of location. 

I knew that the disease/virus caused the skeleton to start 'pearling' - I am not sure what this means. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
  • General day residue relating to the Corona Virus (Covid-19)
  • DL is currently unemployed as he quit his job shortly before the outbreak of the Corona Virus
  • Shortly before this dream, I had recorded a mermaid-inspired makeup look for my Youtube channel, during which I had worn pearl earrings and mentioned that I associated pearls with mermaids
  • I had been watching Youtube videos about Tana Mongeau - specifically the launch of her perfume Tana by Tana, which came in a skull-shaped bottle which critics suggested was copied from a Hot Topic perfume line, and also available from Chinese supplier online at a low cost
  • Broken mobile phones relates to AJ's Crown Court trial for possession of a broken mobile phone in custody (he bit the phone into pieces during the search in October 2018) - the case was dropped on the basis of his defence shortly before this dream
  • For my entire adult life I have been trying to locate a short story I am sure I read as a very young child. The story was about a man who was afraid of his own skeleton, and hyper-aware of it. Ultimately, his skeleton turns out to be autonomous and able to leave his body. My memory was that he was left like a puddle of jellyfish-like flesh on the ground. I have never been successful at finding this story, which I assumed had been in a horror anthology owned by my Mum (given the age at which I accessed the book or story). I could not think of any other way I could have read it at such a young age. My searches of horror anthologies in print during the 1980s and 1990s which would also have been likely to be something my Mum would have read was fruitless. The reason why I was so keen to find this story was because as a child I had the same fear as the main character - I thought my skeleton was the 'real me' which simply lived in my flesh. My skeleton was therefore in control of anything and my flesh and skin was just it's outer-shell. I had no concept of my own consciousness, identity or mind. I have always assumed that my phobia was heightened by reading this short story, although initially I think I developed a fear of my own skeleton by looking at diagrams in anatomy textbooks owned by my aunt, who was training to become a nurse when I was very young. Shortly before this dream, my friend IN had spent months trying to find this story for me - and was successful. He sent me an illustrated PDF of it - Ray Bradbury, Skeleton (1945, first published in Weird Tales). The last line describes the protagonist's wife discovering a jellyfish-like substance on the floor, which is able to call out her name. Click HERE to read the online PDF of this story!


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